Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Want Some NOOdles

Almost 2 weeks ago, I got to go see a couple of wonderful friends.  I saw a fb meme the other day that I liked: True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes. That is how it is with these two and it's truly wonderful.  I think that's part of the reason that I get so shocked with how big their kids get between visits.  Because I just saw them yesterday, right? So how did the kids grow so much??

Let me tell you something.  The chaos of hanging out with friends and the combination of their 5 kids can be a little overwhelming, but in the best way.  It's particularly nice if you're not actually responsible for any of the kids and you don't have to put out any of the fires that are being created at regular intervals (thankfully, no real ones!)

The other thing I love about hanging out with kids is that it gives me a little insight about how I am with God sometimes.

Like... When the 3 month old starts to fuss.  And after about 30 seconds, he starts to get more insistent.  About 2 minutes later, and he was crying like he was convinced that he'd already eaten his last meal and he would never get food again.  My friend comes over and picks him up and says "When have I ever not fed you? What makes you think I'm going to stop now?"  Or something to that effect.

Aww, crap.

I have had so many prayers answered in my life. Big ones, little ones. Immediate answers and those slow in coming.  Why, just because there is sometimes a wait (even if it seems interminable) do I think that there is not an answer coming?

Then there was my other friend's 20 month old.  He decided that he needed some noodles.

"I want some noodles."

"I want some NOOdles."

"I want some NOOOOOOOOdles."

"I want some nOOooOOdles." (You'd have to hear it, but really. It happened.)

This happened a couple of times in a couple of days. The first day, he had to wait while they were being fixed. The chorus would start up, and my friend explained that he needed to wait for them to cook. But he continued like she hadn't said a word.

"I want some NOOdles."

After forever (aka, 8 minutes), he finally got his noodles.

The next day, it happened again, but this time he had other food in front of him.  That did not stop him for pursuing the noodles for a good 10 minutes.  Again, each time it was explained to him that he already had food that he needed to eat, he would announce his desire for noodles again (in case we missed it the first 47 times). Eventually, unbelievably, he did decide to eat some of the sandwich that was in front of him.

And that would be like all the times when I am so busy telling God what I want or need without taking any time to listen to what He is telling me. I tell Him because I am convinced by my lack that He hasn't heard or isn't paying attention.  I am so focused on what I want that I can't hear when He tells me to wait, and I can't see the sandwich in front of me when He is letting me know that He's got a better plan for me.

You know the worst part? I can recognize and acknowledge that about myself, but you do know what my prayer's going to be tonight, right?

Dear heavenly Father, I want some NOOOOdles.* We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Because, yeah, I'm mature like that.

*And for any Sheldons out there, I won't be asking for actual noodles so much as what I keep asking for all. The. Time. Because that's how I am.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Have Decided

I have decided that if you're a little stuffy, it may not be the best time to do a fairly intense workout.

On a related note, I have decided that those who learn to exercise through things like asthma are pretty impressive.

I have decided that natural disasters pretty much suck, and I think that we should stop having record breaking disasters. Which candidate wants to take care of that? I'll vote for them!

Oh, wait. I already voted early.

I have decided that I feel like a creeper.  I sent a few friend requests to people on facebook that I recognized from blogs (and who are friends with other blog folks that I know). And then I realized that because I purposely keep fb and my blog separate, they might not recognize me. It's okay! You know me, you just don't know you know me! I'm not really a random creeper!

I have decided that I need to see all of my friends at least a couple of times a month. And yet they insist on living all over the place.  What is up with that?

I have decided that I just don't like spaghetti squash.  I keep trying and trying, but it's just not working for me.  It's okay with some things and really not okay with other things. And by "okay" I mean "I can eat it and tell myself it's good for me and that I'll get used to it eventually and learn to like it." Unfortunately, I realized that I was lying.  I'm pretty sure that I'll hate it forever.

I have decided that I don't value "being real" as much as I like to think that I value it.  I mean, I'm all for letting people see that I'm not perfect, but not when it comes to how I look in photos. There are days when I think God created photo shop for a reason.

