Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick Takes Whenever

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)
1) I don't love writing these this late, because they are for Friday and usually Friday morning, and here it is, clearly NOT Friday.  Not that anyone else cares one way or the other, but that's just the way I feel about it. I'll have to get over it, though, at least until Lent is over.

2) Yesterday was a little strange.  I stayed home.  That's right, a perfectly good Saturday, and I stayed home all day, except for a brief trip for groceries.  It was a long day, y'all.  If I wasn't limiting my screen time, it would have been much faster.  But I was, so it wasn't.

The plan had been to go snowshoeing, but that would have required driving.  I'm usually good with that, but there were a lot of unfavorable forecasts out there.  It may have been okay, but judging by some of the snow and ice covered vehicles at the grocery store, I was kind of glad that I wasn't out for what would have been a 2-3 hour drive in good weather. Where I live, though, we didn't get anything.  Okay, technically there were at least 5 snow flakes falling simultaneously a couple of times, but when it was all said and done, it didn't look like much more than this (the top photos).  I could have taken pictures, but around here, that amount of snow is considered nothing, because it's not even measurable.  No snow days for us. (Sorry, Mary, I had to.  Well, that's not true.  I wanted to, so I did! ;))

3) Yes, instead of going snowshoeing in the wonderful glorious mountains with other fun people, I stayed home alone and did taxes.  SO not a good trade.  On the other hand, hopefully the roads will be better next weekend, and the mountains will be waiting and the taxes won't.  So it's not all bad even though it wasn't that fun. Besides taxes, I got caught up on some paperwork, actually have groceries in the house, did some cooking, did a little catching up on some work things, got the dishes and laundry done, cleared out and shredded some old files, and the house is (relatively) clean. I was so BORED.  One of the big benefits of being single is that I usually go play and play hard on Saturdays (yes, I would drop it in an instant for family, but I really do enjoy it now).  This did NOT cut it!  Although, there should be less stress this coming week with so much being done.  I sure hope so, anyway!

I'm still amazed by how much I got done yesterday.  I have maybe almost never been that productive.  Granted, the bar is often set pretty low when it comes to those types of chores, but still!

4) There is even more good news to this day of boredom.  As I was lying in bed looking for the willpower to get out of bed and get started on the day (as opposed to most Saturday mornings when I jump out of bed excited to get outside and enjoy the day), I realized something. Time is somewhat what we say it is, right?  In general, I'm all for agreeing with the rest of the world on this (it makes scheduling so much easier.)  However, I had a whole, long day without a single commitment.  So I made the decision to lose an hour in the morning, rather than overnight.  Best decision ever!  The day of boredom was one hour shorter and I didn't miss any sleep.

5) If you can spare a prayer between praying for the cardinals, please pray for our priest.  He's recovering from a surgery for cancer.  It's still highly treatable, but it was spread more than they were hoping for and his surgery was much more extensive than they thought it would be.  I'm still not nearly as involved with my parish as I would like to be, but I do have respect for this priest and he could certainly use the extra prayers.  I wish there was some way to really let our shepherds (from the cardinals down to the priests) know how much they mean to all of us!  I pray they know!

6) Today I decided that I wanted an omelet for breakfast.  I had all the stuff and that sounded like a great Sunday breakfast.  However, I was almost too late getting out of bed to have it before church.  You would have thought I was waiting for the maid to bring it to me!  

In all honesty, I probably should have waited for the maid.  I didn't end up with an omelet so much as a mess of eggs and veggies on a plate.  I don't know what happened!  When I first started making omelets several months ago, they turned out beautifully. Now they keep getting worse and worse!  My parents always told me that practice makes perfect, and somehow I'm getting worse instead of better.  This whole issue may bring on some sort of existential crisis on top of the poorly cooked breakfast problem.  Really, when you can't trust your parents on something like "practice makes perfect", what can you believe in?

7) Though we didn't get enough snow around here to suit me (even though they weren't predicting much right here, I still wanted it), the wind and the cold have still been pretty strong.  Today it was quieter in the lower elevations, but you could see the wind blowing the snow on the higher mountains a couple hundred feet up!  It was impressive and knowing how much colder and wilder it is not so far away from me is one of the reasons that I love the mountains.

Hope you're having a great weekend, and head over to Jen's for more QT's!


  1. "However, I had a whole, long day without a single commitment. So I made the decision to lose an hour in the morning, rather than overnight. Best decision ever! The day of boredom was one hour shorter and I didn't miss any sleep."

    Totally awesome idea!

  2. I'll def say a prayer for your priest!

    And like the other commenter said, I love your whole losing the hour at the beginning of the day thing also! You're clever you! ;)

  3. Yeah, it's always a bummer when anticipated plans fall through. What a smart idea, though, to jump ahead early! Glad you got so much done, even if it wasn't the more fun things.

  4. LOL at "waiting for the maid bringing your breakfast to you" and the "practice makes perfect!" HILARIOUS!!!
    I'm glad you were so productive, but it is no fun being productive AND bored. Snowshoeing sounds like fun! Have you done it before?

  5. Great updates! And I too tend to have "beginner's luck" when it comes to learning certain skills (seriously, how can I do it right the first time and never get good at it??? HOW???). And I must admit... I was reading about your boring Saturday and thinking, "Wow, that's my every day... " Life has become super quiet for me, perhaps more than I realized! Yes, ENJOY those crazy fun Saturday snowshoeing!!