Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seriously Not Fair

Okay, I know that it's wrong, but I admit that I've done it before and will most likely do it again.  Most women I know are amazing people, and it gives me joy to see them with their spouses and children.  But every once in a while I see that woman, the one that is severely lacking maturity, or is a horrible nag, or something, and I see them with a really nice guy, and I think, "Really?! How did she manage to snag someone while I linger on in singleness?" Of course, if he's got his own issues, then I don't think too much about it.

A great place to see these women is on shows like TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress", or "Who's Wedding Is It Anyway?" Nothing like glimpsing a 1/2 hour segment of someone's life when they are super stressed to make you wonder, "How the heck did she get someone to pop the question?"

However, all this was brought to mind today by a woman that you all know, or at least that you all should know. If you don't know who she is, then email me and we'll do some sort of intervention ASAP.

I speak, of course, about Princess Buttercup.  Seriously, Westley?  True love must be blind after all!  First, she's a complete snot because she thinks he's beneath her, and sadly that's when she's at her best, because at least she shows some sass. Then she's a wet rag that would settle for a pompous bore.  I do like her when she pushes the dread pirate Roberts down the hill before she knows who he is, but she loses all my respect in the Fire Swamp.  The whining and crying about all the danger I can understand.  It's her pitiful performance against the R.O.U.S.'s that kills me.  She watches, horrified but immobile while it attacks Westley.  She doesn't do anything.  Again, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if she was simply in shock, but when one comes after her, she whimpers for him even though he's still fighting them off himself.  Eventually she does some wimpy poking at one with a stick, but again only because it's coming after her.

Look, I don't really care if she's a wimp, and I really like it better when a guy does the rescuing.  I just want her to show a little gumption!  Is that too much to ask? If only she had done her ineffectual prodding to at least try to get the R.O.U.S.'s off Westley, then we could have been friends, even if it didn't really help things in the slightest. Of course I don't have a problem with her attempts to defend herself once they come after her, I just can't stand that she watches until that point.

It is true that she earns back some respect when she finally tells off Humperdinck and believes in Westley, but she loses it when she gives in to despair and plans to kill herself.  I also get a little annoyed by her lack of perception throughout the movie, but I can be a little dense myself, so I can forgive that.


Well, if Westley's happy, then more power to him, I guess.

Have I complained about this before?  I feel like I have, but it amuses me every time.  Anyway, still LOVE the movie, even if Buttercup and I can only be acquaintances and never the best of friends.


  1. I love this post! I love that movie too, even if Buttercup IS mostly devoid of gumption. :)

  2. Don't feel bad! Yesterday I started crying watching "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" (for shame, I know). It was their Christmas episode and everyone was celebrating with their spouses and kids and I thought to myself:

    1. I'm never going to have that, am I God?


    2. Seriously? These train wrecks are blessed with beautiful families while the rest of us are left heart-broken??

    Not my finest moment.

  3. Hehe. I actually just finally watched that the whole way through this summer... but knowing that doesn't knock me down to the acquaintances instead of friends list, does it? :)

  4. Elizabeth- Of course that doesn't knock you off the friends list! Especially when you clearly need friends to help you through the fact that you were so deprived for so many years! Don't worry, we'll be there for you. ;)

  5. Well, you know, at least the movie (I confess to not having read the book) it is a story being read by a man to a boy. So maybe they all like the weak woman thing. Just like some women like the controlling-jerk type.

    It really does seem like so many people are mismatched in this area. I guess the best husband-catching advice I could give would be to turn into a wet-rag who still manages to be a hyper-sensitive control freak. And yell a lot. You'll have Mr. Perfect in no time. But you already knew that. ;-)

    But don't get me started on all that I hate about Westley. I guess in many ways they deserved each other!

  6. I always get irritated when she messes up Westley's plan and surrenders to Humperdink after the fire swamp. HE IS THE DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS for heaven's sake! I'm pretty sure he had it under control!

  7. Aww, I have those feelings too. While I'm married, I still get VERY irritated by acquaintances who are also married, yet treat their husbands horribly. And here these husbands continue to put up their behavior, buying them things, taking them on trips, etc. Here I am, doing the "right thing" for me and my husband, and life just keeps throwing more and more challenges at us. What gives!?!?

    Hang in there. Found you via "that married couple" and will be following you.

  8. This used to get to me too! And it was the WORST when, after observing a less-than-saintly couple who had found marital bliss, a helpful friend said, "Hey Sarah, God probably wants to grow you and teach you some lessons before marriage. When you're ready for marriage, then God will open that door." Seriously??? God is holding out on me because I am not "perfect" but is ready to bless every other flawed person with marriage?? I am not helping here, am I. :) On the flip side... I try to find encouragement in the obviously less-than-perfect situations because a) clearly you don't need to be a Saint before marriage or in order for Mr Right to come along, and b) well, if you do happen to come close to Sainthood and meet Mr. Almost-Saint too, well, then what an extraordinary marriage you'll have. No putting up with wet rags. :)

  9. Hebrews-What is it about that movie? You have to love it, no matter what character flaws might be there!

    C.- Isn't it crazy the things that can provoke those feelings?

    Rae- I'm sure with fantastic advice like that, I should be posting about my impending engagement within weeks! What about nagging? Should I nag him some as well?

    Lucy-THANK you! Not only is she crazy passive, but she's not too bright, either! If Westley can beat a Spaniard, a giant and a Sicilian (when death is on the line, no less), I'm pretty sure he would have been able to best a couple of cowards like Humperdinck and Rugan!

    Rabbit- Thanks so much for stopping by! And, yes, I know what you mean. The best part is when those are the people giving you the advice that worked for them. Really? Thanks, but no thanks!

    Sarah- Ooh, that is absolutely my FAVORITE. "It'll happen when you're ready." Whatever! If you got married when you were 22, don't even think about saying that to me! (Actually, if you got married at any time younger than what I am now, don't even think about saying that to me! ;))

  10. Yes. I have a friend who blames her husband for anything she sees as a lack of responsibility on his part, and she is blind to the fact that she is a terrible nag and must just be miserable to live with! Currently driving me crazy....

  11. CM - lol, yep! What got to me too was that I have a twin sister; we're SO alike (duh!). So the implication was that somehow she was 7 years ahead of me in maturity so God blessed her at 23 with a husband or something??? And I wasn't "ready" until age 29?? Riiiight. :) No, sorry, at 23, she and I were pretty much the same level of maturity. Such awful "encouragement" :).

  12. Hey CM, I haven't popped in on your blog for a while. I'm just trying to catch up. I second the frustrations with people giving you silly thoughts about why you're single and God's plans and all that. When you're ready it'll happen is not a helpful thing to say. No one is ever truly "ready" for something like that. And you don't have to wait until you are perfect or have all your issues figured out before you get married. Obviously, there can be some serious red flag things going on that could put marriage on hold, but the point isn't to be perfect or perfectly ready before you enter into it. The perfecting continues in marriage, that's part of the deal. I'm engaged now. Do I feel generally ready and as if my plans are in keeping with God's will, yes. Do I feel really ready and not scared at all? Heck no. I don't know why some people marry young and some people marry older and some people never marry. I think if I tried to figure out all the answers to those questions, I'd go nuts. Life is confusing and hard, but also good. What I do know is that no matter what state of life I am in, I seem to be wishing for the next, playing the comparison game and forgetting the blessings of what's in front of me. Those struggles didn't end when I met my future spouse. The perfecting, surrendering, and conforming my heart to His continues. My journey is mine and it is unlike the journey of anyone else. I just keep trying to remember that.