Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

1) I have blown past my goal of 108 posts in the year. Okay, fine. I've surpassed it at least.  There is nothing too special about that number, but I just wanted at least a couple more posts than last year.  The first 2 years needed seriously fewer posts (I'd go back and get rid of many of the completely superfluous posts, but I'm too lazy).  This week has too many posts, too, but it's understandable because a) I had stuff to say, and b) I had Christmas preparations that were getting too overwhelming and so I needed something to do while I procrastinated.

2) A coworker made a comment to me today.  She laughs and says, "I love how you always have to analyze every last thing out of something."  I did the only appropriate thing and kept silent in the face of that remark.  Besides, I couldn't run my mouth because my brain was too busy: "What is that supposed to mean? When she says she loves it, does that mean that it's not too overdone and it is somehow weirdly endearing, or does she mean "I love it" as in "I hate it"?  Do I really do that all the time, or is it just a couple of times, but it was noticeable? We don't talk that often, so if she noticed something like that, how often do I do it?  And really, what does she mean?"

Don't worry, I quickly (after only 5 minutes- 10 on the outside) dropped it, because CLEARLY my coworker is crazy and doesn't know what she is talking about.

3) I've been debating about what to do with allowing comments.  I used to like allowing anonymous comments.  Not too many people took advantage of it, but I liked having the option on there.  However, then the spam got to be too annoying.  I thought maybe I could open up the anonymous comments again, because that way some people who complain they can't sign in could comment with the anonymous setting.  But, in order to avoid spam, I'd have to turn on wv.  I hate wv! Any thoughts?

4) Umm, so we did Secret Santa at work.  I'm not a huge fan.  How often do you know your coworkers well enough to get them something that they might actually like?  I got a picture frame for my person, but I have no idea what her decor is or how it will fit.  I just liked the frame and I know she takes a lot of photos.  My gift was a scarf and gloves.  Very nice set, very not my style, very much doesn't match anything I own.  Now what do I do with it?  It's too nice to throw out, but it's not anything I can use without buying a whole new coat. And even if I did get a new coat, it's still not really my thing. I know, first world problems.

5) I was wondering if I could ask for your prayers about something.  It's a little thing and feels funny to ask for, but it's important to me. I have a cousin that has left the Church, but I absolutely love discussing things of faith with him.  He is so thoughtful and so well researched about things that I feel like talking to him really makes me dig deeper into what I believe and why.  He does not give the same old tired arguments in the same old tired ways.  There is so much we agree on and I learn so much from him.  Part this desire stems from the fact that there are very few people here that I can discuss matters of faith with.  So the prayer I'm asking for is that if it would be helpful to one or both of us that we get a chance in the middle of the chaos to have a chat.  I don't even know for sure if he'll be there, as this is his first year as a married man, and he might be at the in-laws'.

6) I'm loving seeing all the snowy pictures on fb!  It's Christmas, there's supposed to be snow, and I love it. I'm hoping to get some cross country skiing in after the new year. And it was considerate of the weather to come through before I had to drive.

7) Well, I have now spent a lot of time on blogs, and very little on minor things like laundry and dishes (packing is not something I even need to begin to consider until the night before I leave... or the morning that I leave.) Therefore, I'll get off and leave you with a picture.

Snow! (In 2010)

Have a wonderful weekend and a very blessed Christmas!  I was so scared of the holidays again this year, but it has been a very nice Advent despite some of the things going on around here.  I credit that to God, but I also credit it to the amazing people around here.  Maybe it's not Thanksgiving anymore, but I really am thankful to all the people that have prayed for me for so long, and particularly thankful for my Advent prayer buddy.  Thank you all! And know that I am praying for you, too. Your intentions are close to my heart, and in particular for my prayer buddy that I'm praying for!

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  1. That picture is beautiful!
    As for the gift you got: hold onto it. You never know when you might need a last minute gift for somebody. Or, you could donate it to one of the schools. I'm sure there is a student who could use it!

  2. Ha! As it relatest to #2 - do you live in my head? ;)

    I've found blogger does a good job of filter the spam so it doesn't show up on my posts...I still get the email notification, but at least it's not showing up on my pages...and sometimes they are pretty funny....

  3. Glad it has been a good Advent.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. #5 I know what you mean. I have a cousin who is a baptized Catholic and still goes to Mass, but refuses to believe in the divinity of Jesus. On the one hand, I wish he could be convinced but it really does make me think and seriously reflect on why I believe what I do.

  5. Man, I really need to catch up on my blog reading, I have been away from you and your lovely thoughts too long, friend! Loved your last reflection on "O Come, All Ye Faithful" :)

    I'm sorry that you had to deal with that comment from your co-worker. In my experience people like that usually have a chip on their shoulder. I had a co-worker that liked to make comments during my last miracle pregnancy like "that baby weight is really starting to show in your face" and other comments. I eventually learned that she was very self-conscious about her own weight. So I tried to remind myself not to take it personally and to say a prayer for her.

    Maybe you could keep the hat and mittens in the car and give it to a homeless woman (or man if they're not too girly) if you see one?

    Asking the Holy Spirit right now to grant an opportunity for good sharing with your cousin!

  6. I turned off anonymous comments, the spam was killing me...sure, it doesn't go on the blog, but it still comes through the e-mail, etc. I also do not care for wv...but, have considered putting it back on so I could allow anon comments. So...guess I"m no help, huh?

    and I really overanalyze I'm with you on #2, but I so hate it when people point it out (unless it's my sister(s))

  7. Oh, I hate wv! Seriously, every time I see it I debate for a second whether or not to actually leave a comment because it's such a pain!

    Can you re-gift the hat/gloves? Or know anyone at your parish who could use it - maybe someone who doesn't have the money for a new set?

  8. Pray earnestly for your cousin. The Lord knows he has left the church and He is still looking after him. I shall pray too.

    God bless.