Thursday, January 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

1) This has been a really tough week for a lot of people, and I am praying for you!  I am also praying for healing for Jennifer Fulwiler, who normally hosts Quick Takes.

2) So, I did the saint generator thing. I admit, I'm always hesitant to go there.  Not because I pick one and get the patron saint of sick people and end up in the hospital the next day. My case is exactly the opposite.  In fact, when I first read her post, I was hoping she'd finally get the kind of experience I usually get... That is, pick a saint and try to stick with them even though you feel no connection whatsoever, or cheat and pick another one because you're tired of saints that seem to have no connection to your life and you get a second one that also has no connection to your life.  My saint last year was the patron saint of those in authority, engineers and large families.  Umm, I know some engineers?  (Actually, I didn't write about that one because I was a little bitter because it seems like the last few guys that I've dated have been engineers... and they all seem to have similar personality traits that turn me off while making me feel guilty for being turned off because they're really nice guys.)

3) Anyway, this year I decided that I have a special intention that I want to focus on for the first 3 months of the year, so I decided to pray for a saint that could help me with that intention.  Wouldn't you know it?  I got a saint that was perfect for the situation!  I'll tell you more about it later, but it makes me smile and have a lot of hope and excitement for what the next 3 months may bring!

4) In keeping with the 3 months thing, although this is unrelated, I didn't make a New Year's resolution.  I made a 1st quarter resolution. Food and I have a problem.  And it's that I like it too much.  In particular it's that I don't just have one sweet tooth, I have about 28 (seriously, just had to count my teeth...) Every time I think that I need to have more moderation about sweets and desserts, I last about 5 minutes and then eat double to make up for the extra trouble that I had in waiting.  Since I can't do moderation, it's all out for the next 3 months.  Currently it's a habit to eat something sweet after a meal (particularly if I'm home), or as a snack, or when I'm hungry, or when I'm bored.  It's a bad habit and it's got to go.  I'm thinking if I can make it for 3 months and it's no longer a habit, then I'll go for moderation.  But I'm still going to avoid having stuff around the house much.  No use breaking a habit and then reinforcing it again. (Also something that I need to learn to use with more moderation: Exclamation points.  And colons. And parentheses.  And sentence fragments. And starting sentences with conjunctions. And ellipses...)

5) Just in time, too.  I gained 5 pounds through the summer and fall (because hiking and climbing just don't burn the same calories and snowshoeing and cross country skiing).  Then, in the last month or two, another 5, because I haven't been able to do much of anything by way of exercise and also the fact that my sweet habit had gotten completely out of control, and it was the season of sweets, sweets everywhere! Since New Year's, I'm down 3#. I guarantee that won't continue (the rate, hopefully I can get rid of those other 7#, too) but getting rid of some extra water weight like that at the beginning is a great motivator!

6) Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in joining me for Bible study.  I was really excited, because I honestly thought that I might throw it out there and then listen to the crickets chirping (although it's winter and we've seen a lot of single digits- yes!- so likely they wouldn't have been much help).  I have sent out an email with the details, and if you didn't get one, it's because I don't have your email, so email me, and I'll get that email to you.  It's not too late if anyone else is interested in joining in and would like more info!  Email me.

7) Have a great weekend, and head over to Hallie's for more Quick Takes!


  1. #4 made me laugh, because I totally could have written it! I definitely have the every-single-tooth-is-a-sweet-tooth syndrome and I stink at moderation. Sometimes my strategy is to eat it all at once to get it out of the house but that's not going to work this time because like you said, the holidays mean an abundance of the stuff and we have it everywhere!! Good luck kicking your habit..I need a game plan to tackle mine. Also, I would like more info too about the bible study so I will email you!

  2. I hear ya on the sweets - every day at 3:00 my boss and I take a "chocolate break". Though, I do find that if there is no artificial sweets around at home, I'm perfectly content with an apple or banana after a meal as my "dessert". I remember thinking people who said "eat fruit" were crazy, how could fruit replace chocolate, but somehow it does.

    I'm really looking forward to the Bible Study, thanks for setting it up.

  3. #4 I didn't think I had a sweet tooth until my naturopath took me off all forms of sugar including things that turn into sugar in the body like corn and potatoes. I had pretty bad cravings for a few weeks and then it got better. Now when I do have chocolate or a sweet (which is rare now) I REALLY enjoy them :)
    We don't buy sweets as a usual part of our grocery list and if someone brings it to a party and wants us to take the leftovers we politely decline and blame it on my gluten intolerance and my husband says that he does it out of solidarity with me but in reality we just don't want that stuff in our house because we know how bad sugar and gluten are for our bodies, but we don't want to tell the person that.
    I am also looking forward to the bible study!

  4. I did the pick a saint for the Liturgical year and got St. Hedwig - patron saint of jealously and bad marriages which was a HUGE bummer but I resisted the urge to respin. Good luck on ditching the sweets habit; I am terrible when I am under stress.

  5. Oh, the season of sweets totally got me, too!

  6. First of all, you are fabulous on so many levels!

    Secondly, I know it isn't especially funny, but HA! about the engineers. I used to work with some and I know exactly what you mean about the personality type... though my brother is a notable exception.

  7. Oh yes ... Food & I have a problem too! I need to start exercising. It is Jan 4th. I was supposed to start 3 days ago. :-/ Go figure. I also have the problem like you do of wanting to eat something sweet after a meal ... or a snack. Ugh. It is a serious CRAVING!!!
    And Yes ... on #2 ... I always seem to get a saint that is un-related. This year, I have no clue about him at all! Makes me want to re-pick. :-)

  8. I, too, would like to join the sweet tooth club. I tried replacing real frozen yogurt for ice cream, but then I still want chocolate sauce on it. :(

    Thanks for commenting on my blog; now I've found yours, and it's a joy to read!

  9. Can't wait to hear about your saint!!! :)

  10. My BIL is an engineer. That personality type would drive me nuts, but it totally works for my wacky, all-over-the-place, English & Latin major, artist sister. Keeps her grounded, I guess :).

    I used to have a pretty bad sweet tooth until I cut out sugar, most starches and grains, and of course gluten. I think it's one of those the-more-you-have-the-more-you-crave types of things. Also, sugar cravings can be a sign of yeast overgrowth (like candida), which is why it's so darn hard to cut out sugary things - the yeast thrives on it!