Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)
1) I was just eating pomegranate seeds while I waited for my spaghetti squash to cook.  I think just writing that sentence made me healthier!  You see, I like unprocessed foods, but I work long hours, and when I'm not working, I play long hours (what can I say, being single's not all bad!). Therefore, even though I try to get as natural foods as possible, I still eat a lot of stuff that comes in a box from the freezer.  Today, however, is my day off (writing these on a Thursday) and I don't have too much going on, so I am actually cooking and I bought one pomegranate and one apple the other day. And a spaghetti squash.  I found a recipe* for the squash that's kind of a spicy shrimp marinara with fresh mushrooms to go on top, so I'm pretty excited about that!  My sauce will come from a jar, though, with some stuff added in. I wasn't feeling that ambitious.  Plus, I have a jar of fantastic marinara sauce that I need to finish off.  Ooh, and some shrimp in the freezer that needed a home. Win, win, win!

2) There is a little problem in my kitchen right now, besides a lazy cook.  I have no light in there.  Yep. The overhead light is not working.  Now, the way it all went out at once (all two bulbs), I feel like there may be something more than just a light bulb fix needed.  However, I can't call the landlord until I've at least tried changing the light bulbs.  Only... They're the long fluorescent bulbs, and I can't figure out how to get them out.  I've tried, but no luck!  Yeah, I feel real smart. I can get a doctorate, but the light bulbs have me whipped.**

3) What's that? You have insomnia and you're still not asleep?  I am here to serve at your pleasure.  More tales of my domestic exploits coming your way!

Several weeks ago, I broke a wine glass, and I finally picked up some super glue to fix it.  There are a huge variety of different kinds, but this one seemed like what I needed:

Look! They've got a picture of my problem; must be what I need.

Even better. Given that I wasn't even thinking about how well the thing would wash, it's good to know that it's dishwasher safe.

Or is it...

Seriously? How do you advertise "dishwasher safe" on the front, and tell you not to place it in the dishwasher on the back?

Also, reading below that immediately made me think of my worst fears with using super glue.  If someone's going to get  their fingers stuck, it'd be me.  However, I will have you know that the stem is safely back on the glass and all fingers are freely moving to type. Another household crisis averted!

4) I've had another reminder this week that while you can have good friendships with people that have fundamentally different viewpoints than you, there is still a barrier there.  This is why I continue to maintain that I would rather be single forever than in a marriage with this kind of barrier. In friendships, the barrier can be ignored for the most part, but it is there.  Sometimes I wonder if these friends are aware of the barrier, but I feel it.  There are certain parts of me that I cannot discuss with them.  I suppose they may have certain things that they do not feel able to discuss with me, either.  Anyway, friendships can survive the barrier, but never get quite as deep as they otherwise would.  I don't want a marriage with that barrier. There was a situation that came up recently, and I don't think my friends began to understand at any level how I felt about it. They seemed to think they knew sort of what I thought, but there is so much that they do not know and would not understand about my reaction to the situation, even if I tried to tell them.

5) I suppose this is why I cannot wait to go visit some friends that do really know me.  If they knew what the above situation was, they could understand exactly what I was trying to say if I explained how I felt about it.  Only, I wouldn't have to explain what I thought, because they would already know. Though I do deeply care for my friends here, there is no comparison between the relationships here with the relationships all over with people that get me.  I suppose that's why the blog community works out so well, too.  Because you all would get it, too!

6) Awesome Quick Takes, eh? Three takes about my lame domestic skilz, and two about a vague situation that I can't explain.  What can I say?  I'm trying to help out the insomniacs!

7) How about a picture? You all seem to like those, and you deserve it if you've stuck around this long!

Delicate Arch at sunset.  There were hundreds of people up there.  It was awesome!

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*It was pretty good.  I'm not actually a huge fan of spaghetti squash, but the spicy went really well with it.
**Yep, really easy to get out. You just have to be smarter than it is.  Now I feel even more silly for not figuring it out in the first place!


  1. I know this probably just reveals the fact that I'm not a good cook, but I think that making sauce completely from scratch is generally a sign that one does not know how to find good sauce at a store. ;-) I love to add things to the sauce from a jar, but simmering tomatoes for hours never seems worth the result.

