Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)
1) I fixed my drain the other day!  It was a highly complex process that involved reading the directions on a bottle of D.ran.o and pouring it down the drain, but give me some credit. It's the first drain I've managed to fix on my own!

2) I haven't mentioned it in months, but I'm still working on reading the Bible in a year. As you might expect as I get 9 months into this thing, I am behind.  Actually, though, I'm pretty proud of myself, because I'm less than a month behind.  I'm not too worried about trying to catch up though. It's less important to read it in a year, and more important to keep reading it, even if it takes me some indeterminate period longer than a year.  Currently I'm in the midst of the period where the Jews were in exile.  So, lots of wisdom books and prophets.  Can I just say that I do not get Ezekiel?  I was really glad to get through that book!  I was worried about Daniel with some of the crazy dreams, but those were easy reads after Ezekiel.

3) I am so excited to get a hair cut!  I'm trying out a new person, because I never liked my hair after the last cut. This is actually someone I've recently met who may become a better friend.  I'm slightly nervous in that I really want to like how she cuts my hair because I would love to keep going to her. She is such a sweetheart and a fun person to be around. But I'm mostly excited, because I think she'll be able to listen to what I'm telling her and give me a good cut for what I do, and not one that looks good under the right conditions (such as 20 minutes of styling) which I am likely to never do.*

4) I've thought for a while how great it is that blogging can connect you with people from across this country and others that you never would have met otherwise.  But sometimes it can also connect you with people nearby that you wouldn't have met otherwise.  So excited about this!

5) I have decided on a new ab workout.  I'm pretty sure that it will give me six pack abs, and I'm pretty sure that it's one workout I will never complain about doing... Zip line tours! I tried it for the first time over the weekend and it was a blast!  I felt my abs for 2 days afterward- just enough, not too much. There is the minor drawback of one day costing more than a month's membership for most gyms, but I like to ignore reality sometimes and pretend that I have a great idea.  After all, my idea is way more fun than things like realistic budgets!

6) I miss good long rainstorms.  I know that's random, but there you go.

7) I'm out of stuff, so here's a picture.
See the little tiny rainbow?

Have a great weekend, and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!

*Because I'm writing this on Thursday, I can tell you that it seemed to go well. I liked how it looked after she was done, and she didn't spend forever on it.  The final opinion will be after I do it myself.


  1. I can see a little rainbow! :-) Thanks for sharing. I love the photography you post.

  2. I hear you on Ezekiel! I'm pretty sure I have no clue what that was all about...

  3. Glad you liked the initial results of the cut - doing it myself is always the problem for me, so I hope it went well!

    Love that pictures - I see the rainbow :).

    I love your new workout plan!!!

  4. Your pictures are always so beautiful. Never stop sharing them, please! I know what you mean about finding the right hair stylist. I hope you found the one! Have a great weekend, blogger friend!

  5. I love good long rainstorms as well! I am dreading getting my hair cut, but it desperately needs it...ugh...just typing that makes me cringe. In regards to #1, I am not sure if I ever blogged this, but when I was in college, the night before a crazy hard mid-term, I noticed the bathroom sink that I shared with one other roommate (with long blond hair and me with my "thick as a horse's mane" hair) was draining crazy slow. So you would think I would just pour a bottle of draino down it and go about studying? Well, that would be the normal thing to do. No, I decided right then and there that I had to fix that drain NOW and because we had no draino on hand, it would mean taking out the stopper and unscrewing the pipe below the sink cabinet - you know where it makes the s curve and removing all the gunk myself? I had never unscrewed a faucet pipe before, what possessed me to think I should do it that night, I have no idea, but I was a woman on a mission. Well, I did unscrew it and proceeded to pull out (with help of a refashioned clothes hanger) the most disgusting bunch of mangled hair and soap and who knows what else was clogging that drain. It was utterly gross, but you know, it gave me this huge feeling of satisfaction. I had a moment of panic when I could get the drain pipe screwed back on, but after some working at it and twisting this way and that, it went back on fine. And you wouldn't believe how fast the sink now drained. I have no idea how I did on that midterm exam, but I will never forget how happy I was about clearing the clog!

  6. I just love your pictures. I miss rainstorms too, we just don't get them in Nebraska anymore. :( I hear you on the hair thing! So hard to find a good person. I hate when I look great coming out of the salon and then horrible when I try to do it myself.

  7. We are WAY behind on the Bible reading. Like probably only 5 chapters farther than the last time I talked to you...but I agree - we just have to keep on keepin on. Also, I can't wait for the magical day when we will actually connect on the phone again. I miss you voice. And I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

  8. Glad your stylist was ok. I am going to mine partially out of guilt. She goes to church with us and I simetimes see her, but the haircuts aren't amazing like they used to be.
    Love your new ab workout!! :-)

  9. I have the same approach to hair styling - it's not how it is when I leave her place, it's how I can manage it at home! I am a low maintenance girl myself.

    So does this mean you made it through Leviticus??? (moment of stunned silence). Wow. I always get bogged down there. I am reconciled to my current approach, which is lectio divino (divina?) for the mass gospel reading. It isn't much but it is what I can manage, and it has been wonderful so ... I am taking the pass on Leviticus for now at least ;)