Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last Weekend... in Photos!

Okay, I think I figured out the picture thing.  Which means that it is time to make up for almost 3 months without any new photos on this here blog.  Which means this will be a complete glut of photos. To the point that a page break is necessary. Which means if you like pictures, enjoy! And if you have flashbacks of having to politely sit and watch interminable slideshows of other people's vacations, it's probably time to move on.

And now I shall reveal a weird obsession with palm trees that I did not discover until a few days ago.  Forgive me, I've lived in landlocked and relatively cool places all my life.  There have been very few palm trees in my life. There are pictures of other stuff, too.
Like this. Seriously? Who tries that kind of stuff?  But you know someone does if they feel the need to put signs by all the sprinklers in the hotel room.  Don't worry, I carefully avoided getting hangers anywhere near the sprinklers. That were on or by the ceiling.

A look at some snow on some mountains and some sand dunes on the way out there.

So it begins...

I'm also obsessed with the ocean.

A restored lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument

There are plenty of flowers blooming in San Diego!  None of those here right now.

Sr. Cabrillo looking out for S.D.

I have spared you so many pictures of trees. You're welcome.

Seals!  They may have been common for the La Jolla locals, but I was excited.

Cliche, I know. Sorry.  Sort of.

Palm trees at sunset

 Not a great photo, but also not as terribly awful as most night photos I've ever attempted.  

The End! (For now, but those were the best ones)


  1. Spectacular photos! You have a great eye for line and composition. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those were all completely GORGEOUS!

  3. I loooove your pictures so much! Thanks for sharing!

    (And I saw that no-hanging sign in a hotel I stayed in back in November, and thought it was so weird. Especially when you think that someone somewhere probably actually tried that once, necessitating the signs.)

  4. There are waaay stupid people out there!

  5. Palm trees, gorgeous sunsets, and ocean shots??! I don't mind that you shared at all! Loved them! Looks like a wonderful time! Ok, but I have to ask...what kind of camera do you have? I have a dslr but am always debating whether to take it on bigger trips. I love taking pics but am never sure if it would be too much of a hassle!

    1. I have a dSLR as well. It has a pretty small case for an SLR and I only have a kit lens, but it is a bit of a hassle sometimes, but SO worth it. I highly recommend the extra annoyance because the photos are so much better.

  6. WOW!!! How are you not a professional photographer??? If you didn't have your name on these photos, I'd swear they were on a calendar. Seriously! WOW!

  7. Great pictures! I'm a sucker for lighthouse shots!!

  8. Im impressed by your photography!! LOVE the mountain pic!

  9. It worked!! It finally let me comment! Come read my blog, apparently i have one! -Kim

  10. I love your pictures! You do such a great job composing them. It looks like you had a great time on your trip. Were you able to make it to mass on time Sat. evening?

    How did you put the watermark on all your photos? I've been feeling like I want to do that before I post any more of R on my blog, but haven't looked into how easy it would be to do.