Friday, December 2, 2011

A Christmas Tour of Homes... Virtually

I have been in my new place for nearly a month now, and I absolutely love it.  I have had a request or two for pictures, and since I have Christmas decorations up now, today seemed like a good time.  I knew my little cottage was small, but I realized how small when I was trying to get a few of these shots and couldn't fit everything in because I couldn't get far enough away.

First up is my kitchen.  It really looks like most kitchens, so I can't say too much about that.  I am amused that I have a double oven (that you can sort of see), but no real good place for a table... So I guess that means that I'm set to bring a lot of food to a pot luck, but entertaining is a little tricky.  I have cooked more in the last month than I have for quite a while.  I guess I like the kitchen that much!

The real downside to the kitchen is the windows, which were behind me in the picture.  I guess I should say that the windows are fine, but the curtains are rather hideous.  Are you ready for a close up of this awesome pattern?  I hope so, because here it is:

Well, you probably didn't really want to see a picture of the bathrooms, but I'm going to show you anyway.  The first bathroom I actually like, but I wanted to try to show you how small this thing is.

There is barely enough room to turn around in here.  If I come in too far to the right, I run in to the door. Too far to the left, and I'm bouncing off the sink.  But I like it because the shower is nice, and unlike the last place, it gets hotter than lukewarm.

Now the next bathroom is extra special.  It's just a half bath, but...

Oh, yes.  It's pink.  Now, I like pink, but this is kind of a pukey pink.  And if you are asking yourself "Is that a pink toilet?"  The answer is:

Yes.  Yes it is.  With a white seat.  Because, I'm guessing, that they couldn't find a replacement seat that matched that special shade of pink.

I also have a spare room, which becomes my library/office/catch all.  It's not really that exciting and you really probably don't need a picture, but here goes anyway:

There's one corner, anyway.

And a quick peek in the bedroom:

I was going to fold down the fleece blanket that I use because it really looks better with just the bedspread, but I thought this lady and my sisters would appreciate the awesomeness of the fleece. (Well, that, and I'm lazy.  But Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)

I saved my living room for last because it's my favorite.  I really feel like I can relax here. 

And from the opposite corner:

My little cottage, just like most of my stuff, is pretty simple and none too fancy, but I like it.  Thanks for stopping by!  And just to make it a true tour of homes (plural), I'd love to see some pictures of your Christmas trees, too, if you feel like posting one or two.


  1. What a great place! That kitchen is nice - I would be lovin' a double oven. Congrats!

  2. It looks just lovely and like you have plenty of space. I don't even mind the pink bathroom and toilet all that much if it means you have better neighbors and living conditions in general. I once had an apartment with a pink toilet and pink bathtub!!

  3. A double oven! That is great. My favorite color is pink (seriously, I love pink). Not sure about a pink toilet, but fun nonetheless! Your living room looks very relaxing and welcoming. Enjoy!

  4. Such a cute home! I love that bow window in the living room, especially!! And I have to admit that a pink toilet would make me smile (and shake my head) every time I saw it!

  5. Your living room looks so nice and truly relaxing! Your windows must let in a lot of light. That always cheers me up. :-)
    I love the rest of your rooms too. Its always fun to steal decorating ideas from others.
    BTW, my parents had a pink toilet and tub until last year. I could have found you a pink toilet seat if you'd moved earlier. :-)

  6. A double oven in on my must-haves for our future
    'real' home. I'm so jealous you have one! Also, I love your living room and how big it is and the windows. Just love it.

    Also, Rock Chalk!! :)

  7. It is sooo cute! And homey! I've had a big bathroom before, and it's just more the clean! Give me a little bathroom any day!

  8. I absolutely love it! Very cosy, and to me the size seems just right for one person.

  9. I've just given you an award. Check my blog for details!

  10. Beautiful home! And I love your tree. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh, I love the pictures - they definitely give us a glimpse into your life and I like learning more about bloggers in that way. I like your pictures frames and wish I was much better at putting stuff like that up. I have so many pics that are just waiting to be put into frames, ugh. We haven't purchased our tree yet - maybe next weekend. Have a great week and thanks again for sharing!

  12. I loved looking at the photos of your place, and I am so glad you have found a space that fits you and you can relax in :) It looks great with photos up on the walls and everything.

    We've been at our new place since Feb, but I still don't have pics up on the walls and we still have piles of boxes everywhere (doesn't help that we have a storage locker, so for example, 3.5 giant boxes of Christmas stuff made their way into our space this weekend). Maybe in a few more months I'll be able to post photos that don't show chaos ...