Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Provider of the Interwebs to My Home

You and I? We have a problem.  You see, I pay you to let me have internet, only you are not providing said service.  You say there has been a problem for a couple of months.  You tell me that you have been trying to contact me for months to let me know that it needs to be taken care of. 
You say that the dog was in the yard when you needed to hook up the internet, and because of that, you couldn’t do it then, so you “turned it on up the street” (what does that even mean?), but it was only a temporary solution.  Funny thing. The day that you were supposed to hook it up and the dog was in the way, I did not get internet. When I called (the very next day, not months later- I do not mess around when it comes to my internet access!), we set up a new time.  The dog was no longer in the way. That night I had internet.
Either you have no record of the second time, or the second time you were still too scared of the dog (even though he was penned away from where he could get to you), and so you still did not set it up correctly.  Only you didn’t contact me to let me know there was a problem.  You say you did, but really? I find that very hard to believe.  You send me my phone bill; I would think you should be able to find my number. If the phone’s too complicated, my bill keeps showing up in the mail. And I keep paying it.  Perhaps you could have thought to send me something?
But, no.  Instead I come home one day to find no internet waiting for me. When I call you and you leave me on hold forever, you finally get on and have to start all over with new account information crap when I have been with you for years now. You give me a deal on my internet service, but you also tell me I have a new hook up fee.  You don’t believe me that my modem is new enough to handle the technology and you really want to sell me a new one. (Hello!  The old one worked fine until you disconnected my internet!) Then you tell me that you’ll send the new one and if the old one works, I can just send it back. And pay $15 in shipping and handling.  No, I do not think I will be doing that.Finally, we cannot complete the call because my break is over (you know, because of the whole being on hold thing) and you tell me that you will call me back. But you didn’t. Are you trying to drive away your customers?

This interruption is interfering with my ability to check blogs (yeah, I know you don't care about that, but I do), I can't check weather or avalanche conditions for my various outings, it led to an awkward lag of communication in email for someone who needed an answer from me, it is limiting some of the work that I need to do, and I can't relax at night with Netflix.  Some of those things (esp. that last one) I can live without quite easily.  It's problematic (but not impossible) to not be able to catch up on my work stuff. It's really a problem that I can't check things like avalanche conditions!
 Just turn my internet back on! Please?!
PS. You bet your backside I would be going elsewhere if you hadn’t offered me a really good deal to stay. And also? If I don’t get the deal and perhaps some service (internet service and customer service) ASAP, I’ll still go elsewhere.  And maybe attach your name to this post!

PPS: Clearly I'm having to make an inconvenient trip elsewhere just in order to post this. Thanks for that.

PPPS: To all the readers who are not errant internet providers not providing internet, I hope to read and comment on your blogs soon, but obviously it will be a little spotty when I can get to it!


  1. Ugh! Why is it so hard to just provide the service you say you provide?!?!

    Prayers that your internet provider gets their sh*t together!!!

  2. Ugh! So frustrating. We had tons of problems with our internet last month and started looking around for a new provider (we had Digis). Trouble is we don't have many choices. Hopefully, you get things worked out ASAP!

  3. It drives me CRAZY when stuff like this happens! Especially because they tap-dance around actually helping you (for months and months, sometimes!) until you say you're switching providers. THEN they want to be all helpful and solicitous? You'd think they would keep more customers happy by just being like that in the first place!

  4. I'm familiar with crappy Internet and tv if there weren't such big conglomerates, then we might actually get SERVICE and competence from the little guys. UGH!!!!

  5. We were having strange problems with our internet for about 2 weeks... it would very randomly shut down around 8:30 every night and be out for anywhere from 30 min to a few hours. Fortunately, we were sent a new modem which seemed to take care of it. But, ugh! So annoying!!

    Hopefully you'll be able to get this because you are the winner of "Lukewarmness, the Devil in Disguise". Congratulations!! :) Please email me your info so I can get it in the mail to you!

    laura dot henri 3 @ gmail dot com

  6. Profound sympathy ~ hope it is resolved soon (or already)!!