Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's been an interesting weekend.  Very good in a lot of ways.  A few things that I would far rather ignore than deal with.  But beyond those things a lot of fun.  Well, beyond those things and the MOSQUITOS AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD!!  Have I mentioned that I hate mosquitos? Because I do.  Anyone that protests the death of any living thing needs to understand that any mosquito who lands near or on me clearly has death wish and deserves whatever it gets.  I don't know why they like me, or why my bites like to swell up or why the itching has to be so bad that it might make me absolutely crazy (although that last bit might have something to do with my definite pansy-ness).

Anyway, I tried to use the itchiness as a reminder to pray for people.  Only, for whatever reason, I couldn't keep specific intentions in mind like I often do, so I was praying for "whoever needs it right now".  Then, in talking to friends and reading blogs, that could have been a lot of you!  And so I am praying for you, for whatever that's worth!