Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Few Random Thoughts for Wednesday

Except it's Tuesday, but now that I realize that, I don't want to change it. Why? Because I'm lazy. Wait...

My biggest rant right now is Blogger.  It's telling me that I don't follow any blogs.  Really, Blogger? You lost all 14 million blogs I follow? Really? I just wanted to wind down and go to bed early because I got up too early, but now instead of reading, I have some serious whining to do!

Other than that, you want to know who makes the worst PT patients?  Now, there are a lot of different types that I could complain about, but this is the absolute worst.  Ready? The worst PT patients have got to be PT's.  I have this recurring problem that is actually pretty easy to address with PT. But I can't perform some of the treatments on myself, and I can't see myself performing the exercises well enough to know if I'm fully getting the movement right.  But it's really hard to consider paying a copay to someone else to do your job to you.  I try to see some of the other PT's in my clinic, and they're happy to see me for free, but it's a brief moment between patients rather than a full appointment focused on what needs to be fixed.  However, I am on the road to taking care of some things.  I don't want to be the hypocritical PT that sends patients home with exercises, but won't do my own!

This is not a rant, but I have to tell you that I was all excited this morning because I got to meet a fellow blogger this evening!  I love it when that works out!  I'd link you to her blog, but she's private right now.  Anyway, I had a great time meeting her, and I hope she enjoyed it, too, because I'm going to start asking if she wants to do more stuff now that I know how close she is! (Oops.  That may have been a little too public, because now she knows to avoid my emails! ;)

Okay, I guess I don't have too many random thoughts, and I really do have to go to bed.  I hope Blogger finds my list of blogs soon!


  1. Blogger has done that to me before as well. I just hit refresh and then it finds them again. Maybe just a momentary lapse:-) We all have those too, right?

  2. I've heard that--doctors make the worst patients! :) Hope you get your problem fixed.

  3. What drives me crazy is when blogger loses my blogs, but my google reader still has them - ummm? Aren't they the same platform?!?! ugh - technology - love it, when it works!!!

    Blogger meet-ups are the best!!

  4. Hmm, I was just thinking how I should start doing the exercises I got years ago to help my neck...I guess I'm not the only one who's lazy and just wants a quick fix when it comes to that stuff!

    That's so awesome you got to meet in person! I hope you get to spend lots more time together! (And I promise we will come find you one of these days...)

  5. Well I can personally attest that you are a wonderful blogger and if I lived near you, I certainly hope we could get together often and hang out! :) I do enjoy blogger meet-ups - can you tell? Any chance you are coming to Minnesota anytime soon? A girl can dream you know! ;)

  6. Dear Mutt,
    I think we're only an hour apart... I'd love to have a bloggy meet-up sometime!

    You're brilliant and I'd love your brilliance to rub off on me!