Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Not You, It's Me

We've been dealing with the election season forever now, and it's getting to the last little bit. Militant Republicans are actually turning red as they try to tell the world it's time to turn or burn.  Extreme Democrats are stomping around trying to get us to understand that if we don't vote Democrat, it's all over. Independents are finding there is no middle ground on the ballot.

My complaint with all of this is not the passion. We should be passionate about such important issues. My complaint is the complete lack of respect with the other side.  My complaint is that there even is the "other side".

Instead of spending so much time arguing who is for women and who is warring against women, let's take a deep breath and realize that the vast majority of us are pro woman.  At the very least, let's acknowledge and respect the other side for what they are trying to do.  Then we can perhaps have a thoughtful and respectful conversation about what is the best way to support women, rather than spending so much time trying to rip the other one apart for "hating" women, when that is clearly not the case. (I'm ignoring the outliers on both sides of the issue that truly may hate or not care about women. They have their own issues, and I think we can all agree that they're dead wrong!)

In discussions of the economy, it's easy to see that we are all for a stronger economy.  Can we not give each other some respect and listen to the concerns all around?  I am not so Pollyanna-ish as to assume that this will solve all the problems.  But I am realistic enough to know that if one side is trying to build something up and the other side is trying to tear it down so they can do their own thing, we are not going to get anywhere.  We're going to have to find some way of finding some middle ground and working together.  Together we might be able to build something that could help, even if it isn't perfect.

Obviously, I could keep going on so many different things.  I do have some strong opinions on what might help and what might make things worse.  But though there are many political issues, I don't think the biggest problem going on here is because of what the government is or isn't doing.  I don't think this or that politician or group of politicians is to blame.  I mean, there is a level of responsibility there, but it's not the only thing.

A century or so ago, a London newspaper asked several prominent writers and thinkers to address the issue "what's wrong with the world."

One response:

Dear Sirs,

I am.

Sincerely yours,

G.K. Chesterton

I saw a sign yesterday that pushed me over the edge.  It said something about if you want a culture of life, vote Republican.  If you want a culture of death, vote Democrat.

No.  Just no.

If I want a culture of life, that's what I have to live and create in the environment around me. Yes, voting is one important part of that, but I can't vote and wash my hands of it.  If I don't do something to help take the "crisis" out of crisis pregnancies, women will always want a choice. And if they are forced to have a baby without help, the chances are that they and their child will be set up for a much tougher life.  Voting pro life is not the same as being pro life.  I say that because I am guilty of doing just that: calling myself pro life but not helping to make it the easiest and best choice on all levels.

While I will never be pro choice (because I do believe that life begins at conception, and that it is a baby in there), I also think that the whole reason that there is abortion in many instances is because of people that feel like they don't have other recourses. I need to think about what else I can do to change that. Politicians can change laws, but every single one of us has the duty to change lives.

Again, that may be one example among many, but to my thinking, it's the most important. Without life, everything else is a moot point.


  1. LOVE this post! You took the words right out of my brain. I am so tired of being pressured to vote republican or democrat like it is the only thing we can do. Well said, I need to be doing something more than voting. Btw, I love G.K. Chesterton :)

  2. Love this! It seems like lately there's a lot of shrieking about problems but nobody actually tries to find solutions.

  3. Great post ~ as a moderate my frustration level at the rhetoric this election season has been so high.
    LOVE the G.K, Chesterton quote!!

  4. Your phrase, "I also think that the whole reason that there is abortion in many instances is because of people that feel like they don't have other recourses. ** I need to think about what else I can do to change that." **
    YES!!! I do need to remember to do my part too, other than voting. Brilliant post! I loved it and agree!

  5. Ah! The voice of reason! The dilemma is the folks who work so hard to save the child from abortion and then slap it on the butt to get it to breathe, and then say: "OK, kid, you're on your own!". I am a pro-life, Catholic Social Teaching (ALL of Catholic Social Teaching!) Catholic!

    Thanks for your post - it was a nice breathe of fresh, reasonable air.

    Come by and see me at Home In Douglas!