Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)
1) The other day, when I was at Adoration, I saw a spider heading across the carpet.  At first it was moving perpendicular to me, and then it stopped.  I could see it out of the corner of my eye, but I eventually forgot about it while I was reading, until it came right at me.  I was startled, and then I was distracted by the itchy feeling that there was a spider, somewhere, under my chair.  Later, when someone got up to move to the kneeler, the spider again moved toward me.  At first I was comforted to know that the spider had moved away from me sometime while I wasn't paying attention, and the second time it stayed where I could see it.  But then I realized there were possibly two spiders, and then I didn't know what to think anymore.  Maybe there's even more than that!

2) On the other hand, when I hear of bear sightings in the woods (someone I know sat in a tree with her pepper spray and waited for a bear to leave in an area that I sometimes hike in), I grab my bear bell and my bear spray and go for a hike anyway (in the middle of the day, when bears tend to be less active and there are a lot of people around).  When I see an itty bitty spider, I get all distracted and have to work not to pull a Miss Muffet in the middle of Adoration. There's logic at it's finest. Run from the harmless spider, go play with the bears.

3) By the way, I looked up "Miss Muffet" real quick to be sure that I was spelling it right. I was. Did you know that you can order a number of different Miss Muffet costumes, and almost every last one of them is scandalous? Because you can, and they are. Halloween is coming, so there's another idea of what to do or what to stay away from, however you want to look at it!

4) My friends are going to a haunted house this Friday.  I hope they enjoy it.  I declined.  It is SO not my thing.  No haunted houses, no horror movies, no thank you. Even if I know it's fake, I don't like to immerse myself in that kind of stuff. I know it's fun for some, but I don't understand the enjoyment of that.

5) I, along with everyone else in the nation, I'm sure, am so done with the election. Let's get it done and let's move on.  I do have pretty strong feeling about what I don't want to happen (and I'm sure you can figure that out if you've read this blog much). Even though I think one outcome is better than the alternative, I don't necessarily think that either one is going to be a huge success.

6) I would seriously absolutely love it if everyone would take a deep breath and stop demonizing the other side. I really, really would. We all have strong feelings.  I nearly got nauseous listening to one person going on and on about the opposite of some of what I believe.  But though I disagree with where she was going with her points and why, she was going there with the best of intentions.  She is trying to make our world a better place (even if I think her way of doing it will not succeed). We need now more than ever to stand up for what we believe and why, but the yelling and the disrespect are getting us nowhere.

7) I shared this on fb, but I have to share it here, too.  I had to go to 11,500+ feet to get it, and I had to get it at just the right moment before the snow was gone, but it was so fun to be in the snow for a short while!

You didn't know angels had such tiny heads, did you?
I did do a couple of quick posts with more pictures at the other blog; here for that hike, and here for backpacking. (That's the private blog, but if you're interested seeing them and you're not on the list, just email me and let me know.)

Have a great weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. I hear you on the election - I will definitely be voting early (but not often - ha!) and then ignoring it all until the morning AFTER the election when I turn on the TV to see who won. I've already started stocking up my DVR and stacking the movie queue so I don't have to watch any of it that night!

    Spiders and bears? Makes perfect sense to me!

  2. I see bugs ALL THE TIME at Adoration!! And I'm not so ladylike about it! In the summer, there are dive-bombing bugs that fly at me and try and crawl up me, so I take a missal and them and then kill them. And the crickets! Oh .. SO many crickets! I can't smush a cricket because I just can't hear their exoskeleton crunch. Ewwww! One time, I was out of the corner of my eye watching a cricket, when it disappeared. So I thought, ok, I need to find it and couldn't see it, so I got up and guess what was under my foot - in between my sandal and my foot. Yep. A cricket. And guess who smushed it? Me. Ewww, Ewwww, Ewwww!
    I hate the political debates too. My MIL keeps posting only political stuff on FB, so I won't miss that in a few weeks. And my one aunt, who was Catholic, is very O-biased, and anytime I post something (I post very little political), she puffs up and writes something about how I am wrong. Then hubby debates her. I think hubby always wins. :-)

  3. Love these: bears versus spiders, stranglely yes exactly, Haunted Houses and scarey movies ~ no thanks, election over, being respectful of others, and snow angels: YES, YES, YES!!

  4. #4: Yes, I totally agree! There are enough horrors for me in the real world, thank you.

    #5&6: Again, totally agree. I'm really sick of election coverage and of everybody claiming that the apocalypse looms if their guy doesn't win.

  5. #4--our oldest daughter is wanting to go through a haunted trail. So far we've said no because she can't even walk out to the barn by herself at night!

  6. Spiders, no problem. Bears...problem!

    Agreed on the election. In every way.

    Haunted houses: I hate them, Still remember my experience with my dad in 3rd grade at the Jaycee' thank you. Our oldest son though, 15, just went with friends to Universal's Halloween Horror nights....he had a blast, me? uh uh. no way.

  7. I am SCARED to death of spiders... I would have been watching it/ them like a hawk. And trust me, I would have embarrassed myself if they got too close.

    I couldn't agree with you more about this election. People are so rude! I think political views should be banned on social media ie FB. It really has made me think about taking a break from FB.

    I love love love your snow angel! We don't see much snow around here so I will live my desire to make snow angels through your pictures :)

  8. Catching up on my reading! You had me doubled over laughing reading about the spider and Miss Muffet (which my phone just tried to auto correct to Moss Nugget). Even funnier is the fact that my daughter just learned that rhyme at school and asked me to help het with the Miss Muffin song. I said "you mean Miss Muppet?" and then realized that I was just as wrong!

    That looks like an awesome hike! would love to see more pics sometime if I'm allowed ;)