Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eating Healthy

I've been thinking recently that I need to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables.  I just don't get enough.  Then, over the last several days, I've watched a couple of documentaries revolving around fruits and vegetables.  One was talking about being vegan.

Now, please. I'm from the Midwest.  I don't see me going vegan any time soon.  However, I don't mind taking some of the recipes and using them to eat fewer meats and more vegetables.  Let's talk about how this worked.

1) Saw the documentary.
2) Got fired up about eating vegetables and having them taste good.
3) Went to the store, got what I needed to make veggie wraps.
4) Ate two veggie wraps for supper (they tasted AMAZING, by the way).
5) One hour later, got hungry and made a 3-meat pizza.
6) Now I'm craving cheesecake.

On the plus side, I actually ate some fresh veggies today!


  1. Yes! Except for the meat on the pizza thing this is so me. Which I guess explains why I am eating a plate full of garbanzos and broccoli right now but will have cookies later?

  2. Haha, that is EXACTLY how I eat veggies!

  3. This is soooo funny! And, so what I would do. I get really excited about things (and that can lead to trips to the store to buy things :) and then I decide, "hey, I think the old way better" This just cracked me up. So, maybe you won't be a vegan - but you'll put veggie wraps into the dinner rotation - sounds like a great plan to me! :)

  4. Haha! Love this post, love cheesecake.