Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)
1) Thanks so much for all your prayers and suggestions for my friend! I'm really excited for her to be starting this journey.

2)  There has been a lot of talk this week on all the things that are wrong, wrong, wrong about the so-called "purity movement". I agree with many of the points.  I also think that some are getting into a dangerous place with regards to throwing out what is good while they are busily throwing out the bad (which I am glad they are doing!)  I suppose that I have some things to say about that.  But then, that leads to cans of worms opening up.  I greatly dislike worms.

3) Less than two weeks until Lent!  I felt like Advent was pretty nice this year, and I've barely adjusted to Ordinary Time, so I'm not totally ready.  On the other hand, I feel like it will give me a push to scale back on some things, which may in turn lead to some much needed perspective.

4) I'm watching The Good Wife.  It just started getting really good, and I'm only on the pilot.  I guess it could start to get bad just as fast, but we'll see.  The problem is that I swear, I really was going to start Downton Abbey, but I still have not gotten there.  I don't know why this is so difficult! (Now that is what I call a FWP. Feel free to tell me to get over it. ;)

5) Speaking of TV (see where this moderation thing needs to happen?!), someone convinced me that I need to watch a clip of the Bachelor.  I used to watch that show back in college, but not for a long time.  The part I was to watch was when he took one of the girls rock climbing.  I go to watch it, and here's this girl that's never been rock climbing, and she just walked right up it.  Are you kidding me?  Not fair!  Granted most of the holds look pretty easy, but I would have been shaking in my boots for the mere height factor if that had been my first climb ever.  And it wasn't completely vertical, which helps, but there were a couple of spots that looked a little tricky.  So, you're telling me that she can rock the 6" heels and the rock?  Not. Fair.

But good for her.  She really did to a good job.

6) Totally blew off my follow up for charting this week!  I feel bad, though I'm not really excited to go back.  It would be nice to have this one done and over with.  I seriously had no idea that it was supposed to be this week.  I thought it was in early February (and even that was in another couple of weeks, though the calendar clearly states that it's next week... What does the calendar know?)  I'm dreading this one, because I've missed some observations.  I really do try (except for the day or so after getting lectured the last time), but with traveling I got a little behind, so some of that's off.  Is it bad to tell her not to lecture me? Because I get defeatist when that happens (the whole mature, "well, if it's impossible to do right, why bother?")  I am committed to doing this and doing it right to the best of my ability. I do understand that every observation is important, and I am trying.  Mark me whatever you have to mark me, but don't lecture.  If I wasn't committed, I wouldn't be attempting to chart as a single person.

7) Told you I took a lot of pictures of palm trees, even there are only a couple of them here.  So I decided to post another one. This one's in the dawn instead of sunset.  You know, because it's totally different that way.

Have a great weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. I have been pondering watching "The Good Wife" (is it on Netflix?) and I really want to watch Downton Abbey, too. Maybe I should start curling up on the couch with some good TV in the evenings when I get the kids in bed, LOL

  2. I have watched the first season of "The Good Wife" and I really liked it a lot. I have to find time for the second season...

    And I'm with you on Downton. It's just so elusive because I don't have time to actually watch it!!

    Good luck with your charting; remember, if you're stressing over it a lot, it's ok to slack a bit in the beginning (this is the best time--while you're still looking for someone--to figure things out--a routine, a habit, etc that makes it easy to keep up on your observations). You're still learning, and that's ok. I say, if you are open enough to talk to your NFP practitioner about your CM, then you can be open enough to let her know you're committed, and you don't appreciate the lecture. You're trying, and with time, you'll understand your patterns. Give yourself a break. :)

  3. I LOVE "The Good Wife" I watch it every week - love love love it!

    I hear you on the purity movement, in an effort to reclaim sexuality as it was meant to be we cannot swing the pendulum back too far and end up in a puritanical "don't let them see your ankles" situation. We need to honor our sexuality while maintaining healthy boundaries.

  4. I don't understand how lecturing people who are trying to learn to chart is productive? I hate when someone treats me like a child. Just tell her to stop it already!

  5. I would be open w/ your practitioner and let her know that you are trying and you have tried to use the tips she has given you to make 100% obs. but it is not realistic that your are going to do it perfectly. As a practitioner I HATE lecturing my clients, so I don't do it. I ask them if they know what they are suppose to do and how they think they can improve their obs. that way they are using the system to the best of their ability. If they are really slackers then I give a little push by asking why they are charting and what are their ultimate goals for charting. I understand what you are saying about being lectured to but I also understand the other side now too.

  6. What is this show Downton Abbey, and why have I not seen it?? I am so ready for Lent. So ready!

  7. I love The Good Wife too! Some the stuff is taboo in it, but the basic premise is good. Have you ever watched Damages on Netflix? Now THAT's addictive! :-)