Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)

1) Can I just say that I love thunderstorms?  And rain. And snow. And snow on peaks. And fleece. And warm blankets. And the need for warm blankets. And all things pumpkin.  Yeah.  I never used to get the fall thing, but clearly I've had the Kool Aid on this one and am swimming in all things fall. Except home decor. No little pumpkins or leaves or acorns around here.  They are cute and charming and all, but I don't really do any decor.  Unless my backpack and trekking poles still sitting out from the last hike are considered decor. (Except Christmas stuff, because that's not decor, that's Christmas!)

2) This is not to say that I think decor and all things pin.terest are bad, they're just not really my thing. I'm just proud that I have a few things on my walls at all.

3) My work hours are going to change just a tad. I think it will be good, but we'll see how this goes. Currently, I work 10 hour days and have one day off during the week. Now they want to close the office a little earlier on Fridays.  Hmm, off earlier on a Friday? I can deal with that. However, in order to make up for it, I have to work extra time elsewhere. So I'm opening time on Monday and Wednesday.  I'm kind of okay with it, but it will cut into the number of times I'm able to go to daily Mass. Not too excited about that!  We'll see how it goes.  My experience is that people don't tend to love those early times that much.

4) I had another dream that I was living back in the Midwest. I don't love those dreams.  I always hate that I'm there, and I hate that I hate it because that's where so many of my family and friends are and it's actually very nice and all. But it's not the mountains.  I love the mountains and the mountain air, and the crunch of a trail under my feet and the animals and big hiking and the flowers and the snow and... Well, every little and big piece of it.

5) However, I do get to go back to the Midwest for a visit soon, and I'm very excited about that!  I finally just got the tickets the other day. I get to see some amazing friends and their new homes.  Can't wait!!!

6) I'm actually chilly enough right now that I'm thinking about turning on the heat.  I hope that the chill is for real and going to stay!  Have I said enough times how much I want a ton of snow this year?  Because I really, really want tons and tons of snow!

7) I'm all out, so say hello to my leetle friend.

Loved all the lizards in the desert. This was by far the prettiest one we saw.
Have a fantastic weekend, and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. Hehehe! Hello leetle friend.

    I hope the change in work hours turns out ok for you. Adjustments like that can be tough, I'm sure!

    Finally, while I love fall, winter is not my thing, so I will wish you lots of snow, and us lots of not snow. Done and done.

  2. LOVE the blog header picture! So beautiful!
    And yes, while I do love the winter wonderland that is all things snow, I do not miss snow that much, especially shoveling. :-) Our snowblower is out of comission ... haven't gotten that fixed yet ... THEN, I'll love snow again. :-)

  3. I love fall, so glad it's finally here (or coming, anyway). I don't really do decor either. I have a few fall things, but not very many. I really only do Christmas decorating too. Doing it for all the seasons/holidays is just so much work! Plus then you have to store all the crap for the rest of the year, and I don't have a very big house. Haha!! :)

  4. Fall is my favorite! Along with all of the pumpkin stuff that we get to eat then.

  5. Ooh I love Fall and I reeeaaaaallly love Christmas!! And snow! (Even if Texas doesn't really get much, but hey a girl can dream ;) We had a tease of some cooler days and then it warmed up again. I am hoping "real" Fall will kick in soon!!

  6. I normally hate to see the end of summer, but this year I am so ready for fall! And really hoping for some real snow this winter (not snowmaggedon again or anything like that, but maybe a couple decent snowfalls).

  7. I meant to write this earlier, but I'm definitely with you on the cold weather and snow! I hope you're enjoying today and the next few days - most of my friends aren't really ready for the possibility of snow on Saturday, but I'm absolutely ready! It was a really long summer.

    Put on an extra blanket and stay warm tonight!