Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)

1) I will admit that I find it ironic that I wrote a blog post entitled "Waiting Well".  I'm probably the worst waiter in the history of waiting.  Let's discuss bargain shopping.  If I'm looking for a particular item and decide that now is the time to get it, I go get it. If I find it on sale at all, I'm happy I didn't pay full price.  For example, I finally order a kin.dle on Thanksgiving weekend, but didn't wait two days more until it was $30 off on Monday. I had been thinking about it off and on for over a year, but once I was ready to buy, I was ready to buy. My sister, on the other hand, has the patience to watch and wait until things go down, then buy.  This is why I might say something like, "Look at the bargain I got! I got $2 off!" Whereas my sister is more likely to say, "Look at the bargain I got! I paid $2!"

2) By the way, after having the kin.dle for a day, I realize that it's going to get me into all kinds of trouble to be able to instantly buy books.  I haven't gotten books in ages because I didn't have the space for them.  But now, I don't need space!  I added over 60 titles in less than 24 hours.  I know that's a little crazy, but good crazy, because it's book crazy.  I should explain that all but about 4 or 5 of them were public domain, and therefore free. Dickens! L.M. Montgomery!  Gene Stratton Porter!  Belloc! Chesterton! Free!  Of course, not all their works were free, but plenty of them were.  The few things I actually paid for were less than $20. Still excessive, of course, but I'm so happy to have books that I'm looking forward to reading. I am a reader by nature and for a number of reasons I have read comparatively little for the last couple of years. New books at my fingertips means I found a piece of myself that was missing. I know it sounds overly dramatic, but it is true.

3) Although, let's be honest. The chances of me reading all of these titles is somewhere between slim and none.  So that brings up an important question. Does the mere fact that I have these authors on my kin.dle make me smarter, or do I have to actually read what they say? I'd like to think it makes me smarter.  And even if it doesn't, it sure makes am.azon think I'm smarter.  You know the reading list they give you? ("Based on your past purchases you might enjoy...") Yeah. That list is currently suggesting things like War and Peace, the works of Plato, and Summa Theologica.

Moving on...

4) So far, I have not managed to join the craze that is pinterest. First it was complete lack of interest.  Everyone was talking about snazzy decorating ideas and cutesy craft projects.  My friends that are crafty and have decorated? I think it's awesome and I am so impressed.  It's not my thing.  However, I do appreciate the people that I know that are on pinterest and find things like recipes and awesome cleaning ideas.  My friend made these amazing apple tarts with brie cheese for Thanksgiving. Yum!  And she also told me about this shower cleaning idea where you fill one of those dish scrubber things (is my domesticity oozing off the screen at you?) with half vinegar and half dish soap.  Then you can just clean the shower as you go.  How brilliant is that? I'm trying to get away from using so many of the disinfectant wipes, and I also love that I can just do a little here and there as needed.  I'd love it more if it didn't make me almost late for work those first couple of days.  I'd be showering and I'd see some discoloration on the tile and lunge for it while yelling, "Out, damn spot!"

5) Not really.  Because:
             A) I don't really yell.
             B) Lunging in a wet, slippery shower might be dangerous. I've already had staples in my head once in the last 12 months. I wouldn't want to have to go to urgent care again and cite "overzealous cleaning" as the cause of my injury. (Which would be especially ridiculous if you knew the state of my house outside of my shower walls.)
             C) Who quotes Shakespeare in the shower? (But if you do quote Shakespeare in the shower, please let me know, because I will think you are the coolest.  No guarantees about what the rest of the world might say.)

But I really did take too long showering because of being distracted by cleaning my shower.

6) My computer is giving me some moments of not working right.  I don't blame it. I've given it four years of abuse and done nothing for it in return. I should take it into the repair shop, but I don't want to because:
           A) That means I would have to look up where to find a repair shop, look up how to get there, set up a time to go, and drop off my computer hoping that they were trustworthy.  Those may not seem like big things to you, but to a perpetual procrastinator, that's a lot of inertia to overcome.
           B) I don't really know much about computers.  I'm going to be the one that they roll their eyes and laugh at because I'm the stupid customer that didn't try the most basic, easy, obvious fixes on their own. (My idea of fixing a computer is rebooting it.)
           C) Most importantly, I'D BE WITHOUT MY COMPUTER FOR AN UNDETERMINED AMOUNT OF TIME. You can see how this repair thing is clearly for the birds. No one should have to go through life computer-less.

7) Last week, I figured that there would be fewer people than usual participating in QT's.  I was right, and since I had a laid back weekend, I made it a goal of mine to read through every last submission. Whew! There were still a lot of people on there!  It took me until Wednesday to get through them all, but it was fun to read.  I normally don't do that, so I got to see some new blogs... And I may have added an obscene number of new blogs to my reading list in the process (please refer to the ki.ndle incident above).

So, have a great weekend, and head over to Jen's to find a whole lot of awesome Quick Takers!


  1. Um, I love you so much. :-) I am just like you on #1, and my sister is like your sister! I have mixed feelings about Ki.ndles, but one reason I know I shouldn't get one is that it would make book purchasing THAT much easier. I'm not on pinterest yet either, but recently started hearing about greener cleaning techniques - that shower scrubber sounds like one I could implement... And I quoted Shakespeare last week, but not in the shower. Oh, and amen to that inertia problem!

    And now I have commented on nearly all of your quick takes, and without a doubt seem a little crazy.

  2. I am going to try that shower scrubber thingy! I am not on pinterest and I don't quite understand it but I will take the ideas from it, I guess that's the point of it. I would probably have to be the one to sight "over zealous cleaning" for injuries too, lol. Happy Friday!

  3. I absolutely refuse to get a Kindle for myself - I love the feel of paper over reading on an electronic screen - but we just ordered two for my brother and mom for Christmas, and they are going to be thrilled. They, too, love to read but just don't have room to store books. And I LOVE all the public domain titles! Back in the day, I used to get audio books from librivox :).

  4. Yes just having them on your Kindle makes you smarter.
    I do have a Pinterest account, but barely use it.

    The shower thing sounds cute though.

  5. So now I really wish I could claim that I do, in fact quote Shakespeare in the shower. I'm pretty sure I never have, but the idea is there now!

  6. I have joined Pinterest, but haven't done anything on it. Just the idea of being on there, I guess. I don't even check the website. However ... your idea of the white vinegar & water solution and doing it DAILY ... now there's something I need to implement. I am a shower-cleaner-procrastinator. I'd tell you how bad I let ours get, but you would think less of me after that. :-) Lets just say it was very gross!
    I have been a book reader in the past. My newest fad is purchasing the books & letting them pile up. In a few years I get around to reading them.
    I loved these QT's!!!