Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Another title, "In Which I Reveal Yet Another Facet of My Lameness".
Alternatively, "Making Large Stretches in Thought Processes.  Why? Because I Feel Like It and It's My Blog."
In other words, "Business as Usual Around Here, Yo."

So, when some people turn to booze or drugs, I turn to TV.  Stressed out about your town burning down? I recommend Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Also, Back to the Future does nicely, but that one's best watched with your climbing friends, so you can all yell at Doc Brown and his horrible safety practices in the last scene at City Hall when he's wandering around without anchoring himself or anything else.

When highly stressed, I need complete nonsense like the above.  Many times, when I just need a distraction from normal life, I like a lot of the crime dramas.  But not too grisly. I have to sleep alone. I usually like them best if there's some comedy mixed in. And I'll whatever else I can find on instant Netflix that catches my eye. Recently, I've been dabbling in an old classic (but, depending on who you are, not too old.)

Okay, so the thing about my parents is they didn't let us watch a lot of TV.  I remember watching things like M*A*S*H, The Cosby Show, and (as I'm sure you've guessed by now) Cheers.  As I've been watching it, I am trying to figure out how Cheers made it past the censors (i.e., my mom), but Full House did not.  I think it's because they just wanted to limit the total TV time and Cheers was amusing to my dad, whereas many other shows were not.  Still, wow!  Yeah, it's pretty tame, but you don't know my mom.

So, now you know.  Sometimes I watch old reruns of Cheers.  I can watch so much at a time because Diane's pretentiousness in such a high pitched voice can only be taken in certain dosages. However, I think that I would maybe watch it for the theme song alone.  There's a reason that it is a must-do song at any piano bar!

Makin' your way in the world today takes everything you got
Takin' a break from all your worries sure would help a lot
Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came
You wanna be where you can see, troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your name

You wanna go where people know, people are all the same
You wanna go where everybody knows your name

How true is that?  You need that safe place that you can go, where people know you, and you've got your place.  You have that space where you can be reminded that you are not alone, no matter what you're going through. It's true that nobody else may be going through exactly the same thing, but they'll buy you a beer and listen to your woes, and lift a glass to toast you when you get through that patch.

I know that's one of the reasons that I love the blog community.  I'm not alone. My troubles may not be exactly the same as others', but in so many ways, we're all the same, and our problems boil down to similar problems.  We get through it together, not alone.


  1. Nice. I like that comparison. :)

  2. I just burst into song over my morning oatmeal ;) You're definitely not alone!

  3. Love this post for obvious reasons, I am right there with you! :) Very good comparison and I find myself watching Cheers too after Golden Girls of course :)

  4. I could never watch Cheers ... it did NOT make it past my mom's sensors. LOL But I could watch Full House. Our moms would get along great. :-)

  5. Totally agree! This community has helped me on so many occasions! And while I can't say that I've seen more than one episode of Cheers in my life, you can definitely find me in font of the TV after a long and exhausting day. At least I'm not the only one!