Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Desert 2013

A few days ago, I was not ready for Lent and all that entails.  I had many half-baked ideas, but nothing fully formed and ready.  I have gone through entire Lents before with lots and lots of things going on, but no focus.  Focus is key.

I realized a couple of days ago what it is that I'm looking for, and it's all summed up in one word that I've heard from several people: quiet.

I'm looking forward to it.  What a great time to pray for this pope, the conclave, and the next pope. In lieu of a prayer buddy, I'm going to spend one week each on praying for my siblings' and my vocations.  And, of course, I'll be praying for all of you as well. (I'll still be around here, too, though maybe a little more limited, we'll see.)

May you all have a blessed and fruitful 2013 Desert Experience!


  1. I agree! Focus is key. I sometimes write my intentions or sacrifices on my bathroom mirror with whiteboard marker during Lent, to help me stay focused.

  2. Yes! Looking forward to more quiet as well! (And I like that idea, KJL)

  3. Ahh- quiet. Sounds lovely...and key to hearing the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. So wise. Praying for you!

  4. Oh, so glad to hear it! I've been taking a bit of a break too, and it has just been such a blessing in this season of my life! There's so much good in the blogosphere but sometimes it's so hard to keep up with and it fragments us. I know those who feel your absence most will understand it and be an encouragement, though. I'll be offering up your intentions for discernment for sure :)