Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Body of Christ

A couple of weeks ago, it was the feast of Corpus Christi.  The body of Christ. Normally this feast makes me think a lot about the Eucharist, and those thoughts were certainly there (especially since the priest at the parish I was visiting was on fire for the Eucharist!)  However, the phrase "the body of Christ" stuck with me and took my thoughts down a little different tangent at this Mass.

You know the saying "Just me and Jesus", or "All I need is Jesus." I was thinking about how untrue those statements are in my life.  If it were just me and Jesus, I'm not sure that I would still have any faith.  It's true.  The only thing that has gotten me through parts of these last several years are the others in my life.  My family, who are some of my best friends.  My amazing friends, who are just as much family as my family.  The saints, who are truly our older brothers and sisters in Christ. And you all here.

Sometimes, it is because I need someone to listen.  Sometimes I need a swift kick in the seat to get me going again.  Often it is because I couldn't make it without everyone's prayers.  Just as importantly, I need to be able to pray for others and to know that I still have something to offer someone else who is also struggling.

I get why sometimes we would rather have it be "just me and Jesus."  In a world that is broken by sin, we make so many mistakes and commit so many sins in the name of church, that it would be easier to take the other people out of the equation sometimes.  As for me, however, it will never be "me and Jesus."  It's going to have to be "me and the body of Christ."  All of us, united through Christ and in Him, that's what gets me through.

Tune in next time to discuss how I feel about "It's not about religion, it's about a relationship!"


  1. Great points, CM! The other problem with that statement is that Jesus comes to us surrounded by God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Family and the apostles. It's seems pretty obvious that he wants us to have the same. Thanks for the brain workout!

  2. I love this and totally know what you mean. As I said to The Man, 'I need to blog about our fertility issues. I need to be lifted up in prayer by others and be told I'm not alone.' I know it sounds self-centered, but I was desperately needing the body of Christ to help me through.