Sunday, March 25, 2012

This and That

I'm just getting back from a week of touring the Midwest. It was fantastic to see everyone!! But now I have lots of random things to say, so I'm going to go with a list of quick updates.

1) The staples come out tomorrow!  Yes!!

2) Oh, right.  Unless I visited you on le Grande Tour, you didn't know about that. When hiking, never mind the mountain lions.  Forget hungry bears just getting up from their winter naps.  It's the rocks that are out to get you.  And generally speaking, it's best to stay on your feet.  If you are unsure about your footing, you could always sit.  But I would generally recommend that you avoid using your noggin for descent.

3) The doctor's reaction was kind of funny.  See, with having a health background, my main concern was a concussion.  I had pretty much ruled that out by the time I got to my car (and I was right; never had so much as a headache), so the cut was far more of an annoyance than really a concern.  I knew it would need treatment, but I don't freak out much by a little blood.  I cleaned up before I went to the doctor (because I had to stop by my house to look up the closest urgent care clinic, anyway), and it had pretty much stopped bleeding, and I guess they thought I was a little too laid back?  Anyway, the doctor acted surprised when she actually saw it.  "Oh, you really did cut yourself, huh?"  Uh, yeah.  Why, did you think I wanted to pay the co-pay for the fun of it?

4) When it first happened, I was feeling a little sorry for myself, and I decided I wasn't going to tell anyone what a klutz I was.  Yeah, that lasted.

5) But I'm really, really excited to get the staples out!!!

6) So, why is it when people find out that I'm driving a long distance, someone invariably feels the need to ask, "Are you driving all that way by yourself?!" Yes.  Yes, I am.  I am single.  There is no one to drive with me.  If I want to go places, I have to go by myself.  That is just the way it is.

7) I had a great time seeing my family and friends.  As an added bonus, I got to fit in a blogger meet up with this lovely lady, who just happens to be on my route home!  Mass, brunch at IHOP and a fantastic visit.  What could be better? :)

8) I wasn't ready to leave any of the places that I was visiting, but I am SO ready to get back to my normal eating routine.  I like to snack a lot, and I try to have some good healthy snacks available to that end. Instead, I would get really hungry and over eat at meal times.  Not to mention that eating is about the only thing that keeps me awake when I drive.  I don't even want to think about what I consumed in the car!

9) So I should be good and ready for a long hike next weekend, right? We'll see how my workouts go this week. If I'm too sluggish, I may have to drop out of the hike, but hopefully not.

10) The Jayhawks made it to the Final Four!!!  I'm so excited.  As an added bonus, it means that UNC will go another year without collected another title.  I like Roy Williams, so no offense to him, but I do NOT like UNC, and would just as soon that they don't win any more titles any time soon.

11) I think that's it.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I can't believe we're almost to the beginning of April and the end of Lent already!

12) Oh, and one more thing, the new word verification really does stink, doesn't it?  I took it off my comment form; as long as I don't start getting a lot of spam, I'll leave it off.  I hate when I only have a short comment to leave and the wv takes longer than writing out my comment!


  1. I am glad that your injury turned out to mostly just be annoying. And three cheers for no word verification!!!

  2. I am glad you are okay! Head cuts always bleed worse and look worse than they are (at least that's what my mom-the-RN always told me)

    YAY for the Jayhawks! I don't have anything personally against Roy either. I have to say, I get mostly annoyed that Kentucky and UNC forget that their "fathers of basketball" came from KU! (Loved this factoid I saw leading up to the KU-UNC game today: Three of the five teams left in the NCAA tournament play in arenas named after KU grads: Adolph Rupp, Dean Smith and Phog Allen) See, what always annoys me is Kentucky and UNC people don't acknowledge what KU has to do with them and that makes me mad. :)

  3. Welcome home again - and I am glad the staples are coming out. It's always great to get back and visit family and be spoiled a bit .... but so comfortable to be home again.

  4. Oh I hope you feel better fast! So happy you were able to meet AIHPT!

  5. Oh my goodness...that's a scary fall! I'm glad you made it out okay! Scars are great conversation starters, so when it's all said and done, it makes for a great story. ;)

    Yay for blogger meet-ups! That sounds like the best end to a road trip vacation! :)

  6. Oh wow! Glad there was no concussion - and yay for staple removal!!!

  7. Welcome home! Glad you are ok!
    Yay blogger meet-ups!!
    Thank you for reminding me, got to get word verify off mine.

  8. Thank goodness you're okay and you get your staples out soon! I'm a big fan of sitting still as injury prevention. I might not have lived this long otherwise, is how clumsy I am!

  9. staples? wow! must have been some roll...glad to hear you're ok! and can you remind me again of what part of colorado you're at? my sister is moving out there and we plan to visit within the year!

  10. So great to see you!!!
    I hope your noggin is back to its normal self ... feeling better ... and not missing those staples. Ouch!