Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes It's the Little Things (updated)

Okay, I just have a second, but I'm so excited right now! I don't remember if  I mentioned it, but I had to take my camera back to the shop.  The good one. I had just gotten my new point and shoot, but it just doesn't take the same quality of picture. My dSLR was giving me camera errors and about every 5th picture, it wouldn't take the picture until I turned it off and back on again. Annoying but okay if you're taking pictures of mountains or flowers. NOT okay when taking pictures of kids.

Only, when I took it in, they told me that it would be 6-8 weeks before I got it back.  I almost decided to live with the problem, because I wasn't sure that I could be parted from my camera for that long! I was a little too close to separation anxiety when I walked out of the shop without my camera.

Then I got a voice mail today. It's back! In just under 2 weeks! Now I have to go and pick up my camera! Yay!

I love when there's something small that can make it a good day. :)

Because I can't do this with a point and shoot.
There's one more from tonight here.


  1. yay for unexpected surprises! what kind of dslr do you have and was it hard to learn to use?

  2. Wow ... 6-8 week eta? So glad you have it back so quick!!!