Thursday, February 17, 2011

Confession of a Very Mature Person (NOT!)

Tonight was the first night of avalanche class.  After a full day of work, I drove straight from work to the class.  I got there just as the main bulk of class was starting.  And I say "bulk" because this is a 3 hour session.

Those of you that know me IRL may notice a very important thing missing in that evening timeline.


That's right.  Get me straight from work, with no down time whatsoever, don't feed me, and don't give us any breaks.

I was like a teenage girl PMS'ing during a life-ending break up.  Or a like a 3-year-old having a total meltdown after too much sugar and too little sleep over the holidays.

Not pretty, my friends.  Not pretty at all.

My first indication of a problem is that the guy next to me was nodding and shaking his head in a very annoying manner.  See, you didn't think that was possible did you? I bet you have never been annoyed by nodding in your life.  Further proof that you are a much better person than I.  This man violently agreed with everything that was being said.  Now, he did not simply give an emphatic nod or two to convey active listening.  He just kept going.  The only thing that seemed to slow his nodding momentum is when he had to change directions to shake his head about an awful story or a picture of destruction.  Then he would be back to nodding.  His whole body nodded.  Even his shoulders got in on the action part of the time.  He nodded so loudly that I just wanted to tell him to Shut. Up.

I actually did better than I thought (minus my unreasonable annoyance).  I made it to 8:30 (start time was 6) before I really started to pay attention to the time.  Believe me, the presenter was fantastic and the topic fascinating.  Usually, my attention span doesn't make it past an hour, and I'm getting antsy by 40 minutes.  However, that was it, and my meltdown then commenced in earnest.  The first problem is that that the legs start going up and down.  Then I can't stop thinking about the fact that I have a headache, I'm getting shooting pains in my butt from sitting for 3 hours and I have a freakishly long day at work the next day followed by ANOTHER 3 hour class period.  Pretty soon the legs are going so bad that I'm in danger of falling off the chair.  By this point, even Nodding Guy is holding still, so I'm the only one that can't sit still in the whole classroom.  Ridiculous.

Just as he started to FINALLY wrap it up, people started asking questions.  Pretty soon, it's 10 minutes after 9, and by this time I've worked myself into such a lather that I can barely take it. GET ME OUT.  GET ME OUT RIGHT NOW!!  As he continued to talk and point out other things and people threw out more questions, some people started to get up and leave.  So I got up and found myself practically running out the door.

Yeah.  Not a proud moment for me.  I need to just chill and relax and not get so easily annoyed.  Easier said than done.  I guess I can practice doing better tomorrow, right?  Yikes.  If only my last patient would cancel tomorrow.  That would be fantastic.  I could eat, and that particular patient is one that doesn't even like me.  Of course, if I eat and have even a little down time before class, then what will be my excuse for being too easily annoyed and antsy?

Okay, now you know. This is me.  If you want to stop reading my blog, I don't blame you in the least.

On a side note, has anyone seen the old musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?  Turns out the whole show is built on a fallacy.  Loud noises of any kind cannot start avalanches.  Good to know.


  1. I used to work for a woman who nodded her head in earnest all. the. time. I, too, found it very annoying! Hope tonight goes better!

  2. I totally got stuck in the first paragraph, did you say Avalanche class?!?! What is that?!?!

    Ok, going back to focus and read the rest :).

  3. Oh, i can food = very. cranky. me!

    And I LOVE the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - it's one of my favorites.

    So, what does cause an avalanche?

  4. Oh you and I would get along VERY VERY well. I am so easily annoyed... much to the dismay of my husband! It's pretty bad! And yeah... what the heck is an avalance class?!

  5. Girl, I can TOTALLY relate! Doesn't matter how interesting the class is, if I'm in one of "those moods" EVERYTHING annoys me and my stomach even tenses up because I am so. ready. to. leave!! :) Hang in there for class #2!

  6. Sitting through an avalanche class is actually pretty admirable (!!!) because under the conditions you mentioned, I would have probably started guffawing with that kind of irritation. And, as it turns out, I might have even made louder noises with the realization that an avalanche could not be caused by my immaturity. haha. :)

  7. You crack me up. And I also get irritable when I'm hungry - I hope you packed a snack to take tonight!

    And I also love that musical! So where did the myth that loud noises cause avalanches originate?

  8. People who nod in presentations annoy the heck out of me...especially when I need to eat.

  9. Oh this made me laugh! I worry all the time about EVER sending my 2 year old to school, if she is hungry the whole world ends. She can't even think or talk when she gets like that, and she is to young to understand that she just needs to eat. When she was 18 months old she used to get into tantrums so bad that I would give her a couple spoons of grapejuice to center her again so that she could focus enough to eat. Now I know to watch her closely enough that she never gets that bad, but would a teacher know how to manage that??