Sunday, March 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Late Again

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

1) It's weekend!  And it's Holy Week!  I can't believe it's here already.  This is such a momentous week, and it always amazes me how few people see that.  I'm not talking about people that understand it's a big week but due to other things going on in their lives don't really get much out of it in a particular year.  I'm talking about people for whom celebrating Easter is on the same plane as celebrating St. Patty's Day.  One is about shamrocks and green and corned beef, and the other is about eggs and pastels and ham.  And each are only a day long in celebration.  But this is about life and death and principalities and powers.  This is about love conquering all of the insanity and pain and vanity and confusion of the world.  This is the week that we really live the fact that salvation is already here, but are are reminded by the pain and worries and struggles of our lives that it is not yet complete for us.  Huge.

2) Since it is Holy Week, someone was asking me how I would celebrate.  Well, liturgically of course.  To me, this really is that holy time that is all about the liturgy and the other stuff is side stuff.  I love all that holy smoke!

3) There is a problem this year, though.  I've noticed the couple of times that I went to Stations of the Cross that the incense was really getting to me.  And last Holy Saturday Mass, I had to leave early because of feeling lightheaded and ended up having some seriously violent chills for a while.  I love incense!  It's going to really suck if it now makes me sick!  I still plan to try to attend each of the Masses this week.  I'll sit towards the back and on the end for a quick get away if needed, but I don't want to resort to missing them.  My sister reacts to incense, and doesn't even go to Holy Saturday Mass anymore.  I get it, but I LOVE Holy Saturday Mass, and I don't want to skip it!

4) Let's discuss that Lent is almost over.  I'm excited about that, and I am definitely ready to give up giving up stuff.  On the other hand, it has been a good thing to give some of this stuff up, and I would like to keep going with moderation.  But less.  So, moderating the moderatioon?  We'll see how that goes.

5) I am still loving Pope Francis, and I am loving this post by Simcha Fisher.  I also loved the story that I heard from last week.  Maybe you've all heard it already, but I only saw it in one spot, so maybe it's a new story to some.  Anyway, the cardinals and Pope Francis were all having dinner together shortly after the election, and one of the senior cardinals stood up to toast the pope on behalf of the cardinals.  Pope Francis then stood to return the toast.  His toast to the cardinals that had elected him? "May God forgive you!"

6) Well, it turns out that I have exercise induced asthma.  I pretty much thought that for the last couple of months and the pulmonologist confirmed it on Thursday.  Well, pretty much confirmed it.  He didn't do the tests that actually confirm it, but we agreed that the symptoms are classic, and the test wasn't going to do much but be a pain in the butt.  So I got an inhaler, which was magic.  I was hiking yesterday, and I could talk while going uphill and there was no annoying tightness while I was walking.  Sweet.

7) I'm now debating posting this because it's SO late, but whatever. I was hoping for the link up in the reverse order so that I wouldn't be so, so far down the list.  But apparently that doesn't work, so I'll be there at the bottom of the list.

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  1. How right you are about Holy Week. It's life and death.

  2. I completely agree about Holy Week. I love the masses, and we have to miss them this year (except for Easter Sunday of course) because of a conflict.

    DH has problems with the incense too! Sometimes they use a ton and it really gets to him.

  3. Since Easter Sunday. is actually just the start of the Easter season, I celebrate it until pentacost!

  4. Ah! I hope that you aren't really having problems with incense. I have asthma problems with smoke, but I just keep going to the big Masses and pray that I keep breathing. Made it through two more this weekend. :) I refuse to miss my favorite liturgies of the year! Hope you have a blessed Holy Week.

  5. I loooove Holy Week! It's my favorite time of year, and how could you not love getting to spend all that time in church in a 3-4 day span? (A bonus of being single - I have friends with kids that don't always get to go to the Triduum Masses.)

    Glad you found a solution for your breathing problem!

    And that story about Pope Francis makes me chuckle. I love him.

  6. I LOVE incense too! We go to the Extraordinary for of the Mass every Sunday so we get incesnse all year round :) It may be the type of incense they are using because sometimes it bothers me and I notice that the smell is different all together.

  7. There are those of us who read the Conversion Diary list over a two to three day period. As you can see by the comments, you do have people interested in what you write.

    "Thus, the last will be first and the first will be last." Matthew 20:16

    Have a blessed Easter week.

  8. Number 1 - spot on! You are a gem for helping me understand that AGAIN.

    So glad you are better with the asthma. Happy Holy Week!!

  9. Girl, you are so right about people not getting this week. While discussing Easter yesterday, I had a (high school!!) student demand to know why we celebrate Jesus's BIRTHDAY twice a year. Face. Palm.

  10. Wow...HA! @Lucy the Valiant
    I love #1!! It IS life and death and some will never understand! I get an Easter card from a certain Aunt with bunnies and eggs on it and it just seems so...empty without any mention of Jesus! Pretty sure Easter is just another day of the year for them...
    Also, Pope Francis is awesome. Plain and simple :)

  11. Me and incense don't go so well together. Think fainting goat. LOL Yeah, it's kinda funny when you wake up & wonder why all these people are staring down at you. I've done that a few times at church. Oh my. I've got to have air movement!
    Glad you got an inhaler! LOVE the ability to breathe!
    And Happy (early) Easter!!!