Friday, March 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) It's Friday!!!! I'm so excited for this Friday, I can't even tell you!  Last weekend I had a fantastic class, but it was really intense, and it was all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Therefore, I came into Monday absolutely fried.  There were so many times this week that people spoke to them and I stared at them stupidly because I couldn't comprehend what I was supposed to do about the words coming out of their mouths.*  Then, when I was starting to hit a little more even keel by Wednesday, a patient had a medical emergency.  They're fine now, but that was not fun!

2) Can I just say that firefighters are my favorite?  Because they are.  When they came busting into the room and taking up all the space, it was so nice to sit back at let someone else run the show and have the responsibility.  Thanks, guys!  (I appreciated the EMT's, too, but the firefighters were the first ones there... besides, they were cuter than the EMT's!)

3)  Last night I had a class for some basic wilderness stuff.  I think my head almost exploded.  Not because they were talking about anything too crazy, but because that's just the state of my head this week.  The good news is that no one was nodding too vigorously.

4) Also, when I called to vent to my sister about some requirements of the class (which I will simply skip, since I'm only taking it for the info and couldn't care less if I "pass"), I finally wound down and said something to the effect that at least I got to eat first.  She told me that she knew that I ate, because my voice would have been a couple octaves higher and I would have been whinier if I was hungry on top of it all.  I think she knows me too well...

5) I'm so excited for this weekend!  Tomorrow I get to spend some time up in my mountains snowshoeing.  Seriously, I need me some time in the mountains!  Last weekend, I had to look at them in the distance while I was driving to class and then walk inside and be indoors for days.  Fresh air, here I come!  Then there's Sunday.  I have big plans for Sunday.  I plan to sleep in, go to Mass, come home and sleep some more, and eat in between.

6) I'm really sorry that this is such a boring post.  It's been such an intense week that I don't have anything interesting to say.

7) For other (more interesting) Quick Takes, head over to Jen's!

*My sister was apparently in about the same state this week.  She told me that someone spoke to her and her response was to "smile and nod and say some words in a row".  That cracked me up, and still does! :)


  1. Chuckling at "no one was nodding too vigorously!"
    Sisters: Aren't they the ones who "get us", day in and day out?
    Love the quote from your sister! Very good advice!
    Have a great day on your mountain!

  2. I love reading about your hiking plans; it gets me so motivated! I'm glad you had a nice week!

  3. Yay firefighters! And sisters! I always wanted a sister - it sounded so nice!