Monday, December 12, 2011


Gaudete Sunday is an interesting thing, stuck in the middle of Advent.  Suddenly there is this reminder to rejoice.  For some, it comes as a reminder in the midst of a crazy busy schedule.  As for me, my schedule is pretty laid back this time of year, and getting lighter as Christmas approaches.  For others, it reinforces the joy of their current circumstances.  For many, hearing the call to rejoice is almost like a slap in the face. Rejoice? About what?

Weekends are always kind of a tough time for me because they involve too much time in my head. Ugh.  That's all I have to say about that.  But I will say that this weekend gave plenty of cause for rejoicing as well.

Rejoice in all things...

I'm really enjoying my laid back Christmas season schedule.  It's allowing me to take it easy rather than pull my hair out.

I'm thankful for the wonder of Christmas. The magic of big fluffy snowflakes, the sparkle of Christmas lights being diffused through tinsel garland.

I pulled out two Christmas movies this weekend, Elf, and The Santa Clause, two movies that I love to watch every year. After watching Elf, I've been looking for an excuse to refer to myself as a Cotton-headed Ninnymuggins.  I don't know why that cracks me up so much!

I am definitely rejoicing in the wonderful people around this internet space; your words of support and prayers were a huge help this weekend.  Thank you!

I rejoice in a phone call with a wonderful friend.

I rejoice in hiking opportunities not 10 minutes from my house.

I rejoice in my house!

I rejoice in climbing and in new challenges and obstacles overcome on the wall.

The way Dickens writes.  The man had a grasp of English that expressed himself in ways that we cannot begin to approach in a world that has that annoying thing called textspeak.  He did have me a little worried where the story was going, but he pulled it off fairly nicely, though there were still a couple of things I wasn't entirely sure about. (I read "The Cricket on the Hearth" this weekend.)

What are you rejoicing in?


Quick reminder that this giveaway is still going on. As predicted, I find myself wanting to rig the results in favor of each and every single person commenting.  As I only have one calendar coming, I suppose that will keep me honest and using the random number generator.


  1. I like the structure of your prose! I rejoice in happy endings and new beginnings, in warmth -- both the literal blast of the heater on winter days and the kindness of others, in sleep, and in generous people like you!

  2. I think one of the things that makes "Cotton-headed ninnymuggins" so funny is the reaction it gets from the elves! One of my favorite scenes is when he's in the bathroom and he gets up, puts his hands over his eyes, and runs into the stall! Hilarious!

  3. I love the comment you made about weekends being too much time in your head. SOOOO true!
    I'm rejoicing in the time I spent with family that traveled to see us this weekend and in the fact that our Christmas shopping is over halfway done. I'm also rejoicing for all the prayers and comments when I've been having trouble lately from all the wonderful ladies in blog-land. :-)

  4. I'm rejoicing in your comment on my blog ;) (and I will be picking DH up at the airport *early * Saturday am to drive 4 hours to my parents' for tree decorating. I better get a good sleep the night before.

    I watched the old black and white Miracle on 34th Street this past weekend - one of my holiday favourites.

    I'm rejoicing in ...

    - Christmas trees. Love them!

    - putting egg nog and nutmeg in my coffee in the mornings

    - having a job I enjoy (even though I feel overwhelmed in it right now)

    - Christmas carols

    And my joy come to you, and to you your wishes too, and God bless you ....

  5. i'm rejoicing in my lit christmas tree was delivered while we had no power and is now much happier looking with its clothes on! i'm also rejoicing in being cheap and using all my old decorations that were free :)

  6. Thank you for the reminder to rejoice in all things!

    What i'm rejoicing in today:

    -that it's almost halfway through December in Minnesota and we have no snow on the ground! Even if it snows tomorrow, the winter will be that much shorter!

    -Christmas music! I love it so much!

    -My family. They came to see me perform this past weekend, and it really helped to see them in the audience.