Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)
1) I made French toast on Sunday.  Well, I made it Saturday night to be eaten on Sunday.  The whole plan seemed brilliant. I like a little special treat Sunday mornings, and usually I make an omelet (which is really good, if I do say so myself) but this promised no work in the morning.  Make it ahead, get all the dishes done, and throw it in the morning when I wake up so that it will be ready for me when I am awake enough to it.  Except... Somehow it turned out extremely soggy.  I blamed it on the vegan recipe that I was using and vowed to try it again, only with eggs.  It took me two whole days to realize that I had planned on halving the recipe, and that I stuck to that plan with the bread, but not so much with the liquid.  Hmm, maybe not the recipe's fault after all. (But I still want an egg in my next batch.)

2) I am still avoiding desserts.  My problem right now is that when I'm hungry, I eat a bowl of cereal.  And not a small one.  Although the kind I eat isn't frosted or something like that, any cereal has a lot of sugar.  That's my goal next week.  Cut down on the cereal.  Maybe I'll go for something crazy like fruits or vegetables instead.

3) It has been crazy, crazy dry around here recently.  The lack of moisture in the air has not helped my sinuses or allergies.  So I've been running a vaporizer a little more.  Usually I only run it at night.  Today I thought it would be good to run it during the day.  I decided it to move it from my bedroom to a central location between rooms.  Brilliant, right?  Except that's where the thermostat is and having a warm mist just below the thermostat on a cold day is not as brilliant as I'd like.

4) I got to have a quick and unexpected blogger meet up last week!  So fun! I was feeling a little guilty at hinting about it, seeing as how things were a little hectic for them, moving across country and all. But I'm really glad that it worked out and it was so fun to meet her in person, as well as her husband and sweet little R.!  

5) So much hype about Downton Abbey this week.  Here's the thing about Downton Abbey.  From what little I've seen and heard about it, I know I would love it (once I got into it; I wasn't hooked after watching the first episode).  However, the more people that tell me I have to watch it (and even computer programs; guess what show Netflix put at the top of it's top ten suggestions for me?), the more I'm thinking, "Eh, maybe. After I get through several other shows." 

6) I still have my Christmas tree up. I always try to go for the entire Christmas season, but what usually happens is that after the Epiphany I'm ready to be done, so I figure that's good.  This time I wasn't quite done yet, so I decided to leave it up.  Yeah, I'm done now.  However, I'm so close to the full Christmas season that I'll try to leave it up until Sunday.  But Monday? It's down.

7) My big goal for tonight is to go to a study at my church on early Church history.  This shouldn't have to be a goal, right?  It should be easy.  But that means I have to go there, find a room that I'm not familiar with, and, you know, meet people.  Complete strangers.  Here's the thing, I like having met people, but I hate meeting people.  Any one little thing can make me turn around fast if it can become an excuse not to meet people.  I'm two minutes late?  Wow, that's too bad.  Well, don't want to be disruptive!  Can't find the room? Darn, guess I can't go.  No need to search too hard, right?  Extra tired after work? It happens.  Don't want to fall asleep on these strangers.  That'd just be rude.

No worries, I'll put on my big girl pants and I'll go.  But I'd rather do a blogger meet up any day! Those are awesome!

Have a wonderful weekend, and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. Blogger meet-ups are the best, but I hope you go and have a good time tonight. Our tree came down yesterday ~ after we grabbed a quick pic with all three kids under the tree.

  2. Your quick take number 7 is so like me! I think I get it from my dad; he has a lot of anxiety about meeting people, but he is really fun to be around when he's already met them. Sometimes I find myself to feel the same way as I get older. I keep reminding myself that I don't want to have that "daditude" and it will be fine once I get into the room.

    So much easier said than done!

  3. #3 it has been so dry around us too! No rain near us just in the mountains where you can see some snow on the peaks. #5 I love Downton Abbey! #6 We still have our Christmas tree up too! #7 It is the "Epic" church history class? I went to that one a couple years a go, I really liked it.

  4. I love me some cereal! I think it's good for me with all that delicious milk and because the bag says "whole grain" Mmm....cinnamon toast crunch! ;)

    I won't tell you to watch DA-but I'll say I love it.

    Yay for blogger meet ups!!! I have had 2-but it seems not as many bloggers live where I do (Tx!)!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm with you on #7! I've talked myself out of so many things that way.

    As for Downton Abbey, I think I was a little underwhelmed after the first episode, too, but then I was either really bored or really wanting to procrastinate something, and I got hooked on the rest. But I get where you're coming from - back when they were still coming out, I didn't want to see (or read) either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings because so many people were so obsessed with them. Of course, once I gave in I got hooked too. :)

  6. I am the SAME way about meeting people. So not fun.
    I really want to get into Downton Abbey, and I just haven't had a chance to start it yet. But I'm a little afraid that since soooo many people love it and have hyped it up so much, I'll be disappointed by it.

  7. We were a little slow to Downton Abbey as well, but once we got into it the new episodes just can't come fast enough. I've already pre-ordered the Season 3 DVD, British version, that is being release at the end of this month.

  8. I've never heard of French toast without eggs! I always make mine pretty egg-heavy, since I need my morning protein :).
    I've been the same way with Downton Abbey - I think I might just wait 'til the show is over and then watch it all on Netflix. I hate getting hooked on new shows and then waiting for them to come on every week.