Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Want Some NOOdles

Almost 2 weeks ago, I got to go see a couple of wonderful friends.  I saw a fb meme the other day that I liked: True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes. That is how it is with these two and it's truly wonderful.  I think that's part of the reason that I get so shocked with how big their kids get between visits.  Because I just saw them yesterday, right? So how did the kids grow so much??

Let me tell you something.  The chaos of hanging out with friends and the combination of their 5 kids can be a little overwhelming, but in the best way.  It's particularly nice if you're not actually responsible for any of the kids and you don't have to put out any of the fires that are being created at regular intervals (thankfully, no real ones!)

The other thing I love about hanging out with kids is that it gives me a little insight about how I am with God sometimes.

Like... When the 3 month old starts to fuss.  And after about 30 seconds, he starts to get more insistent.  About 2 minutes later, and he was crying like he was convinced that he'd already eaten his last meal and he would never get food again.  My friend comes over and picks him up and says "When have I ever not fed you? What makes you think I'm going to stop now?"  Or something to that effect.

Aww, crap.

I have had so many prayers answered in my life. Big ones, little ones. Immediate answers and those slow in coming.  Why, just because there is sometimes a wait (even if it seems interminable) do I think that there is not an answer coming?

Then there was my other friend's 20 month old.  He decided that he needed some noodles.

"I want some noodles."

"I want some NOOdles."

"I want some NOOOOOOOOdles."

"I want some nOOooOOdles." (You'd have to hear it, but really. It happened.)

This happened a couple of times in a couple of days. The first day, he had to wait while they were being fixed. The chorus would start up, and my friend explained that he needed to wait for them to cook. But he continued like she hadn't said a word.

"I want some NOOdles."

After forever (aka, 8 minutes), he finally got his noodles.

The next day, it happened again, but this time he had other food in front of him.  That did not stop him for pursuing the noodles for a good 10 minutes.  Again, each time it was explained to him that he already had food that he needed to eat, he would announce his desire for noodles again (in case we missed it the first 47 times). Eventually, unbelievably, he did decide to eat some of the sandwich that was in front of him.

And that would be like all the times when I am so busy telling God what I want or need without taking any time to listen to what He is telling me. I tell Him because I am convinced by my lack that He hasn't heard or isn't paying attention.  I am so focused on what I want that I can't hear when He tells me to wait, and I can't see the sandwich in front of me when He is letting me know that He's got a better plan for me.

You know the worst part? I can recognize and acknowledge that about myself, but you do know what my prayer's going to be tonight, right?

Dear heavenly Father, I want some NOOOOdles.* We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Because, yeah, I'm mature like that.

*And for any Sheldons out there, I won't be asking for actual noodles so much as what I keep asking for all. The. Time. Because that's how I am.


  1. "I tell Him because I am convinced by my lack that He hasn't heard or isn't paying attention" = brilliant. i love you. You're coming over tonight, right?

  2. Haha, I want some noooodles too, aka babies! Guilty as charged.