I have decided that I started this post with not much to say and that I should really stop wasting your time!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Saturday Edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 193)
1) I didn't get these done yesterday because the last couple of days have just been too strange.  But the odds and ends in my brain won't leave me alone and lend themselves perfectly to some QT's right now, so I'll try it a little late and see how it goes.

2) To give you some idea of where my brain is right now, I sat down 2 or 3 hours ago with the thought that I would go finish... something... later. No idea what that was. Can't say as I care, either. Usually when I ignore something, I know what it is that I'm ignoring and I feel at least a little guilty about not getting a needed task done. But I forgot. And I don't care in the slightest.

3) I tried a new massage therapist today because my normal one was on vacation this week. She was good and I needed it today on so many levels.  I almost skipped this week and just waited a couple of weeks, but I'm glad I didn't. I needed the relaxation this time just as much as I needed the muscles to be physically released.  And believe me, I'm getting decrepit, so there were plenty of those that needed to be done as well.

4) I feel both unsettled and stuck right now.  Not stuck geographically.  I love it here, but even if I didn't my job allows me to be flexible with where I am.  But stuck in life. I don't seem to be moving forward at all.  My job and many activities are awesome, but not enough. I don't know what else to do.

5) Ooh, that was uncomfortable. As I typed that last sentence a thought crossed my mind, but I so hope it wasn't a Holy Spirit thing. Ugh, but it might have been.  Um, yeah. Number 1, it's not what I really want, and I'm afraid that will become an outside purpose instead of what I want. And Number 2, it's not even in the same state as my comfort zone.

There you have my initial reaction to a thought that may or may not be of God.  Awesome. Clearly, "whatever" is not my first or even my second response.  I only hope it's my last!

6) I am such a nerd. Apparently my self chosen therapy is making slide shows. I can't imagine why I'm still single!

7) I wish I could show you some of the really cute pictures I got from last weekend in WI, but instead I'll stick with these:

Pretty much, if you're 3 and you ask me something like take pictures of your cars, I'll do it.

I got bored at the airport, so I started messing around with my camera.  Midwestern airports have a lot of upscale offerings.
See? Ritzy. 
Udder class.

(Yeah, I know. That's so bad, I don't know if I'm proud, or ashamed.)

The left and right ends scream Midwest to me.

Here's one just for JBTC. I did not grab one to join the ranks of the cheeseheads.

Baked cheese is ridiculous in all kinds of ways, but yum!

As you can see, all 13 gates at the airport were at capacity.
Weekend's mostly over, but enjoy what's left and head over to Jen's for more QT's!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I love certain rote prayers. How can you go wrong with the Our Father?

Some written prayers are beyond amazing. How is it possible that someone else knew what I needed to say that I couldn't capture in words, but can now say?

Spontaneous prayers are beautiful as well, pouring out the words and thoughts of your heart to the One that always listens.

Mmm, and praying the Scripture.  How about the psalms?

But if you ask me, the most meaningful prayers are the ones that you cannot speak.

When the ache (of joy or pain) in your heart is too much for words and you can only join the Holy Spirit in inexpressible groanings. (Romans 8:26)

Sometimes the prayer is just being in His presence.

Perhaps it's the repetition of doing that one thing that you do over and over again until you are so sick of it that you can't do it one more time, but you do anyway.

And sometimes the only prayer you can pray is the tears that you cry.

Praying for all those with miscarriage tonight, and in particular someone who went in for a routine OB appointment today and found out that they had miscarried. I don't know exactly how far along, but 12 weeks or more.

It's Not You, It's Me

We've been dealing with the election season forever now, and it's getting to the last little bit. Militant Republicans are actually turning red as they try to tell the world it's time to turn or burn.  Extreme Democrats are stomping around trying to get us to understand that if we don't vote Democrat, it's all over. Independents are finding there is no middle ground on the ballot.

