Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)
1) I have to admit, for all my complaining about how quiet my Decembers can be, this one is great. I'm loving that it's quiet.  I'll have some time to be harried and stressed like the rest of the world on Christmas itself, but I am loving some extra relaxation! Even the sad lack of exercise has been somewhat relaxing (and seems to be coming to an end soon, yay!)

2) I did not do QT's last week because my computer had to go into the shop for a little repair.  Now, mostly I signed it up for the spring cleaning... You know, delete cookies on the hard drive (or whatever) and also get rid of the cookie crumbs in my keyboard.  I also told them about this weird thing going on that results in my periodically losing paragraphs that I just typed.  It was hard to hand over my computer, but in less than 24 hours, it was back, and it was all clean and shiny. But guess what.  They didn't fix my biggest problem!  Argh!  Now I have to take it back and they want to charge you $45 just for looking at it!  I'll be emailing them.  Hopefully they'll not charge me since I just had it in and asked them to look at that particular problem. Well, obviously I'll have to pay if there's a significant repair needed, but you know what I mean. I don't want to pay another $45 dollars for them to look at what might be going on, even if I don't decide to get it fixed. (If it's too expensive, I'd get a different computer.)

3) So, I was printing out some reports at work.  By some weird glitch, they did not have my signature on them like they're supposed to and like they typically do.  I re-printed one, and my signature magically appeared.  The second one didn't work no matter what I tried.  I wasn't quite sure what to do because the report needed a signature and I couldn't figure out where the glitch was in the printing.  Fortunately, the answer was only a few seconds in coming (but unfortunately, it wasn't instantaneous).  I grabbed a pen and signed the paper.  Yeah. Really had to think outside the box for that one.

4) Since we're on electronic fun, let's discuss what happened with my kin.dle the other day.  I have read several books on there, so I recently got a new one.  Only this was a popular novel and all of a sudden I was introduced to a brand new feature: popular highlights. For real?! I hate, hate, hate reading books with other peoples' markings, especially other people I don't know.  When I got used books in college, I searched high and low for books that were not all marked up.  It interrupts the flow of reading. It distracts me. The only reason I've highlighted in my own ki.ndle books is because I can erase it later if it annoys me. You're telling me that I just bought a brand new book, and I have to read hundreds of other peoples' markings? Yuck! And it's a novel!  Highlights are something that I use for reference as I'm trying to understand something or if I need to come back to it.  When is that ever the case in a novel?! It took me 20 minutes of sorting through forums (and reading about crazy people who actually wanted that feature on) before I finally got it turned off and could read my now-clean copy of the book. Seriously, I might have had to stop reading if I couldn't resolve the problem.

5) Speaking of books, I just found one that discusses Judaism and how a lot of our thought processes and customs come either directly from Judaism, or from parallel thought processes.  Like how the zuchetta (a word I totally didn't know before, but is the "beanie" worn by the pope, cardinals, and bishops) is not a yarmulke, but both are worn because a head covering shows servanthood, and they are professing servanthood to God.  And do you know why the zuchetta is taken off during the consecration at the Mass?  Because in that moment they are acting in the person of Christ.  Cool stuff, huh?

6) Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that the night that I published this, right before I went to bed I was standing in front of my toilet, yelling at it.  Apparently my mellow "whatever" place does not extend to toilets that are misbehaving (I guess we all have our limits?).  After I had exhausted my extensive knowledge of what to do with a toilet that won't stop running (I jiggled the handle), I resorted to yelling at it.  Very helpful, I must say.  Luckily, it did stop running shortly thereafter.  I was starting to think that I was going to have to lift the top off and maybe touch something inside.  Very not okay options! (Hence, the yelling.)

7) I am currently unable to publish new pictures on my blog.  Which is really annoying.  BUT, there is still a calendar giveaway going on, and the calendar has pictures, so go ahead and sign up if you're interested! I just got them, and I'm really excited about how they turned out!  Except for April.  I apologize for April.  It was kind of a stormy picture (April showers, ya know?) and it turned out too dark when it was printed, IMO. But the rest of the pictures turned out great!

You know what? A fair number of the calendar pictures are already on the blog, so here's a peek:





There are at least two more mountain views, an arch, a river, and a ghost town for some of the rest of the pictures. And, of course, a too dark picture of a storm (but you can still see the hail clouds, so all is not totally lost).

So, here for the calendar (and as soon as I get a chance to go to the post office, I'll be ending the giveaway so I can get it in the mail; but I'll leave it open at least until Sunday evening). And here to go to Jen's for more Quick Takes! Have a great weekend!!


  1. Sounds like a very exciting week for a so-called mellow time ~ glad your kindle is again behaving itself, hope your computer is too soon.

    Yay giveaway!!

  2. #3 hilarious! Computer problems - boo hoo, but hope you get it figured out!! In regards to the not being able to post new pics - yeah that happened to me too and I bit the bullet and signed up for extra Google storage. It is $2.49 / month - so I guess about $30 a year, but I justify it as a sanity saving measure. I love posting pics of all sorts of things...okay, mostly about Elizabeth these days, and so I signed up. But it is a bummer...I am sure lots of other bloggers that have been blogging for awhile are running into the same problem because their storage is filling up.

    And yelling at the toilet...seriously, one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. I think we are kindred spirits - I was trying to watch Jennifer Fulwiler's "Minor Revisions" last night over the internet and the buffering was absolutely horrible and I actually prayed over the computer that the buffering would STOP. It didn't...well, it got better...but I later learned that so many people were trying to tune in that it crashed the server and maxed out their bandwidth! Way to go for good Catholic reality TV!

  3. Having to endure other people's highlights would bug me to no end. I always found myself skipping to the pre-highlighted/underlined parts of texts when my used books had them, instead of reading the whole thing for myself and figuring out what to highlight.

    Was the book about Jewish/Catholic customs The Crucified Rabbi? Because I just started reading that today, and it had all that about the zuchetta, too!

  4. Oh my gosh, you cracked me up with the whole signature thing :). I laughed OUT LOUD. So funny!

    And, typically if a toilet is running, the easiest place to check is the chain (attached to the handle inside the lid) - sometimes it'll get caught up on itself and holds the gasket thingy open (where the water drains) and once you straighten it out it'll fill up properly and then stop. If your whole "jiggle the handle" thing worked - that's probably what the problem was :).

  5. Oh, and I've only read like two books in my life that I wanted to highlight (other than textbooks). One I'm actually reading right now, called From Atheism to Catholicism - it's excellent!

  6. #3 oh, that's totally something I would do.

    #6 yep, this too.

  7. VERY interesting about the head covering and why /when it is worn!!! I did not know that at all!!
    I was grossed out on toilets insides myself, and actually replaced the whole inside guts of it one time. I was a renter in college & the toilet broke. I thought I was going to get in trouble for held waking the toilet, so in went out and bought all the parts to fix it. And it worked!!! I'm not mechanical/ handy at ALL, so it was amazing to me, my mad plumbing skillz. Lol. Now, I realized I should have had the landlord fix it. (Smacks forehead). I don't know what I was thinking back then. :-)