Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Charting Update

Because you really needed to hear more about my chart!

I think the honeymoon is over.  It's not like this is a ton of work, but it's some work.  It's a pain some days.  And I know I had some missed observations, but I didn't own up to all of them.  It annoys me that I'm trying so hard, but I get marked as non-compliant because I forgot a couple observations here and there. Can't wait to see what happens when I can finally get on a trail again. Because do you really think I'm going to make proper observations while peeing behind a tree?  Call me maybe not.

There is a suggestion in my first full cycle of charting that there may be some things off with the hormones a little.  Or that I was simply stressed this cycle (and there was some stress).  Either way,- despite my frustrations with all the dang questions and the never ending repetition and the insistence on testing everything, even when there's nothing to be tested- I'm still glad that I'm charting.  Knowledge is power, and it amazes me what I can see with looking at a chart with all this info lined up in a row.

I made the comment to my FCP that I don't think this cycle is "normal" for me.  But how do I know? I wasn't really paying attention before, and the things that are a little off would be easy to ignore if it weren't for the stickers glaring at me.

Any frustration with the FCP was not her fault.  She was doing her job exactly as she should, but some of the things we have to be a stickler about are annoying.  Did I mention that already?  Sorry.  (But not too much, because all these observation? Annoying!)

Oh, one more distinct advantage is that knowing more about how my cycles work means that one day, between looking at my chart and noting some very minor symptoms, I realized that that day or maybe the next would be CD1.  Sure enough.  It's nice to have a good head's up on things like that.  I mean, I always had a general idea, but sometimes I would be 3-5 days off.  So I like being more aware of that and not having to wonder if it's getting close just because it's getting close to the infamous "28 days" of a cycle.

So, my satisfaction level is a little down because I'm annoyed, I'm still very committed and think it's a very worthwhile thing to do.  I don't regret doing it.  I do regret not doing it sooner.


  1. I hear you on the repetition! As an FCP I get annoyed sometimes. I do notice that with my single clients it is harder to get them to do obs. or see how this can benefit them now, even though they are coming to me for help with certain issues. Any suggestions on how to approach my single clients?

  2. I know exactly what you mean!!! I'm always marked as non-compliant. But, I joke with my FCP that really, I'm just being honest. I truly believe that it is rare to be able to check each and every time you use the bathroom, before and after. At least a few times a month, situations like peeing behind a tree or peeing in a porta potty are going to come up. But, they want to set the standard high. I get it. This sassy girl though is rolling her eyes secretly when she answer those those questions.

  3. I love how you always are 'keeping it real'....yeah Creighton charting + hiking + no indoor plumbing...definitely and interesting combo. And I am always marked "non-compliant". And I do the secret eye roll too...because I just forget sometimes.

  4. You probably mentioned this elsewhere, but what method are you using? If you are doing Creighton, I bet you are using the same FCP I went to. ;) In any event, I feel your pain! I am so lax in charting nowadays, I'm sure my FCP would not be happy with me (in my own defense, I have clockwork cycles)

  5. For what it is worth, CrMS is at least 10 times more annoying that the next annoying method that I've learned (though I haven't learned Marquette, so maybe that would be as annoying?). It may not be a ton of work objectively, but it *is* a ton more work than say, BOM. You're in good company with finding stupid things stupid, and yet seeing learning as worth it. Hopefully the method can get re-worked within the next few years.

    I hope that you are able to keep learning, at least for a few more cycles so that you can start to put things together. Just don't fall for the trap of freaking out based on a cycle or two. My FCP was ready to jump to some really dangerous conclusions based on three cycles, then cycle four returned to what I knew (from years of charting) was normal for me.

    Forgive my rambling, I'm impressed that you're doing this, and I hope that you find it worth it in the long run!