Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Way It Goes

I got up early this morning.  I realized that the mythical "extra time" that I was going to use to do my taxes probably wasn't going to show up in the next ten days, and I'd better make time.  Can you believe some people suggested I file an extension?  Heck, no!  A) I have no good reason to need one.  B) Who needs more excuses to procrastinate? C) Who in their right mind would do more paperwork than you absolutely have to??

Anyway, as taxes go, they were okay and they're done now.  Then I decided to start doing some picking up.  I got ready to throw away a paper that was shoved in my door last night, figuring it was a worthless little bulletin, but no.  It was the terms for my new lease for the next year.  I either have to sign a new lease by April 7th or give 60 days notice by April 6th.  And you tell me this April 4th?  What quality folks!  One notice of intent to vacate coming up!!

I had planned to stay one more year in this apartment.  I like it well enough, especially the location.  I knew it would be more expensive than this year has been.  I got a great deal for this year.  So I knew that if you throw in the normal amount plus the likely addition I'd be looking at up to $100 more per month.  That stinks, but I really didn't want to move.  Turns out, they're asking for over 200 more!  Really?  In this market you really don't care about keeping the renters you have??  And that's if I sign a 12 month lease.  If I choose to go with the month to month rate, I could pay something "modestly over market rate" for that convenience, i.e. nearly double what I pay now.

Clearly this was an easy decision, and it's not hard to find rentals.  I'm really tired of apartments, so I may try looking for a house to rent.  I already have offers to help with the moving, and there are a couple possibilities of people that own a house that may want a roommate.  I like my independence, so I'm not sure if I want to do that, but the price would sure be nice!  There are also a number of little cottages and things that might be a possibility.

Things that I will not miss about my current place:
1) Noisy neighbors and their noisy dogs* that they take out in the yard and don't clean up after.
2) How can I put this delicately? Restroom facilities that have difficulty handling normal volumes.
3) Management that keeps things legal, but a little slimy at times.

And here's a thought.  I may even be inspired to a little looking for furniture.  I guess not if I get a roommate, but I will if I get a house.  At the moment, however, I am totally patting myself on the back for not being on the ball and filling this 3rd floor apartment with furniture that I would have had to haul back down the stairs!

So, prayer buddy, I could use some prayers that I find the right place and I make the right decision about whether or not to find a roommate and that my apartment managers will accept my 60 day notice, despite the fact that I will not have the required forwarding address on it.

*Dogs can be awesome, especially when well-behaved and/or when their owners are considerate.


  1. Mmm, 60 days would have been fabulous! We moved in a week - mostly our own doing, but geez I'd rather not do that again.

    Happy new-place hunting :).

    Oh, and I hear you on the dogs - I commented to someone tonight 'you are going to pick that up, right? My dog doesn't poop in my front yard!'

  2. I love it! I would so help you pack and move, and then take you to out to dinner after!

  3. Good luck! And have fun future furniture shopping!

  4. you are sooooo ahead of us on taxes! And good luck with the housing search.

  5. oh man, we just got back from a rental house looking trip. it was fun but exhausting! i hope it goes well for you!