Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Definition of Insanity

I was going to just title it that and insert a picture of myself... Only I don't do pictures right here.  Anyway, I'm beginning to think that I am certifiable, but I don't really think it's my fault; it's the crazies that I hang with. It's their fault that I got up early this morning to hike up 2000 feet in one mile.  And it's their fault that I took a class to improve my climbing technique and then had to find a time to practice it (tonight) after the crazy hike.  I guess I don't need to work out tomorrow! (Got my fastest time on the hike: 49 min 32 sec- kind of a long time for a mile, but I broke 50 min!- and the climbing was FUN. Some of the new stuff is starting to stick a little bit.)

I'm really tired now (my own fault, obviously), but I don't quite want to go to bed yet, because I'm waiting  for an important update.

Beyond that, for one more completely random thing, I have a slight problem.  Apparently my picasa album is full.  Did you know they do that? I guess I can't post any more pictures on either of my blogs if I don't do something to rectify things.  That would be sad!

And also, I am a little behind on my Bible reading, but I'm just finishing up Ecclesiastes. Surprisingly I really enjoyed parts of it. "Vanity of vanities" is not the most uplifting thing to read, but there was some really good stuff in there. Proverbs, on the other hand, is sort of kicking my butt this time around.  Maybe I'm not actually paying close enough attention to get the good stuff out of it.

All right, enough of this random assortment. I'd better get to bed!


  1. How can picasa get full? That's weird!

    I've had my homeroom practicing penmanship all this year by copying verses from Proverbs off the board. They still think I'm making some of it up sometimes because it seems so pointedly directed at them and their misdeeds. I keep having to prove that I'm just putting up the verses sequentially! So maybe Proverbs is really more for unruly eighth graders than anyone else!
    Well, unruly eight graders and adulterers. THOSE were some fun class discussions! :)

  2. My Picasa just got full, too, and I was shocked! Maybe they recently changed it from unlimited to try and make a few bucks off us?

    I'm totally hoping to follow your Catholic Bible in a year reading sequence... at some point. I have no excuse. Bad Elizabeth.

    And Lucy's comment? Fantastic!

  3. Tired and Bible reading don't really go together for me. I'm always nodding off instead of paying attention. I do that sometimes. Hoping God will overlook the lapse in awakeness and I'll get points for trying. :-)

  4. I think you can change the resolution of the pictures on picassa to allow for more pictures, or at least you used to be able to. I'm still not entirely sure how the new one works!