Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick(ish) Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 144)
1) I was just watching a show in which a character injured her ankle.  One of the characters looks it over and pronounces, "Well, it's red, so that's good."  The first character asks why that's good, and she elaborates. "If it's blue that means you tore a ligament, but if it's red, it's just sprained."  Aarggh! The nonsense!  First of all, you don't usually see any color in the ankle in the first day or so, just the swelling.  Then it turns reddish purple, then more of a purply-blue and finally that beautiful sickly green-yellow.  (If you've actually sprained it.)  That's just what that kind of swelling does, and it doesn't matter which structure you've injured!  Second of all, moron*, do you know what a sprain is? DO YOU? I'll answer.  No, no you do not or you would not have been such an idiot.

Sprain. 1) an injury to a ligament when the joint is carried through a range of motion greater than normal, but without dislocation or fracture. 2) to cause a sprain of a joint.**

There are different grades of sprains (grade 3 being a complete tear of the ligament) but a sprain is an injury to a ligament, so stop trying to differentiate between the two.

2) I've been thinking that I should really try to do a better job of conditioning for climbing.  Or, you know, maybe do a little conditioning. Either way.  To that end, I got a book about some specific exercises for climbers.  The second chapter makes you do a self assessment to figure out where you are, conditioning-wise. It was suh-weet.  I am "below average" on their little scale.  In my defense, it's because half of their questions were things like "how many pull ups can you do in a single set?" Then you pick from a scale like

1- None to one
2- Two to four
3- Five to nine
4- Ten to twenty
5- More than twenty

I was looking for something more like:

0- Pull up?! You mean with my arms? BWAHAHAHA!!  By "single set" do you really mean "how many have you ever done in your entire life"? Because the answer is still zero!!

I may have some work to do.

3) I was going to go to a photography seminar last weekend.  You know, to Expand My Horizons. And possibly Meet People, and maybe even Learn Stuff.  But then I ditched it, even though I had paid a fee that I couldn't get back, because you see, the mountains were calling and I had to answer. I haven't been able to get out and explore in about a month, and that was not okay.  Even at that, I didn't go far, but I had to hike, so hike I did.  The first part of the hike, I didn't even try to push myself.  I meandered and breathed in the woods.  There is something in that early morning hush that makes you believe in Magic and Fairies and Elves, even when you don't believe in them. (If that makes any sense to you at all, then you and I, my friend, are kindred spirits.)

4) When I started out to be a part of the RCIA team, I had a goal not to flake out. Three weeks in, and my flaky side is showing.  Last week I went to a different meeting instead of RCIA (not an important one, just an interesting one).  This week I was going to go, but I had a work function that overlapped a bit, and then ran late and overlapped a lot, so I didn't go. Then there's the meeting.  The team leaders were supposed to get together to help decide the topics and who was going to lead them.  I was looking forward to that meeting, actually.  We originally set it for yesterday.  I didn't hear anything more, but it wasn't too strange.  I showed up for the meeting, and there was NO ONE there for my meeting.  There was another meeting, a scarier meeting that was also going on in that building.  I don't know what group was renting space, but they were on the rough-looking side. I got out of there rather quickly.  The next day I got an email about how we needed to have another meeting to set up topics, and that we would be meeting on Saturday morning. My graceful response was: You mean the meeting we were supposed to have last night? You meet on Saturday morning! I'm going climbing! (Only in my head; I didn't really say that to anyone.)

5) So, I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to go climbing this weekend.  The stuff we're going to do is a little different than the little bit that I've been doing.  I'm almost ready for weather to take over so we can't hit the rocks and I can stay in my comfort zone in the gym.  That makes no sense, but then I rarely do make sense.  It's just the getting outside the comfort zone thing.  Sometimes I'm all for venturing out into new and exciting adventures, and other times I just want to curl up on the couch with my blankie.*** (Figuratively, people!) However, then I realize that my comfort zone is nice now, but is starting to get a little restricting, so I will go. (Besides, if I stay home, I have to go to a Saturday morning meeting.  Oh, the humanity!)

6) I may have spent last weekend being a little stalker-y and reading blogger archives.  I find that I sometimes do that if someone has a story to tell, but if they crack me up, then I'm really all over it. Begs the question of what I'm going to do this weekend.  Anyone have any good suggestions of good reads? I don't think I'll have quite as much time this weekend, but you never know.

7) I have not lost any weight since Easter (when you have a crazy sweet tooth like mine, Lent can be good for the waistline as well as for the soul), which is fine, because I haven't been trying to or needing to.  (Although I did add a few pounds that finally have gone back away again.) However, I seem to have misplaced an inch or so.  Maybe not, but pants seem to be fitting differently. So that's my little brag to finish**** up with!

Have a wonderful weekend, and head over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!

*I can call her that, because she's a fictional character.  (Though I guess if it's fictional, it does beg the question about why I get my panties in such a twist over such stuff... I know the reason.  Because she's WRONG.)

**Stedman's Concise Medical Dictionary (Take that fictional character with not so much as a fictional medical background!)

***I wrote this before going climbing Thursday on the rock, and it went great.  So now my thoughts about the new experiences are: Bring it!

****About time on the whole finishing thing, eh? (Don't answer that!) I would like to note that this post has to win a post for the most parentheses and asterisks that I've had in a LONG time. 


  1. Totally get what you are talking about with early morning hikes, but you should probably go the the topics meeting or you might find yourself in charge of presenting on a topic you don't want too.

  2. oh, what Joy said. :)

    And, good for you dropping inches when you're not even meaning to! :)

    Ugh, blogger at work isn't letting me use my google account...

  3. Thank you for number 1! I hate when people in tv shows or movies try to say something medical and totally mess it up! Also, congrats on losing some inches!

  4. A pull-up?! Preposterous! Even the "presidential physical fitness tests" they made us do in school allowed girls to just see how long they could hang (with chin above the bar) instead of trying to make us pull up!

  5. Hahaha! I loved your rant about sprains. TV shows are crazy. Even worse are the real life ones where they give the characters terrible health advice. I can't stand those birth shows with women pinned to a table screaming while people do stuff to her. I just end up screaming "GET OFF YOUR BACK!!" at the screen.

  6. Oh, we are kindred spirits for sure!

    (I also love reading archives- like I was reading a novel- and then feel kind of stalker-y about it!)