    And a hundred times yes to #4. There seems to be a current trend in the conservative Catholic world to say that the most important thing is love and valuing marriage and that there is no point in valuing shared religion in dating. This baffles me, because it only makes sense if religion is *not* one of the most fundamental parts of your life. When we were dating/first engaged, Josh and I had strong differences in political views, but that turned out not to matter simply because we had more fundamental views (Church, yo!) that ultimately overrode the shallower differences. But how can you be truly intimate with someone who can't understand that which is most essential to your life?

    Sorry for the blog post comment, but I really appreciate the fact that you aren't setting yourself up for even greater suffering by setting aside your core values.

  2. You absolutely must share your deepest values in a marriage, especially religious values. People with different religions who are happily married, it's not because their religiopn doesn't matter to them, it's that they have deeper values than their religion. For example, they might value "getting along" more than "what my faith says is absolute truth."

  3. Hilarious! Dishwasher safe ... but NOT Dishwasher safe. Yeah ... maybe you'd better write to the mfr on this. More free super glue? ;-)
    I will heartily agree about having the same values in a marriage. Absolutely. With my hubby being a Christian & me a Catholic, it makes it very hard. We believe about 90% of the same stuff, so it is not all bad. My hope is that God will plant the seed of conversion in his heart ... and the gift of knowledge & speech to me, so I can answer some of his questions. :-)
    BEAUTIFUL picture!! Just like a postcard!

  4. #4 - yes, you got it. Barriers - not good, especially if you know of them going into marriage and think somehow they won't be a big deal. Come on - little things like not picking up one's dirty laundry become a big deal, and someone doesn't think that differences in religion will be a big deal? I don't mean to sound harsh and one of my dear friends is married to a non-Catholic and that was okay with her going into the marriage and actually he is more Catholic (in my opinion) that some Catholics, so it can work. But I grew up in a mixed-faith marriage household and neither of them go to church now at all, and my mom mentioned how lonely she was taking all 4 of us kids to church with her. I think I am rambling now, but just know that yes - you make total sense.

    Umm...and the picture, stunning! Oh, and by the way, I called you out in my quick takes - again! I think you take the prize for getting the most shout outs lately...and you know it is only because I think you are so cool! ;) I hope you have a great weekend! God Bless!

  5. That superglue issue is perplexing. Why on earth would they do that?
    Also, your quick takes made me hungry. ;)

  6. When I was seriously dating my husband (but not Catholic yet) my NONcatholic parents were actually the ones to stress the importance of shared religious convictions. Basically my grandparents provided my mom with a good example of what not to do in marriage. That comment from them has always stuck in my mind...
    And I'd step away from that superglue very slowly...if they can't decide what to put on the package, how do you think they got what's in the package right?!

  7. We had to watch a youtube video showing how to change a flourescent bulb. We have 2 master's degrees between the two of us and DH is ABD. Nice, huh? Love the pic! Your quick takes weren't boring ;) I get the barrier- this just came up in my life last week, but on the other side. One of my closest friends who I tell EVERYTHING to wouldn't/couldn't tell me something very important(I found out anyway). It really got me thinking about how sometimes we put up our own barriers because of trust or sometimes we are so far off from understanding one another we don't even know what questions to ask to get an understanding. We don't have the vocabulary. I guess that's where love comes into play. We are called to love even when we don't understand. It's sure hard to do though. I'm glad I'm not alone in this...

  8. I think #4 is the reason I don't have an easy time making friends. If someone's values and viewpoints on religion & politics are so drastically different from your own, how can you connect on a personal level?
    I wasn't a practicing Catholic when I met my Hubby, and so if he had been Christian or Catholic at the time I think that would have repelled me from even dating him. Now that I've returned to the Catholic Church, I do wish he was Catholic as well, of course. I do hope that one day he'll be open to going to mass with me and hopefully we can reach an agreement on raising Isaac Catholic, but I'm just taking things one day at a time. Luckily we are more alike than we are different (on values & things that really matter), and there is a mutual respect for each other that allows us to maintain an intimate relationship despite religious differences.

  9. I wouldn't even know where to begin with changing a fluorescent bulb!

    I feel you. It's like that with my mommy friends. I just can't share that part of me with the ones I spend time with the most. Which makes it hard because they're awesome moms, but many things I just can't even go there. And that's why I broke up with my now-husband after 6 months of dating. He was agnostic at the time. But after he decided (on his own) to come into the church, the door was wide open. And now, to not go to church as a family...I can't even imagine how difficult it would be and all the grace it would take. But I guess that's why God is God...if He does call us to something we wouldn't plan for ourselves, He always provides a way. Maybe not an easy way, but a way.

    Thanks for sharing!