Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quick Little Skiing Update

I mentioned yesterday that I would be trying some more backcountry skiing.  The boots were dreadfully uncomfortable, but I was having too much of a blast to notice too much.  It was a good time with fun people and I went down a trail with trees on either side and a little confidence that I was not going to run into the trees.  I have a little more control with the turns, but stopping is still iffy.  Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you, there is photographic evidence of this.  I will not post anything so undignified here, but I'm sure my "friend" who took the picture will be sure to tag me on facebook. (She really is my friend, and I would have taken her picture, too, had the roles been reversed.  She did make sure I was okay before pulling out the camera.)

If you're friends with me on fb, enjoy. If it's half as awkward as it felt, it should be a little amusing.  I know I was laughing too hard to attempt to get up. If you're not friends with me on fb, and you'd like to be, email me.  And if you gave up fb for Lent, sorry I brought it up!

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