Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Grief!

***Just so you know, I have not really hurt myself today except a couple of scratches and bruises. Therefore, this cracks me up.  

So today I managed to scrape my hands and knuckles a little bit.  That might be acceptable if I'd done it hiking or climbing or something like that (little scratches from bushwhacking are perfectly okay).  But, no.  I managed to biff it on my way out of church this morning.  Full out on the side walk, and of course I'd chosen to wear a skirt this morning.

It's crazy how much time you have to think on your way down.  I caught my foot on a crack in the sidewalk, and I knew I was going to stumble and that it would be ungraceful.  Then I realized it wasn't going to be a little stumble, it was going to be a fall.  My main concern before I hit the ground was "There's no hiding it, of course someone is going to see this."  Got to love our pride.  I don't care if I'm injured or not, just as long as no one sees it!

Anyway, at first I was really embarrassed, and then I was really amused and had to let some people know.  My old grad school roomie had the best response.  She sent me a text that said "You do know you're only supposed to sip the communion wine, right?"

And that's not even my best story about getting banged up today.

Later in the day I got hit in the knee with a pool ball.

While on a hike.

No lie!  I wouldn't kid you about something like this, mostly because I lack the creativity to make it up. I'd tell you the story, seeing as how it is not nearly as embarrassing as a face plant in front of church, but I'd rather let you live with the mystery for a little while.  Seriously, if anyone comes up with a good story as to what could have possibly happened, I will give you a prize.  A real one, too, not just a virtual pat on the back.

So that was my Sunday.  How was yours?


  1. Having survived a recent fall myself, you are so right. There seems to be years of think-time between the initial stumble and the point of impact. Years. Glad you made it out ok!

  2. Okay, now I feel bad saying anything about my little mishaps! They don't compare at all with your fall. Hope things are feeling better!!

  3. This happened to me in college on the way to class at a 4-way stop that was full of cars! I was humiliated, and I ruined my favorite pair of jeans!

    Thanks for all your prayers for our little one this week!