My complaint with all of this is not the passion. We should be passionate about such important issues. My complaint is the complete lack of respect with the other side.  My complaint is that there even is the "other side".

Instead of spending so much time arguing who is for women and who is warring against women, let's take a deep breath and realize that the vast majority of us are pro woman.  At the very least, let's acknowledge and respect the other side for what they are trying to do.  Then we can perhaps have a thoughtful and respectful conversation about what is the best way to support women, rather than spending so much time trying to rip the other one apart for "hating" women, when that is clearly not the case. (I'm ignoring the outliers on both sides of the issue that truly may hate or not care about women. They have their own issues, and I think we can all agree that they're dead wrong!)

In discussions of the economy, it's easy to see that we are all for a stronger economy.  Can we not give each other some respect and listen to the concerns all around?  I am not so Pollyanna-ish as to assume that this will solve all the problems.  But I am realistic enough to know that if one side is trying to build something up and the other side is trying to tear it down so they can do their own thing, we are not going to get anywhere.  We're going to have to find some way of finding some middle ground and working together.  Together we might be able to build something that could help, even if it isn't perfect.

Obviously, I could keep going on so many different things.  I do have some strong opinions on what might help and what might make things worse.  But though there are many political issues, I don't think the biggest problem going on here is because of what the government is or isn't doing.  I don't think this or that politician or group of politicians is to blame.  I mean, there is a level of responsibility there, but it's not the only thing.

A century or so ago, a London newspaper asked several prominent writers and thinkers to address the issue "what's wrong with the world."

One response:

Dear Sirs,

I am.

Sincerely yours,

G.K. Chesterton

I saw a sign yesterday that pushed me over the edge.  It said something about if you want a culture of life, vote Republican.  If you want a culture of death, vote Democrat.

No.  Just no.

If I want a culture of life, that's what I have to live and create in the environment around me. Yes, voting is one important part of that, but I can't vote and wash my hands of it.  If I don't do something to help take the "crisis" out of crisis pregnancies, women will always want a choice. And if they are forced to have a baby without help, the chances are that they and their child will be set up for a much tougher life.  Voting pro life is not the same as being pro life.  I say that because I am guilty of doing just that: calling myself pro life but not helping to make it the easiest and best choice on all levels.

While I will never be pro choice (because I do believe that life begins at conception, and that it is a baby in there), I also think that the whole reason that there is abortion in many instances is because of people that feel like they don't have other recourses. I need to think about what else I can do to change that. Politicians can change laws, but every single one of us has the duty to change lives.

Again, that may be one example among many, but to my thinking, it's the most important. Without life, everything else is a moot point.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)
1) The other day, when I was at Adoration, I saw a spider heading across the carpet.  At first it was moving perpendicular to me, and then it stopped.  I could see it out of the corner of my eye, but I eventually forgot about it while I was reading, until it came right at me.  I was startled, and then I was distracted by the itchy feeling that there was a spider, somewhere, under my chair.  Later, when someone got up to move to the kneeler, the spider again moved toward me.  At first I was comforted to know that the spider had moved away from me sometime while I wasn't paying attention, and the second time it stayed where I could see it.  But then I realized there were possibly two spiders, and then I didn't know what to think anymore.  Maybe there's even more than that!

2) On the other hand, when I hear of bear sightings in the woods (someone I know sat in a tree with her pepper spray and waited for a bear to leave in an area that I sometimes hike in), I grab my bear bell and my bear spray and go for a hike anyway (in the middle of the day, when bears tend to be less active and there are a lot of people around).  When I see an itty bitty spider, I get all distracted and have to work not to pull a Miss Muffet in the middle of Adoration. There's logic at it's finest. Run from the harmless spider, go play with the bears.

3) By the way, I looked up "Miss Muffet" real quick to be sure that I was spelling it right. I was. Did you know that you can order a number of different Miss Muffet costumes, and almost every last one of them is scandalous? Because you can, and they are. Halloween is coming, so there's another idea of what to do or what to stay away from, however you want to look at it!

