Friday, December 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Okay, I don't normally do it, but I deleted a comment the other day on this post.  It was an anonymous commenter, and while they didn't say anything bad, I also got the feeling that they didn't really read the post.  It is also probably my fault for not making it more clear that I was not being serious. My first hint was that they questioned the "reasoning" and "analysis" that led to my "interpretation" of those verses.  Reasoning? Analysis? There was none of that going on!  Since I apparently didn't make it clear, that post is merely about my knee-jerk response every time I hear those verses, it has nothing to do with an actual belief about what those verses say!  It's also an excuse to post some pictures.  However, anonymous, I do thank you for taking the time to comment, and I did read what you had to say.

2) The first couple of weeks of Advent have been... Interesting.  This week has not been too bad so far, just minor moments, but last week was so much up and down that I thought I might lose my mind. (Or that it was already gone.) Nothing particular happened, the emotions just go crazy this time of year.  No matter how hard it is, it's still my favorite time of year.  Therefore what tends to happen is that I get all excited about it, then I get sad that I can't share it with someone.  Even Christmas with family is not quite what I would like it to be because I want to share my family with a special someone and vice versa.

3) Okay, this may be boring for everyone but me, but when I went out to find stuff for my tree, I found some ornaments that I really liked.  I am coming to the conclusion that I'm a little more country than I would like to admit.  I don't think of myself as country, but that's what a lot of these ornaments are.  However, there will not ever be any geese with bonnets or various pictures of cows anywhere in my house. 

My special angel, Mark

It took me a while to find something for the top of the tree.  Most of the stars and things are HUGE! They would have been way out of proportion for my little tree, not to mention being way too heavy for it.  Even this angel is almost too much.  But I like it, and I think I will call it Mark. (Because one of my sisters misunderstood the song "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing". She sang it like it was a song about two angels: "Mark and Harold angels sing.")

4) Then there's this guy:

I had to!  Given the bears that wander around this neighborhood (though not this time of year).  However, the bears out there are not covered in glitter.  Not really sure about the necessity of the glitter, but I'm not going to lie, glitter and sparkles make me happy.

There is also this guy:

I think it's just because I liked his skis. And really, who doesn't love Santa? (If you are the Grinch, feel free to click away now.)

5) And I have to finish off my show and tell with the snowmen:

Absolutely let it snow! I love the big glittery flakes.  It's perfect this time of year.  Not only that, but it's time to break out the snowshoes, but I need some snow for that.  Also, I plan on trying skiing this year (but probably more cross country than downhill). That's a lot easier with enough snow.

And I like this one a lot, too. Yes, the generic message to "believe" could credibly refer to about anything, but it means that I can make it be about whatever I want it to be. Believe that God sent His only Son into the world because He loves us that much? Yes. Believe that we have it in us to be nicer people and that the Christmas spirit brings that out? Yes. Believe that not every Christmas season will be as hard? Yes.  See how that works? Whatever I want it to mean, it means that.

6) Totally changing the subject, I have a tendency to think of dvd workouts as kind of lame.  Not sure why, exactly, but it may have to do with visions of headbands and leg warmers.  However, this Monday I decided that I needed to do some sort of a workout and it was going to be too cold to be outside, and I didn't want to stay late to do it at work, so out came a dvd that I had.  Let me tell you, 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down with only a 20 minute workout.  The next couple of days involved a lot of whining.  I sent out a whiny text to some friends about my muscles feeling like they are marinating in lactic acid.  

7) This is such a tough time of year.  If I left you a comment to tell you that I was praying for you, know that I really was!  I like to pray right at that moment, but I also keep praying after that as well.  My prayer is so much for all who wait.  It can be so hard to feel that you are not hanging as many stockings as you would like, or to walk by the presents that you would like to buy for the people that you wish were in your life.  For those that are waiting, who have suffered loss, and all who are struggling this time of year.  I am praying for you!  Prayer buddy, please keep praying, too!  Some days I don't know how long I can keep up this single thing!

Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. I love Mark; he's just beautiful! That story is sooo funny!!!

  2. My style isn't country either, but those are some great ornaments. I appreciate your prayers! Please know that I pray for you too! You probably will never really know how much you inspire me through your honest and real emotions that really do come through in your writing and photos. Plus...I wish I had half of your energy and adventurous spirit.

  3. Your mobile-enabled! Yay!!!! Love your Angel funny!

    I so wanted to comment on the anonymous comment, but I didn't because I figured they just missed your point :).

    Thank-you for the prayers...they are coming right back at you!

  4. Your ornaments are beautiful and I will be keeping you in prayer. Sorry the holidays are a tough time of year for you, but they seem to be really tough for some of my favorite people this year and it is hard to watch them suffering.

    Amazing LIfe

  5. Beautiful ornaments and I think 'Mark' looks great atop your tree.

    Prayers for you too!

  6. I know you already were awarded one, but I gave you a Liebster!

  7. Okay, I know now "what not to give CM for Christmas or a birthday - geese, cows, and other non-cool looking country stuff!" LOL, but I remember wood cutouts of geese decorating our home when I was growing up. No, I am not kidding. I love me some country - I think you know that, but yes, even I have standards and they don't include geese and cows. And on a random note - I just looked up and my black and white cat is on top of the fridge...weird, huh??? I guess that is all the black and white in the form of an animal that I need in my house!

    I do love the ornaments though - they are so cute and I would definitely put them on our tree as well!

    Thank you for all your prayers, I am so very appreciative! God Bless you and I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  8. Love this post! And love your ornaments. I too have a surprising country style when it comes to Christmas (and I love seeing others' ornaments, regardless. It's just so fun). Praying for you regarding finding that special someone.

  9. I wondered where you got the name "Mark" for your angel ... and then I read the story and LAUGHED!!! This is so funny!!! :-) Of course ...
    I remember waiting to meet my husband. It felt like forever. I never dated anyone at all until him, but of course, there were plenty of unfulfilled crushes. You're in my prayers for that special someone. Its so much easier on the roads of life if you have a companion. Hugs and prayers during this Christmas season ... and hopefully the prayer buddy you have will pray up a match! :-)

  10. I loved seeing the pics of your ornaments!

    I hope you will soon have someone with whom to share the joys and sorrows of this journey - to celebrate Christmas with - and all of that.

    One day at a time ... believe ....