Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I walked into my apartment tonight and got knocked over by the stale smoke smell. I don't know which is worse; my previous neighbor, when you could smell cigarette smoke all the time so I always knew to expect it, or these neighbors, where the majority of the time it's not bad, but then the surprise of it almost makes it worse. Okay, this is definitely better, but the best will be MOVING! Soon. Very soon now, and I cannot wait!
--- 2 ---
It's the feast of Saints Simon and Jude today. St. Jude and I may be talking. A lot. He's used to hearing from me, but he might actually get tired of me today. Can saints in heaven lose their patience? I feel like not, but I also kind of want to test it. Is that wrong?
--- 3 ---
I spent last weekend with my family and it was a blast! My siblings and I are not the most mature, though we are (most of us) technically adults. Case in point, I definitely heard someone break out the "I'm not touching you" game at one time over the weekend. Hmm, perhaps this is why I'm in the mood to "bug" a saint? Probably. And I have practice with continuing to work on someone who is studiously working on remaining unperturbed. (All my younger siblings are really good at ignoring the annoyances, so it's up to us older ones to keep at them until they break.)
--- 4 ---
I got back into the climbing gym today. It felt great to be there, like it'd been forever since I climbed. Really it's only been since a week ago Sunday, but that's plenty long enough. Saturday I'm supposed to try some lead climbing. I'm a little scared of that because it's easier to fall, and it's easier to fall farther. Nonetheless, when you fall, you're still on the rope, so it's really just the skin on my knees that's at risk. (Lead climbing is how you get the rope up to the anchor point in the first place.) I am excited to try a new skill, but I'm also ready to just do it already instead of just thinking about it.
--- 5 ---
Speaking of climbing, I really wondered what my Grandma would have to say about it. I haven't seen her since I started doing it, and I thought she'd be laid back about it, but I'm never quite sure. All she said was that I was young enough to enjoy trying something new like that. Then she mentioned that she always wanted to learn to ski, but never had a chance. Interesting, especially when skiing almost sounds worse to me than climbing. At least downhill skiing, anyway. My goal is to at least get on skis a couple times this winter, so I'll let you know.
--- 6 ---
I'm out of stuff. All I can think about right now is that I want to move NOW! Not even because of the smoke smell (which is clearing out), but more because I just can't wait to have all the nasty parts of moving taken care of and all the fun parts of settling in to a new and homey place to look forward to.
--- 7 ---
Oh wait! I thought of something! I really need to get more consistent with working out. Why do I stink at that so bad? I get out on weekends a lot, but I really need to do something at least a couple other days of the week, too. You know several weeks ago when I talked about trying to get into shape to try doing a pull up? Yeah, that so does not get any closer to possible if you NEVER WORK OUT!
Have a great weekend! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. Ugh, it IS so hard to work out consistently! I struggle with that all the time!

  2. ME TOO! (working out consistently, I mean)

    Climbing sounds wicked fun! Keep it up :)

  3. No, I don't think you can ever bug a saint too much!!!!! So, keep on bending St. Jude's ear, I bet he enjoys hearing from you. From time to time I stumble upon some obscure (or at least who I think maybe obscure) and I have this picture of the phone ringing (aka people asking them for prayers) and they get all giddy and are excited because they get tired of St. Therese and some of the other popular saints having their phones ring off the hook. But then I guess I would be assuming there is a twinge of jealousy in heaven and that would not be the case, because there is no sin. I am rambling....I should wind it up! Have fun trying out the new lead climbing adventure!!!

  4. Good luck with the move and climbing!

  5. good luck on moving and I love your header picture! Gorgeous!

  6. Pull ups are over rated (both the exercise kind and the diaper kind ;).

    I LOVE the 'I'm not touching you' 15 year old brother does not. Oh well.

  7. I love bugging the younger siblings too ... its what family get-to-gethers are all about! :)
    Keep buggin' them saints. They have "all the time in the world." :)

  8. I was going to say that you couldn't bug a Saint, and then I thought of Jesus and the parable of the unjust judge. So, if you can "bug" God with persistence, then maybe you can "bug" Saints in the sense that they're like "hey, Jesus, you've got to help this kid out. She won't leave me alone and you might as well give her what she wants. Thanks!"

    And yes, I guess I am competing for the irreverent Catholic of the year award. Alas.

    For what it's worth I just tossed an intersession on your behalf up to Saint Jude. I figured that even if he'd blocked your line he might not expect it from me. ;-)

    And climbing is far, far scarier than skiing. Besides, considering where you live you simply must try it!