Thursday, December 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Early Edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)
1) It feels like it's been forever since I blogged!  Not since I've read blogs, but since I've written. Since I scheduled a post for Christmas, it doesn't look like very long, but it's been a whole week since I've actually written anything.  I guess it seems like longer because I spent close to 30 hours in the car in the last week, so I had lots of thoughts, but most of them are long gone by now (you may thank the sugar daze for that).  And maybe the general business, etc.

2) In my 30 hours of travel, at various times I was in or near the vicinity of 5 bloggers that I know of.  Funny how travel changes when you know bloggers everywhere doesn't it? (Speaking of which, is there anyone in the San Diego area? Email me!) Of course, there was no way any meet ups could happen in the craziness of the holiday madness, but it doesn't mean I wasn't planning my stalking visits for my next time through!

3) I finally got out and did a few things like light hiking and a little climbing.  The jury's still out on exactly how my nagging little injuries are feeling about that, but it felt great to be out doing something!  I'm going to try a little more this weekend.

4) So, my younger brother had this idea that he wanted all of us to get up at some pre-determined cue during gift opening on Christmas and go get something out of the other room.  Nothing big, but just to give my parents a little confusion.  Somehow, this evolved into a choreographed dance thing to a song that my brother was lip sync'ing.  With several camera angles.  The video didn't turn out great due to some lighting issues, but it was still a lot of fun.  My all time favorite clip is when my sister (who graduated with a mass comm major) was determining some of the camera angles so she turned the camera on and my brother didn't realize that she was actually recording.  He ended up doing a little dance as he stood in his spot.  It makes me laugh every time.  Sadly, not all of my brother's facial expressions ended up in the video (due to the lighting thing), but believe me when I say that he had some classic ones as he acted out the song!  Most of us are not actors, but he might be.

5) Part of the reason that I put in such an insane number of hours with the driving was that I wanted to stop and see my grandparents before heading up to my parents' house (it only would have been 24 if I went straight to their house and back). When I planned it, I didn't know that was going to be the weekend for the Christmas get together, so I got to see a lot of aunts, uncles, and cousins as well.  It was so good to see them. My parents weren't able to travel down due to my sister having some commitments at church that she had to do over that weekend.

6) I always love prayer buddies and I was so excited to get a chance to participate again this Advent.  My prayer buddy was Rachelle, and it was fun to be able to pray for someone whose intentions are so similar to my own, because I know how it is! I was able to offer up morning and evening prayer, Masses, and the Christmas rose novena for her.  Rachelle, I hope you're having a fantastic Christmas season and praying for many blessings for you in 2013!  Thank you so much to my prayer buddy as well.  It means so much to me!

7) You love how this QT's has approximately 0 flow?  Me too. Who needs themes and things that all pull together?  Not me!

I'm loving that it's Thursday, and I haven't worked yet this week!

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the continued celebration of Christmas! Head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. 1 - I feel the same way! My posts lately were all written weeks ago, I just had a burst of blog ideas and got them all out and haven't had to write anything for a while and it feels weird!
    2 - I totally get that! I took a road trip a few weeks ago and I as I drove I kept thinking of all the bloggers I know that live near where I drove through!

    Also, my Quick Takes almost never have a theme or flow to them. When I read other people's QT's that actually have a flow to them I'm a little bit jealous, but sometimes random and out of order is good!

  2. One of my favorite thing about Prayer Buddies is meeting new bloggers!

    My QTs never have a flow to them...but, neither does most of what my brain comes up with.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. I love random family moments that become great memories!
    I need to get a bunch written (besides just ideas) and schedule them to post. .... but .... I haven't gotten that far. I need a Flinstones Dicta-bird in my head so it can write stuff down. :-D
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  4. My QT's are always random, too. It's usually just odds and ends stuff that I haven't had time to sit down and put in a post on their own.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!