Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 163)
1) Hmm. Well. Here I am.  Again.  Two times in two days, lucky you! I haven't been on the blogs much. Sort of. I found one that has me totally engrossed in the archives (I do that sometimes), but the real culprits are that I've been trying to keep my head above the flood of busy work for my job (and failing) and hiking a couple peaks (pics here). Anyway, that is the big, big boringness (the busy work, NOT the peaks) that has been keeping me away from my usual bloggy haunts.  Is the busy work done? Not even close. I'm just weak and couldn't stay away any longer. Also because I rock at procrastination!

2) I have been so fortunate since I have moved out here that I had a close friend move at the same time. And it's been awesome!  I knew it was only going to be for a couple of years, but I tried to pretend that it would be longer. I can't believe that a couple years is over already and they'll be moving in a couple of months! The awesome thing is that they are moving to another town where another really awesome friend of ours lives.  I'm so excited for the two of them to be in the same town, that I almost forget that I'm depressed about her leaving (plus, I'm trying to forget that she's leaving, because if I forget that it's happening, then it's not really happening, right? Right?) I do know this: her current level of not ever posting on facebook- or the blog that she started but then didn't even write one post- is not acceptable when I can't go hang out with her every so often. (And she reads, this so I'm sure it will convince her to mend her post-less ways...HA!) But at least I can see occasional pictures of her and her family from our other friend who does at least put photos on facebook (and who has a blog that has actual posts on it, even if it's not quite enough to suit me- but then, I don't really want more posts so much as more hanging out in person, which is hard to do with this many miles in between). That may be the most confusing and run on "quick" take ever. You're welcome.

3) A flow-y former favorite shirt of mine has finally fallen out of favor. (How's that alliteration? Seuss has nothing on me!) Yep, after several years as a favorite, this shirt might be done after I was asked if I was pregnant while I was wearing it.  For real?! I mean, I'm a little bloated going overboard on the sweet and salty the last few days, but still!  Flow-y or not, there's not too much stomach under there! Granted, it was a much older lady, so maybe the eyesight was an issue.  I'm not sure which is worse, the pregnancy question or being told that I am WASTING AWAY.

4) Speaking of that post, my grace period is up. I got a note the other day that she stopped by and is ready to set me up with this guy.  I hope for his sake that he's no longer homeless, but even with a good roof over his head, I don't think he's the guy for me.  I still have to call her and figure out a polite way to tell her this. I keep forgetting to call her (except for the one time that I did remember, but just decided I didn't want to deal with it.) It has now been hanging over my head since Monday. Told you I'm awesome at procrastination.

5) My family is coming out to visit in a few weeks, and I am mostly looking forward to it.  However, ever since I turned 81, I am so stuck on my routine that I get a little cranky when it gets messed up.  Like the fact that I'll miss a Thursday of climbing. And though they're excited to hike, you can't really take flatlanders up a big peak. Or anything that's high enough or long enough to make me feel like I've worked out. And that we don't really eat the same things. Like how my younger brother told me he wanted hot dogs, and I had to inform him that that junk is not coming into my house. (They don't really eat that many hot dogs, but he wanted to get a rise out of me. It worked.)

6) I decided one of the things that I wanted to do during their visit was to get my mom a massage.  It worked out perfectly, because it coincided with the day that I have a standing massage appointment* (I've missed an appointment or two- one a desperately needed one after a 14 mile session with a seriously poorly designed backpack-, and now I hurt), so if I get my mom one following mine, then I don't look like such a complete jerk for keeping it.  I love having a job where I can get a discount so as to be able to afford some massage from absolutely amazing massage therapists! (And I really did plan on getting a massage for my mom even before I realized that there would be such a self-serving benefit attached.)

7) I just got on one of those internet cheap hotel rate things.  I didn't get a great deal, but that wasn't expected due to the time that I was going. But, score!, for the slight inconvenience of filling out a survey, I could get $100 credit.  I didn't read it too closely to see if it told me $100 worth of what.  I figured it might be some sort of credit for the site that might work out to $20 of real money. Eh, twenty dollars is better than zero dollars. But, no. So much better than that, even. After I finished the (thankfully, very brief) survey, I was transferred to a place where I could pick out up to FOUR awesome magazine subscriptions worth a total one hundred dollars.  For only a $2 processing fee per pick. Awesome. I mean, I tried really hard to find the perfect 4 for me, but after skimming the offerings from Ma.xim to Par.enthood Magazine, I decided that I would rather forego my $100 pay for my 30 seconds of grueling work.

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*Why yes, yes I am perfectly and completely spoiled rotten. Why do you ask?


  1. Flow-y shirts are of the devil. Well, unless I guess you are pregnant and not showing and wanting more attention or something.

    I hope that you have fun with your family! I share your tendency to prefer routine, but it can also be good to have younger brothers drive you crazy every now and again, right? ;-)

  2. 2. AGREED. K is going to have to step it up in the facebook/blog world.

  3. Oh, the flow-y shirts! can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. At least for me. Enjoy time with your family!!

  4. 3. You know, I have a couple empire-waist shirts/dresses that I love but worry that they make me look pregnant - but my husband insists they make me look good. I wonder if it's a woman thing, to associate flowy tops with early pregnancy? I really can't see a single guy thinking that.

    4. Speaking of single guys - good luck! With both the well-meaning gal and the dubious guy.

    5. I feel you on the old lady must-have-my-routine cranksterness. I get even more cranky when people suggest that my 1.5 year old should change her routine for them! Because do they want to get up with her at 5:15 the next morning?

  5. Oh yes - and the food! I try to not even have that kind of crap in the house, so it's not an option when they visit. But I think it would be more challenging for an extended visit!

  6. LOL at your little bro. They are antagonists at times. But that just means they miss you.
    Doesn't the lady who asked if you were pregnant know it's impolite to ASK?!?!? Hmmmmm. Rude.
    Can you tell the lady with the guy who is your "best match ever" that you are too busy with work/after work activities/out of town a lot? Its hard to lie (in my opinion), but stretching the truth a little might not be a bad thing. Or ... just don't give her your phone number. :-)