4) My friends are going to a haunted house this Friday.  I hope they enjoy it.  I declined.  It is SO not my thing.  No haunted houses, no horror movies, no thank you. Even if I know it's fake, I don't like to immerse myself in that kind of stuff. I know it's fun for some, but I don't understand the enjoyment of that.

5) I, along with everyone else in the nation, I'm sure, am so done with the election. Let's get it done and let's move on.  I do have pretty strong feeling about what I don't want to happen (and I'm sure you can figure that out if you've read this blog much). Even though I think one outcome is better than the alternative, I don't necessarily think that either one is going to be a huge success.

6) I would seriously absolutely love it if everyone would take a deep breath and stop demonizing the other side. I really, really would. We all have strong feelings.  I nearly got nauseous listening to one person going on and on about the opposite of some of what I believe.  But though I disagree with where she was going with her points and why, she was going there with the best of intentions.  She is trying to make our world a better place (even if I think her way of doing it will not succeed). We need now more than ever to stand up for what we believe and why, but the yelling and the disrespect are getting us nowhere.

7) I shared this on fb, but I have to share it here, too.  I had to go to 11,500+ feet to get it, and I had to get it at just the right moment before the snow was gone, but it was so fun to be in the snow for a short while!

You didn't know angels had such tiny heads, did you?
I did do a couple of quick posts with more pictures at the other blog; here for that hike, and here for backpacking. (That's the private blog, but if you're interested seeing them and you're not on the list, just email me and let me know.)

Have a great weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I Didn't Tell You

Sometimes I feel guilty, because I have discovered some wonderful things, things that the whole world should know.

But I didn't tell you.

I want you to know that this God that you are indifferent to or despise or are afraid of... He is not speaking to you in the hate and the fear.  That is not Him you are hearing.  All that you are and all that you aspire to and all that is true and good and beautiful, that is where His voice is calling you.

I want you to know that when I disagree with some of your life choices, it's not because you are bad, or even because all things about those choices are bad.  It's because you are so good that I only want what's best for you.

I haven't told you any of these things, though.  Not one.

I sat silently through your statements, though I greatly disagreed.

I agreed with some things where I could, though I was afraid that you would take that to mean that I agreed with all that you said.

And though you know many things about me, you do not understand what underlies and drives those things for me, because I haven't told you.

I haven't told you because I don't know how. I do not have the words. I have not figured out your language.

It is like we are speaking such different dialects that what I mean to say translates to something completely different for you.  And so I do not say anything.  I try to listen.  I try to grasp hold of any words that we seem to share in common, or even that have common roots, so that someday I may be able to build these words into sentences that you will actually understand. You may still not agree with me, but I hope at least then you will be able to understand what I am saying.

I also haven't told you anything, because I do not think that you have the ears to hear.  You are not ready.  It seems like it would be spreading seeds on dry ground before the frost.  The time has to be right. The soil has to be prepared.

I didn't tell you, because I felt that I could love you better by listening rather than speaking. I wanted to be there and respect you where you were, and not change you. The timing was not right.

I could be wrong, and I will never get over the guilt if the time was right, and I was too spineless to open my mouth. But I can't live in the what if's, and I can only pray that my intentions are brought to fruition in your life, even if my actions were not perfect.

Clearly, all of this assumes that I am right in certain areas, and so I can see how you may find this condescending and patronizing and in all other ways contemptible. Here's the thing.  When I listen to you, I hear you speak truth.  Perhaps it's a little mixed up in places, but it's clearly there.

Maybe someday, I can finally try to tell you.  And I hope that when you hear me, you will hear truth. I have no doubt that it's mixed up in places, but I hope that it's just as present.

And maybe if we can hear the truth of each other's words, and realize that though we disagree, we are searching for and fighting for good, then maybe we will be able to work together for the good that we are both trying to accomplish. Maybe then we can stop this endless fighting against each other that gets us nowhere and instead move forward together.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Poor in Spirit

I never exactly understood what it meant to be "poor in spirit".  The Bible talks about it as if it were a good thing, but I never really understood it.  Being "poor" in anything never seemed like something to aspire to.

