Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Takes Friday

1) Over the New Year's, I had plenty of time to watch movies.  And watch movies I did. "The Adjustment Bureau" was fine.  I liked it.  There was another movie, suggested to me because of the rock climbing and the scenery, that I watched.  Those two parts were okay (although, even then, the scenery didn't match with where they claimed to be), but it's not even worth mentioning it by name, because it was that bad.  Didn't like the actor, the bad guys were idiots, too bloody, and the stunts were ridiculous. Yeah. That good.  However, then I watched "Unstoppable".  I admit that I hesitate to praise it too highly, but only because I don't want to raise your expectations and then have you not like it.  I loved it!  Of course, it is possible for Denzel Washington to do a bad movie, but that doesn't happen too often. Let me put it this way, I got it on Netflix, but this is one I might have to buy. I don't buy very many movies anymore! It is an action movie, so if you don't like action movies, stay away.  I liked that there was action and drama, rather than just a bunch of stuff blowing up.

2) Well, I'm in trouble now.  There's a reason that I don't have cable, and it's not just because I'm too cheap.  It's also because I can sit in front of the TV for hours, even when nothing's on.  However, I just got my blu ray player hooked up to my Netflix account. Look out. That means all kinds of stuff to watch, commercial-free! Ugh.  This is going to be problematic.

3) The other day, my patient poked me with her fingernail, and I wanted to pull away and whine.  It really annoyed me.  Inordinately. Then she seemed too demanding, and the room seemed too hot, and my shirt was too scratchy, and I kind of just wanted to pitch a fit.  I vaguely wondered why the world was bothering me so much until I realized something.  I'd had 2 small pieces of fudge with lunch and another small piece in the afternoon. Blood sugar crashes and I do not do well together.  Luckily, I had an orange and some almonds that I threw into my face between patients and suddenly the remaining patients were much less annoying. Life is better with something of an ability to reason! 

4) I really wasn't looking forward to reading Job for the Bible in a year, but now I'm kind of enjoying it.   I guess it's because he has been working his way through a lot of different thoughts that I've had at different times.  For example, 14:13 "Oh, that you would hide me in Sheol, that you would conceal me until your wrath is past, that you would appoint me a set time, and remember me!" Amen to that, Job.  Preach it, brother! There have been so many times that I have wished that I could somehow hit skip on this chapter of life, or at least know when it would end.  I know it doesn't work that way, but I'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one who wishes it did! (Also, I kind of wanted to punch Eliphaz in the face.)

5) Speaking of the Bible in a year, I'm so excited about people being interested in joining in! I mostly wanted to post it there so my friend and I could stay on the same page, but I'm really happy to have others joining as well.  I'll post my various thoughts over there when I have something to say, and would love to have discussion with anyone that has something to add, but I'm not going to have any schedule or anything.  For me, some low key discussion helps keep me on track, but I don't want to put pressure on myself or anyone else.  Just keeping up will be enough work!

6) I got to give my talk on the Mass this week, and it went well!  I couldn't fit in everything that I wanted to say, but I got to talk about a lot of good stuff.  Unfortunately, I completely missed seeing the handouts that I was supposed to hand out until after everyone left.  Even more unfortunate is that the handouts were homework them to read for next week. Oops!  

7) A special public service announcement: physical therapists are NOT techs.  The doctor does not need to tell us what to do.  Most of us DO have our doctorate in physical therapy (DPT).  We know WAY more than your general practitioner* about anything related to movement problems, and all things related to movement problems (pain in the musculoskeletal system, nerve problems related to movement etc.) I once explained part of a patient's biomechanics issue to the patient; the patient asked something about it to his orthopedic surgeon (and orthopedic surgeons know WAY more about musculoskeletal issues than GP's).  The dr.'s response? He simply stated that he doesn't really know biomechanics; that's why he sends his patients to physical therapists. I'm not saying that physical therapy is always the answer, but I am saying that I studied for a total of 7 years after high school, not to mention continuing education, and I DO KNOW WHAT THE HECK I'M TALKING ABOUT!

This PSA is brought to you by general frustration from too many people not understanding what I do and what I know about rehabilitation of injuries.

Head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes, and have a great weekend!

*Please note that I did not say that I know more than your general practitioner.  A GP or family doctor knows a lot of stuff about a lot general things, but they send you to specialists for a reason.  Physical therapists are specialists in our field; that's why they send you to us.


  1. I loved Unstoppable, too! AND I think Eliphaz needed a good punch in the face! :)

  2. You are certainly appreciated for your work from my perspective! After having radial head surgery 10 months ago, (and still having an incredible amount of daily pain), I love physical therapists. In my line of work, most people think I simply sing songs and teach the ABCs. Oh, if only it were that simple, right? :)

  3. 7- Agreed. I have a friend who's started physical therapy when I started med school so we're always comparing what we learn. And while I may know more about some other body systems, I was SHOCKED at how he schooled me on an abnormal gait we saw.

    PT's have a doctorate for a reason, because they are doctors of their field. I hate when people don't give credit to those who have earned it. Plus aren't you guys going to direct admittance pretty soon? Hopefully that will help people realize your profound knowledge base. :)

  4. Glad your mass talk went great! And I love your disclaimer/rant in #7! :-)