Sunday, July 3, 2011


One of the things that has been happening when I try to go hiking is that I get slowed down by the flowers.  I love all the wildflowers.  They are so pretty, and I don't think of myself as a flowery person, but I can't help it with these.  Now that I have a good camera, I can actually take close ups of them, even of the little tiny ones on the alpine tundra.  Those are the ones that fascinate me the most.  They look so impossibly small that it's hard to imagine them surviving anywhere, let alone in such an incredibly harsh environment.  

Pineywoods Geranium


Wild Strawberry (and they taste great later in the year!)

Dunno, but I kind of like them.

Colorado Blue Columbine (my favorite!)

Alpine Forget-me-not

Again, not sure

But look how small they are!  That's my pinky finger looking ginormous there.

Dwarf Clover

No idea, but I love that they have purple and pink blossoms side by side.

Prickly Rose

Western Red Columbine

Two-Lobe Larkspur
I believe the ones in the header picture are Silvery Lupine.  Don't quote me on those names, someone gave me a book, so I'm trying to learn to identify them, but some are harder than you'd think to match up.


  1. I am so impressed that you can name so many of them! Pretty pictures :)

  2. Well, Elizabeth, don't be too impressed. I can only name them with a book in front of me! ;)

  3. Gorgeous, and so tiny! Good for you for taking the time to notice them. :)