Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)
1) So far, no bears this week.  Just a coyote in the front yard and a deer in the back yard.  But I start these early in the week (because I can only do about 2 per day, so I need an early start to come up with close to 7 things to say.) Where was I? Oh, yeah.  Still early in the week as I write this first take, so there's still a chance.  But I'll take coyotes and bears and deer outside over scorpions inside! Who am I kidding? As long as I don't have any mountain lion encounters, I love living in a place that's not entirely tame.

2) So I went for a hair cut last week. It was desperately needed, despite the fact that I only went my normal interval between cuts.  Now, I choose to go to a place that's a little pricier. I like my hair done a certain way, and I get a little scared of some of the available places.  So far this has worked pretty well for me, but my normal stylist was out on maternity leave. So I get this other chick. Who apparently has all kinds of experience and whatnot.  And I got a horrible cut. You see, hairstylists don't really like what I do to my hair (actually, they just detest the lack of what I do.) They want me to use all kinds of product and spend full minutes of my time doing my hair in the morning!  Not just 5 minutes, either.  More like 20! And they want me to do more interesting things with my part.  And they want my bangs to be longer than I like them.  All of this is good to a point, because when my hair is done their way, it does look better.  But I'm being real, folks. More than 5 minutes on styling just ain't happening. She cut it perfectly for the way that she styled it.  It's a horrible cut for the way I style it.

3) I was amused by the fact that she spent a LOONNGGG time getting it just so.  That was nice of her, but it was a waste of her time and mine.  An hour or so later, I was out climbing, and all the product in the world will not save you from helmet hair.  It looked even more fantastic after it rained us out and we walked the .25-.5 miles back to the car in the pouring rain.  This is why I don't waste my time, people!

4) The other day I went into work and overheard one of the other therapists reworking their schedule to fit in jury duty.  I thought to myself, "Hmm, I haven't had a jury summons since I was in college and was unable to go in."  Anyone want to guess what was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home?

5) I just started watching "The Big Bang Theory". My sisters reference it a lot, and I was tired of not knowing what they were talking about.  I'm not usually a fan of sitcoms, but this one really does make me laugh.  There's still a lot of the sitcom stupidity that I detest, but I barely notice because I'm too busy laughing at Sheldon!  I'm only part way through the first season, but I'm really enjoying it.

6) I decided that I am going to try to go mostly vegetarian for the next 4-6 weeks; and I'm even going to cut out most dairy.  I will still be eating eggs, however.  I feel like I've been slacking on eating vegetables again, and I just feel like I get a more balanced diet when I do the vegetarian thing.  I actually enjoy vegetables in most of those dishes!  I know, I know. You're all completely blown away and overstimulated by these fantastically interesting Quick Takes.

7) Okay, then. Since you made it this far, here is a lake:

This is from my hike 2 weeks ago (just like the pics from last week). Love that hike!  Wish I was still there!
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  1. Sorry about the bad cut, I too get annoyed when the stylist disregards what I say and proceeds as if I suddenly have twenty minutes for upkeep every morning.

    Have also had a couple of friends tell us we should be watching 'Big Bang Theory' ~ maybe??

  2. Except for all the climbing you do, I think we must be twins separated at birth. I so wish I lived in CO so we could be friends IRL. My stylistic does the same thing, at least she stopped thinning mine out, which, since I refuse to do much beyond putting it in a ponytail or just letting it dry on its own after I comb it, was giving me a scary fuzzy halo of frizzy disaster to deal with daily.

    We saw 2 bunnies in our yard. Had to convince Junior that the bunnies really did not want yo be caught and that's why they ran away even though he snuck up on them as quietly as his 3 year old self could. That's the extent of the nature we get here. Oh, but we have mosquitos, the state bird.

  3. I've been going to the cheap-o place at the mall for about 2 years now (which means a totaly of 4, maybe 5 cuts b/c I'm lazy) and I will say that I've had 3 different stylists and they all listen (while they aren't happy that I just want a simple 'bob') and don't go doing things that I can't do myself. I'm a 5-minute kinda girl too!

    Love that lake :)

  4. Getting someone to do your hair right is HARD! I finally found a stylist I like, but I hate the way she styles my hair after she cuts it. She always cuts it perfectly, but then styles it very straight and flat... I always have to hold myself back from fixing it until I get out of her sight. I have a tiny little head! I need my hair to have volume!

    And Big Bang? Best show EVER! That show cracks me up!

  5. I'm the same way with hair- it basically has to be wash and wear. I'll blow dry and do hair spray. But, nothing else. It took me forever to find my gal. I'll be with her til she retires!! Maybe when it grows out a bit, it will be okay?????? Here's hoping!!!

  6. When we moved to our new town, I took a shot in the dark and just booked a random appointment...turns out the girl does an amazing job on my hair. I feel like that used up all of my good hair luck for the rest of my life, lol. And ps, I love the Big Bang Theory!

  7. I am in complete agreement when it comes to hair styling. Simple is better for me - and no need for product, please. (despite the fact that I have thick, kind of 'fuzzy' hair). For me it is not only a lack of time (rather, I have many other thinks I want to invest my time in, rather than my hair). I also don't like putting tons of chemical stuff in my hair. Reading the labels on those is quite an eye opener. I use aloe vera for lotion and the simplest, non-fragrant soap I can find - Dove - so you see I am not into gels, mousse, hairspray, etc.

    I hope your haircut gets easier to manage and I am so glad you don't let it interfere with climbing and other really important things :)

  8. I have curly hair, and before I found my stylist back home, I never had someone willing to cut it and style it so I could wear it CURLY. They always wanted to cut and layer it as if I was going to blow dry and flat iron it every day. As if. I'm a total wash & wear kinda gal, so I totally understand. My current stylist is perfect and I love her - and until we move again, I won't go to anyone else!

  9. LOVE the Lake picture!
    I hate getting a bad hair cut. Ugh! The one stylist I go to goes to church with us, and usually sits behind us in Mass, but when she cuts my hair and I don't like how it ends up, I don't feel like I could ever stop going. She did it amazingly one or two times, but since then, I've been lacking having a "great haircut" feeling and for my hair to behave. And yes, spending more than 5 minutes styling is NOT my thing either! :-)
    I LOVE the BBT and I LOVE Sheldon! Enjoy!
    Good luck on going vegetarian!

  10. 2. I can relate. I don't even blow-dry my hair, which drives my stylists nuts.

    5. I love The Big Bang Theory! The quality doesn't decline in later seasons, either.

  11. I hate having my hair cut because I too am a simple "wash and wear" and only about 60% of the time do I actually make it out of there with what I would consider okay. Throw in super thick hair and usually I just pray they don't make me look like a "mushroom or a christmas tree"! So I can sympathize.

    I just started getting into the BBT and some of it is cute, but I think some of the other stuff is annoying, but that is just me. I did see one episode where Sheldon's roommate kissed the girl from Roseanne (can't recall her name right now) and they analyzed it using the scientific method to determine if they had chemistry or not. I thought that was pretty funny.