Monday, May 7, 2012

In Which my Mac Helps Me Answer an Atheist

I love my Mac.  I do.  I am one of those Mac devotees that would not go to a PC if you paid me. (Well, I guess it depends on how much we're talking.  I might have a price. But it'd be more than the PC was worth. Then I'd buy a Mac with the money I got.) But anyway, I am one of those obnoxious Mac owners.

Why? Because I turn it on and it runs.  Usually fairly efficiently, and if not it's because I've clogged it with too many pictures for the limited memory that I got with it when I bought it.  It's well designed and user-friendly.  It just works well.

It turns out that I do not believe that this happened by accident.  I think that the late Steve Jobs had a vision, and with the help of others designed products that worked really well.  It is not an accident that each product performs in a certain way and to a certain standard. I don't understand all of the technology behind it, but I know that it is explainable. I know that there are plans that go into it, and if I understand the blueprint of how it is made and the technology, that doesn't make me think that there was no planning that went into it.  Rather, that makes me appreciate the details that the designer put into it even more.

In the same way, I will never, ever understand when someone tells me that they don't believe in God because they understand the science behind rain or sun or the moon or the stars or conception and birth or any of the other things.  I read a fairly well-written post by an atheist explaining why they were an atheist.  I think they had some good points, but that one was thrown in there, and I hate that explanation. It makes no sense to me.  I graduated with a degree in biology.  I love science, and the intricate design of how science works is fascinating to me.  It does not make me feel that there is no God, but rather that God is a master planner.  I also hate when people want to tell me that I don't follow rational thought because I believe in God.  How is it not rational to see a design and recognize a Designer?

Anyway, this concludes my random rant of the week.


  1. You are such a powerful witness!

  2. Completely agree - that was one of the most wonderful things about studying science - seeing God's fingerprint in the amazing beauty and intricacy of creation. Also don't you love those odd coincidences - how the gravitational equation (BIG BIG things) and the electrical equation (teeny tiny electrons) are exactly the same, except for the constants applied? And how the number 'e' keeps appearing in the oddest places? I am so with you on this !!!

  3. You and my hubby believe the same thing, but I'm a PC girl all the way. We have a Mac at home, so I know how to run them, but use a PC at work and am so much more comfortable. Anyway. Tangent. :-)
    I also think you cannot deny the existence of God in the design of the universe or it's creatures ... He made Steve Jobs a very smart man who blessed us with amazing technology to use thanks to his design. The earth is too perfect to have been made by a "bang".

  4. AIHPT- Actually, I do believe that the big bang theory is probably true. It is just a theory, but so far it seems to fit the math and science (to my most limited understanding of it, anyway.) I just believe that it wasn't coincidental that all the perfect conditions came together to create the bang. :)

  5. Simple and straightforward. Love it!
    Too bad the atheist can't venture this way and read your post!