Friday, February 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I'm flipping out a little bit right now.  I volunteered to learn a new technique that they want to offer at our clinic.  Then someone else was going to do it.  I was fine with that.  Then that other person backed out, and it's back to me.  The thing is, the May class doesn't work for me, so I'd need to try to make it into the March class... Which is next week!!  That's three intensive days of training, followed by 6 months of logging when I use the technique, followed by a second class within 6 months in order to continue to be qualified.  Yikes!  Still, I need to try to make it happen.  It'll be good for the clinic, and the way our clinic is set up, it will be good for me and building a clientele as well.  Sadly, it also means that I'll have to back out of a fun snowshoe that I was going to do that weekend.

2. I'm ready for Lent.  I'm hoping it'll help knock me out of whatever weird little funk I've been in.  I get bored so easily right now that it's ridiculous.  It's especially ridiculous considering all the stuff I have going on.  Can't figure that one out.  Not even going to try.

3. Unlike most Lents, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing this year.  I love doing prayer buddies, so that's a definite thing.  I know that I want to keep it fairly simple, so we'll see beyond that.  Actually, there is one other thing that I'd like to do and I need your help.  During Advent, I wrote down prayer intentions on pieces of paper and pulled them out one day at a time.  That worked well, so if you have a prayer intention that you'd like me to pray for, let me know at catholicmutt (at) gmail (dot) com.  I need 40 of them, so don't be shy!

4. I think I'm in danger of becoming a gear head.  Maybe not, but it seems like it right now.  Although, true gear heads need have to have all the latest and greatest.  I'm just trying to get the stuff that I think that I need.  After trying to find one backpack in avy class that did not have a beacon in it, I realized that I had to get the beacon, as well as the probe and the shovel.  It was a painful day for the pocketbook, but needed if I want to continue to be outdoors a lot.  I have another class, Wilderness Fundamentals (aka "Wild Fun") coming up next month, and I'm sure that the gear list is going to grow again.

5. By the way, I used to think hiking was a cheap sport.  And it is if you hike in the summer for moderate distances.  However, beware the more that you want to do.  Winter, long distances, the ability to add in technical climbs... All of these things suddenly make it an expensive proposition!  But then again, it makes it a lot of fun, too.  

6. As a side note to the above, I really thought I would have bought furniture for my apartment by now.  But, no.  If you come to visit me, you are welcome, but there is no place to sit.  I find that at this time in my life, I'd rather buy more stuff to help me go outside and do stuff, rather than buy stuff that I can sit on inside.  I don't always love being single, but I do take advantage of it at times like this!

7. I got my hair cut this week.  It was a good thing and desperately needed, but weird.  I think it was the first time in 4 years or so that I had someone new do it.  She did a good job on the cut, but it just wasn't as fun as when a good friend does it.  

Bonus:  Here's a picture that I posted earlier, but I just changed this version to the more "old time-y" look. I loved how it turned out, so here it is.

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  1. Sympathy about having to cancel your snowshoeing trip but good for you to step up for the good of the clinic and your future clientele.

    BTW I'm sure my brother would agree about the cost of hiking mounting the more you explore it.

  2. Have I mentioned how much I love your pictures? This really is beautiful.

  3. Oh, if you want a prayer intention, I've got a good one: my best friend from grad school had a baby boy Timmy who had some serious birth defects (as in internal, not weird-looking on the outside). He's been in a hospital his entire life (5 months so far). Their blog is here: If you could pray for healing for Timmy and peace for his parents (who I'm afraid are both struggling with depression), I would really really appreciate it. Thank you!

    Also, I love that you have no furniture but tons of gear - that cracks me up. And that picture is great! You can at least decorate your walls with all your good shots!

  4. #4: I now have a name for my oldest: gearhead. Thanks for that!
    #5: Come to the south: hiking will be a cheap sport because there's not a whole lot of snow hiking except in the highest elevations.
    Love the idea of pulling a prayer intention out every day.

  5. Oh! I forgot to mention that most awesome picture: It's AMAZING.