Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Least Favorite Verses

We have come again to my least favorite verses in the Bible.  If you were paying attention at Mass, you heard them several times today.  If you were not paying attention, or don't go to Mass, then you can read them here (you may have to change the date if you're not reading this right away).

Now, I've written about this before, and reasonable people everywhere gave wonderful, reasonable explanations for these verses and explained them well.  In my head, I understand perfectly well what these verses are saying and that they are, in fact, quite beautiful.  Unfortunately, cold, hard logic cannot keep me from cringing at the words.

"Let every valley be filled in"

And "every mountain and hill laid low"

"Let every cliff become a plain,
and the ridges a valley"*

Yes, yes.  I understand that we are talking about preparing a way for the Lord and removing any obstacles that stand in the way of that.  I agree that the meaning of the words is beautiful.  Still, if you wish to reason with me about all of that, you might as well save yourself the time and trouble.  The idea of leveling the mountains will still strike enough horror into me to recycle this post every time I hear them.

*Note also the inconsistency of this; if the valleys are going to be filled in, then why are we turning the ridges into valleys? Why not keep the valleys we have?


  1. Yes! That whole filling the valleys and... valleying the ridges drives me crazy too!

  2. I swear I was paying attention, but I don't remember any of this being said! I think I zeroed in on what the priest's homily was!

  3. You know, these verses never struck me the way you are mentioning - perhaps because I live in a relatively flat area. But I agree with you, especially with the stunning photos you show beside.

  4. I hope this is metaphorical and not literal. I'd like to think that God wouldn't destroy the beauty he created.
    Did you take the pictures above? They're beautiful! I always marvel at God's creation when I see beautiful photos like that.

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  6. I read these words this weekend as a lector at mass and I had a similar reaction - I love the Mountains that surround me. Perhaps I need to start looking at the "Mountains" in my life as beautiful instead of insurmountable...perhaps it's not about flattening them, but enjoying the journey?

  7. Lol... I have some least favorite verses myself. :) And you make some good points here! (Even though, yes, of course, this is still the Word of God, and we accept it!)