Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Much Better at Physical Therapy

I wanted to do Quick Takes today, but I couldn't come up with 7 good ones.  So instead, I will put up a poem.  I have not written a poem since elementary school, and I would be hard pressed to explain how this came about, except that inspiration struck after a conversation in the break room at work.  Be forewarned that authors that haven't practiced their poetry since second grade turn out second grade level stuff.  (But that's okay, because it gave me at least 5 minutes of entertainment writing it.) Without further ado, I give you:

An Ode

George Washington Carver
You are a genius
And a hero
Thank you for inventing peanut butter.

Without you, pb&j would just be j
My peanut butter filled pretzel bites would just be pretzels,
And peanut butter cups would be nothing but 

On the other hand, without you,
I wouldn't be eating my weight
In peanut butter snickers each week.*

  *This poem is TOTALLY copyrighted by me and is not free for use without permission! ;)


  1. Okay- seriously, I'm printing this out and putting it in my teacher files. We read a story about George Washington Carver and it would be PERFECT!!!! Not kidding. Really doing it.

  2. LOVE! This is an amazing poem! Keep 'em comin, girl!

  3. Cute! We love peanut butter, too!

  4. LOVE IT! Could you imagine what a yucky life it would be without Peanut butter?

  5. I rarely, rarely, laugh at anything I read online. So when I laughed at this Josh asked what it was, and laughed as well when I read it to him.