Thursday, October 25, 2012

I love certain rote prayers. How can you go wrong with the Our Father?

Some written prayers are beyond amazing. How is it possible that someone else knew what I needed to say that I couldn't capture in words, but can now say?

Spontaneous prayers are beautiful as well, pouring out the words and thoughts of your heart to the One that always listens.

Mmm, and praying the Scripture.  How about the psalms?

But if you ask me, the most meaningful prayers are the ones that you cannot speak.

When the ache (of joy or pain) in your heart is too much for words and you can only join the Holy Spirit in inexpressible groanings. (Romans 8:26)

Sometimes the prayer is just being in His presence.

Perhaps it's the repetition of doing that one thing that you do over and over again until you are so sick of it that you can't do it one more time, but you do anyway.

And sometimes the only prayer you can pray is the tears that you cry.

Praying for all those with miscarriage tonight, and in particular someone who went in for a routine OB appointment today and found out that they had miscarried. I don't know exactly how far along, but 12 weeks or more.


  1. Lovely! And I join you in that prayer.

  2. Oh no! Praying for your friend after her miscarriage.
    What a wonderful post about prayer!