Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So Many Lovely Posts, So Little Time

Okay, at least in my head, they're lovely little posts, some fun, some informative and some thoughtful.  However, you're just going to have to imagine how wonderful they are, because I don't have time to write them all.  Unlike some who are organized and keep lists of ideas, I just sit down and write when I get a chance, so I'm sure I'll forget half of them.  Actually, now that I think about it, I'll probably get a TON of posts written, because I have so much to do, I'm sure I'll just end up procrastinating by blogging anyway.

In the meantime, I saw another bear this morning (or maybe the same bear, who knows!).  This time I was a little closer and he was holding up morning traffic as he ambled across the road.  He was still a cub, though cubs this time of year are kind of on the larger side. However, he was all padded with winter fat and a dense winter coat, so he looked all cute and squishy, so I wanted to get out of the car and go give him a squeeze.

Don't worry, that thought was just a passing whim.  Instead, I acted all rational and stuff.  I did get a kick out of morning prayer today (given that I was driving to work when I saw the bear).

"At the rising of the sun they (the beasts of the forests) steal away,
and go to rest in their dens.
Man goes forth to his work,
to labor until evening falls."

(From Psalm 104)


  1. Psalms knows whats up! :)

    And oh, procrastination, how I love thee! Usually I blog when I don't want to be cleaning my house... right now my house is ridiculously clean because I don't want to be writing my progress reports... if only I could think of something WORSE than progress reports to procrastinate, they would be done right away!