I was thinking about it today with the Gospel reading and the way that the rich man went away sad, because Christ told him to give up all his possessions. It occurred to me that being "poor in spirit" is the holy way of saying "whatever".  Perhaps it means having money like Katharine Drexel, but being willing to live as though you do not.  I don't think the rich man was heading the wrong direction because he was rich.  But when given the choice between God and his money, he walked away from God.  Maybe being poor in spirit just means that no matter what, if there is something standing between us and Christ, we choose Christ.  Not because what we want is bad, but because Christ is worth infinitely more. Another way of looking at it is the way St. Francis de Sales wrote about in the letter in this post (about halfway down).

Thanks so much to JBTC for sharing her knowledge on the saints!


A few other random thoughts.  One is that I think that mountain air does something to me that makes me a little crazy.  I'm happy out there if there's rain, sun, snow, or fog.  It's all beautiful! (High winds are about the only thing that I truly hate.)  You can even read here about how it converted me to backpacking, which I thought was not going to happen. Yesterday I was happy about some remaining fall color, some snow (I got to make a snow angel!) and then sun and blue skies!  We did an 11 mile hike, and when we were done my feet hurt and it felt wonderful! (See, I told you the mountain air is like crack!)

This just in, the super glue didn't work. I know you're all shocked that it didn't but what can I say?  It seemed to be going well, but when I was using that glass today, the stem just fell off. I wasn't touching it, it didn't bump anything, it just fell off.

Okay, I think that's it for now.  I'm going to go to Adoration.  I tried to go earlier today, but it didn't work out because there was something going on at the church.  But it's okay, I'll go now.  And that means that I'll be praying for you! See, I'll just pray for anyone who is reading or will read this post and for whatever intentions are near and dear to their heart as they read.  Like how that works? ;)

I hope your Sunday was beautiful and that you have a wonderful week!

Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Mom Edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)
In honor of my mom's birthday today, I wanted to do this one for her.  She does not read this blog-she'd love to, but she doesn't "do" the internet any more than she has to- so I'm sending her a letter.  Yep, a real postage and stamp and paper letter. But they'll say kind of the same things. I do not always agree with my mom, and sometimes I think she makes things harder than they have to be, but even some of the things that drive me crazy are some of the things that make her a great mom.  

1) Growing up, every single meal, we had to have a fruit and a vegetable. Back in the day that I was growing up, there was no internet to turn to for new recipes, so she often resorted to carrots and apples.  To this day, most of my siblings and I will not eat carrots, and apples are few and far between. But here's the thing.  When you have to eat carrots and apples with every meal (even if we were eating pizza!), you learn that it is important to try to eat healthy, or at least have some balance in your diet.

2) Some things don't change much, and I complained a lot growing up, just as I do now.  I can't tell you the number of times I heard "offer it up." (Or how many times I responded with an eye roll.)  And even though I didn't appreciate it in the least at the time, I think it helped me get started on the road to learning a little piece of redemptive suffering.  I obviously still don't get it too well, but what I do understand, it is so nice to be able to make any suffering, no matter how big or small, be something that can be used for the salvation of others!

3) My mom cannot sit still. She is incapable of it. If the TV is on, she'll join us after this, that, and the other job, but she would prefer to have something in her hands. But the good news is that she is always up for a walk or something to get outside and move. We learned that it is important to be active.

4) I never, ever have to wonder whether my mom cares.  Sometimes she wants to know everything and I don't want to tell her everything. Sometimes she wants to talk when I don't want to talk.  But it's because she cares.  I know that I always have someone to turn to and to go home to. I know I could disappoint her, but only if I was doing something harmful to myself or others, never by failing at something I tried.

5) I used to not like fall, and my mom always loved it.  I didn't understand, but now as I enjoy the change in season, I think of her when I crunch through the leaves.

