Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Prayer


Thank You so much for coming to us!  Thank You for the mystery of your birth, your humanity, and your death that conquered death. Generally, we have a custom of giving gifts to the one that we are celebrating, but instead, I am coming before You to ask favors. Yes, plural. Many favors.

Beloved, today be with those whose hearts are broken and arms are empty. Be with those that do not understand where You are today because their pain is so great.  Be with those that are smiling the biggest because they are trying to hide the deep pain inside that no one seems to see, or seems to want to see.

Be with those that have lost someone, whether it be the smallest baby in the womb, or a child, or a young adult full of life and potential, or a grandparent or anyone else. When the rest of the world is laughing, hold them while they cry.

Be with those that face emptiness today.  The ones that long for that special someone in their life, whether it is a spouse they are unable to find, or a child they are unable to conceive, or if they need a friend who understands them. Be with those who are alone and/or lonely.

Be with those that are scared.  Those that don't know what the world is coming to, or are facing a scary diagnosis, or don't know how long their job will last or when they will find a job. Be with mothers that are scared of losing a child through miscarriage, or who are facing an uncertain delivery. Be with those that are scared that the pain in their lives will not lessen or go away.

Be with those that are waiting.

Be with those that are tired and weary.

Be with those who are not with their family because they are serving their country. And be with their families.

Be with those that are sick. And those that are dying.

Be with those that are suffering.

Be with those that are angry, and bitter.  But really, my Love, they're just hurting.  They're hurting so bad they don't know what to do with it.

Be with those that are sad.  May they know that when they cry, You are crying with them.

Beloved, come and be with all of us.

And thank You that you already have come and that You are here.