6) My mom is a woman of faith.  And I will be forever grateful of how she passed that on to us.

7) To sum up, my mom is awesome.  Happy birthday, Mom!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why Scandal Doesn't Make Me Leave the Catholic Church

scan*dal  | 'skandl |
1. a disgraceful or discreditable action, circumstance, etc.
2. an offense caused by fault or misdeed.
3. a person whose conduct brings disgrace or offense.

Friends, I am a member of the Catholic Church.  For me, it is a beautiful thing to be a Catholic. Unfortunately, for many the Catholic Church leaves a sour taste in their mouths.  They find themselves unable to become Catholic or remain in the Catholic Church because they or someone they know has been treated badly there.

It's no secret that there has been serious sexual abuse happening in the Church and among the clergy.

Perhaps the deacon is having an affair.

Or maybe businessman who has to be sure that he is in Mass every Sunday is cheating his customers.

Nuns teaching "God is love" in the Catholic schools don't always show students that they are loved.

And I'm sure that every single one of us has run into someone that is insistent on fulfilling every little religious rule that they can find, while managing to remain a singularly nasty person.

For some, it proves that if such nasty people can be Catholic, then maybe the Catholic Church is not the place to be. While I never condone such actions (and believe that we need to take every effort to punish crimes and protect people from further harm where crimes are being committed), I find that I am okay with sharing the pews with a whole lot of people that are falling short.

Sinners in the Catholic Church?

Perfect.  It means there's room for me.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Love Being Catholic!

I think I write this post (or a very similar one) every time I go to confession. I am not proud to admit that I haven't been in 6 months.  I know that's more than some people go, but I've found that I do better when I go every month.  Only, for the last couple of years, I've been pretty sporadic about it.


Today I finally made it.  I was in and out in about 2 minutes.  Really.  I walked out of the confessional and looked around feeling slightly dazed.  Did that just happen? That fast? Is it even real? I was so thrown off by how fast it went, I hardly knew how I made it through my act of contrition, and I barely heard the words of absolution (but I did hear them, and they were beautiful as always).

Here I've been thinking of my need to go for several months. I spent time thinking about what I needed to say, and then I was out practically before I went in. As someone that's used to a little spiritual direction in confession (yes, I was a spoiled little brat at my parish back in the Midwest), I barely know what to do with such a quick confession.

But let me tell you something.

It. Is. Real.

I am 20 pounds lighter, I swear.

I love that the sacraments do not depend on us having a picture perfect experience.  I love that we don't need to feel anything special.  For confession, we only need to be sorry for our sins on some level (even if it's not for the perfect reasons), then we need to tell them as honestly as we remember, and that's it. No matter what we feel or if we feel anything at all, it's real.

I love that the Mass is like that, too.  There have been times where the only consolation that I felt was in Mass, and I couldn't wait to run to be there.  And there have been times that the worst desolation that I've felt has been in Mass.  There are times were I soak in every words and (unfortunately far more) times where I barely hear a word said.  I have been to long, beautiful, reverent Masses with all the smells and bells and beauty, and other times where I have been to bare bones Masses where even the priest didn't seem to be interested.

It doesn't matter.

It's still the Mass.  Whether I feel good or bad, whether I'm paying attention or not, He is there just the same. Whether the priest is reverent or seems to be going through the motions, He is there. If, someday (God willing), I have small children and don't hear a single word of Mass because I'm just trying to keep them halfway corralled or I have to take them out, He's still there, the Mass is still the Mass, and there's still grace by the very effort and fact of being there. As long as I want to be there for even a little bit of a good reason, He will come running and meet me there, whether I feel like that happened or not.

The sacraments are real, and He will meet me through them wherever I happen to be spiritually, emotionally, geographically, or any other kind of place.

I love that about being Catholic!

(And as a small side note, I really need to remember not to try to "dance" in my car.  Just because there's some good music and I'm goofy happy from the sacraments, does not mean that I need to do that to my fellow drivers.  They probably thought I was having convulsions!)

Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)
1) I was just eating pomegranate seeds while I waited for my spaghetti squash to cook.  I think just writing that sentence made me healthier!  You see, I like unprocessed foods, but I work long hours, and when I'm not working, I play long hours (what can I say, being single's not all bad!). Therefore, even though I try to get as natural foods as possible, I still eat a lot of stuff that comes in a box from the freezer.  Today, however, is my day off (writing these on a Thursday) and I don't have too much going on, so I am actually cooking and I bought one pomegranate and one apple the other day. And a spaghetti squash.  I found a recipe* for the squash that's kind of a spicy shrimp marinara with fresh mushrooms to go on top, so I'm pretty excited about that!  My sauce will come from a jar, though, with some stuff added in. I wasn't feeling that ambitious.  Plus, I have a jar of fantastic marinara sauce that I need to finish off.  Ooh, and some shrimp in the freezer that needed a home. Win, win, win!

2) There is a little problem in my kitchen right now, besides a lazy cook.  I have no light in there.  Yep. The overhead light is not working.  Now, the way it all went out at once (all two bulbs), I feel like there may be something more than just a light bulb fix needed.  However, I can't call the landlord until I've at least tried changing the light bulbs.  Only... They're the long fluorescent bulbs, and I can't figure out how to get them out.  I've tried, but no luck!  Yeah, I feel real smart. I can get a doctorate, but the light bulbs have me whipped.**

3) What's that? You have insomnia and you're still not asleep?  I am here to serve at your pleasure.  More tales of my domestic exploits coming your way!

Several weeks ago, I broke a wine glass, and I finally picked up some super glue to fix it.  There are a huge variety of different kinds, but this one seemed like what I needed:

Look! They've got a picture of my problem; must be what I need.

Even better. Given that I wasn't even thinking about how well the thing would wash, it's good to know that it's dishwasher safe.

Or is it...

Seriously? How do you advertise "dishwasher safe" on the front, and tell you not to place it in the dishwasher on the back?

Also, reading below that immediately made me think of my worst fears with using super glue.  If someone's going to get  their fingers stuck, it'd be me.  However, I will have you know that the stem is safely back on the glass and all fingers are freely moving to type. Another household crisis averted!

4) I've had another reminder this week that while you can have good friendships with people that have fundamentally different viewpoints than you, there is still a barrier there.  This is why I continue to maintain that I would rather be single forever than in a marriage with this kind of barrier. In friendships, the barrier can be ignored for the most part, but it is there.  Sometimes I wonder if these friends are aware of the barrier, but I feel it.  There are certain parts of me that I cannot discuss with them.  I suppose they may have certain things that they do not feel able to discuss with me, either.  Anyway, friendships can survive the barrier, but never get quite as deep as they otherwise would.  I don't want a marriage with that barrier. There was a situation that came up recently, and I don't think my friends began to understand at any level how I felt about it. They seemed to think they knew sort of what I thought, but there is so much that they do not know and would not understand about my reaction to the situation, even if I tried to tell them.

5) I suppose this is why I cannot wait to go visit some friends that do really know me.  If they knew what the above situation was, they could understand exactly what I was trying to say if I explained how I felt about it.  Only, I wouldn't have to explain what I thought, because they would already know. Though I do deeply care for my friends here, there is no comparison between the relationships here with the relationships all over with people that get me.  I suppose that's why the blog community works out so well, too.  Because you all would get it, too!

6) Awesome Quick Takes, eh? Three takes about my lame domestic skilz, and two about a vague situation that I can't explain.  What can I say?  I'm trying to help out the insomniacs!

7) How about a picture? You all seem to like those, and you deserve it if you've stuck around this long!

Delicate Arch at sunset.  There were hundreds of people up there.  It was awesome!

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*It was pretty good.  I'm not actually a huge fan of spaghetti squash, but the spicy went really well with it.
**Yep, really easy to get out. You just have to be smarter than it is.  Now I feel even more silly for not figuring it out in the first place!